4-Way Split

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Band Name Lycanthrophy (CZ)
Album Name 4-Way Split
Type Split
Data wpisu 2007
Styl muzycznyGrindcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. The Way
2. In Mordern's Age Trap
3. Burn the Past's Bridges
4. Choose !
5. Those Evil Eyes
6. Caste System
7. Progress
8. Suffocate in it
9. Little Killers
10. Mass Breeding
11. Curse and Distrust
12. They Fuck You, They Fuck You....
13. Hammerin My Point Home
14. No Excuse
15. It's Too Fucking Late
16. Oh it Is a Fucking Surprise
17. You Shit-Kicking, Stink Motherfucker
18. Shot to Shit, Stabbed to Fuck
19. Progress
20. Putrid Stench of Reality
21. Boodstained Contracts
22. Don't Try to Sell it to Me
23. Who's to Blame ?
24. Den Enes Dod...
25. One Sole Purpose
26. Shut Up
27. How Much Longer ?
28. An Obituary to a Dying Species
29. A Needle in Your Vein Your Hand in My Pocket
30. Lemurs the Size of Gorilla

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