Zyklon : Storm Detonation Live

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Congregation unity; faint as your ideology
Concentrate all in sterility
Morals runs riot in an endless variety
Of fragmentary post-solidarity
Never share the effort, symmetry in lines
Will the providence ever grace you from all the lies?
Dishonour any corruption, favour only redemption
Voluntary subordination, engage in contemplation
You base it all on hierarchy
No wonder it'll turn into fucking anarchy
Detachment of continuity
Revolving around an ever growing susceptibility
Heading towards the psyklon-aeon
The last analysis will forever be perishable
That's how we would execute any cosmological society
On behalf of further reliability
This is all what your life is worth
You better pray it'll be short


Default by any means - competence and skill
Keep acting like you care still
Gathered in pride, howling of joy
Why don't you realize you're short of a decoy?
Illusion - hibernation of mind
Retribution - one of a kindin all honesty; no failure in breed
No one would never let them be freed
Constitutional right? - a fucking lie
An even fight? - not in a lifetime
A single individual and no one cares
A whole of community and everyone fears
Core solution or anything that matters
Core revolution and anything shatters
Nature's self throbbing by human impact
Off the shelves, never to regain in fact


(See lyrics on track 2)


Planetary sickness, the state of the world.
Time, death, god;
Inbreed overkill altered through decayed moral causing global infection.
Compulsion of matter,
The remaining part of dreariness and obsolete dejection.
Man breeds ignorance and fatality.
Empty eyes and a soul forsaken, an intellect like zero,
Reasons for pandemic genocide.
Human trash, wasted flesh, is that what you wanna be?
Practise what you preach.

In despite of development from chaos humanity has degenerated
In relation to the primordial state.
Misconception and misinterpretation of values,
Surrounds you like a mental drape.

You stink - that's how you are.
You reek - that's what you're at.
You are mentally dead - that's what you've become.
You are matter without content
That's what you're all about.
And you thought you were
The highlight of the ladder of evolution?

No matter if you do your best,
It's still a worm world with you in the middle of the viper's nest.


Subtle manipulation, it all comes down to accommodation
Integrity of belief, integrity of behaviour
You reckon they are your saviour?
A generation of no return, howling, it becomes eternity
In a brief history of time
Does it at any rate indicate your maturity?
Disown the disorder; what about your past?
Negate and agitate; did you hope it would last?
Mind-control terminology at any level
Be sure they'll disconnect the rebel
Did you comprehend the vast chain of being?
Did you reach the inner (other)-worldly council?
Draw into yourself all the sensation
And see if it is your collective nation
Subtle manipulation, it all comes down
To accommodationintegrity of belief,
Integrity of behaviour
You reckon they are your saviour?


The snake and the deers, corroding on the tree of the world.
It's your symbol of cosmos, axis-mundi.
The downfall of the powers, representation unparalleled.
Catastrophes of nature, battle between gods,
Social dissolution.

It's a coming, a second coming.
Stronghold of the world in ice and cold.
Time of axe, time of sword,
A wolf on chase, a world on fire,
Extinguished only when the land is sinking.
Development back to chaos, it's your illusion,
Sombody else's disillusion.
An alleged opposition between powers

Appearances without masks.
No one trying to harmonize latent conflicts.
Origin and creation, explanation of the later development.
Cosmic model, primordial murder.
Irreversible time, a different material foundation.
Time is not returning,
The new world will rise once and for all.


(See lyrics on track 1)


Two thousand years of unrealised eschatology
No hold for divine dispensation
Obey through my external service
Value my redemptive power
Feel so much gratitude,
Only levelled by relative magnitude
Chiliasm proved by doctrinal code
Millenarism to be established by utter instinctual mode
Two thousand years of morals as figure,
Taught individually by example
Never share with me your disclaims,
Picture only what you're worthin all your incompleteness
Condemnation could only be revealed through liberation
Apocalyptic as in clear-cut context
No more words needed, final result is man
As he shall ever be; striving, acting and suffering


Ultra death, hardcore trash; give me your call
Holy death, in presence of which i gave you it all
Conformity through terror, rapture through restrain
It's like putting your life all down the drain

Godflesh; how do you cope?
A leap out of faith, time to find the rope
Deadmeat; look into my eyes,
How could you possibly believe the lies?

Deduced to overkill, defunct totality
An abstract netherworld with no absence of fundamentality
It is where you will be
Existentialism - living hell - condemned to be free


A synthesis of collective existence
A dialectic of the old order and the new world
Demise; a fall of absolutes
Imminence; a choir of celestial flutes
Discontinuity between the two domains
Forever and always reigns
Plain logic strategy, it will be
Simply psychology, as anyone can see
Deconstruction, a tool for demonising
Credibility and hope find itself rising
Reconstruction; it demands authority and action
By which the population will only see a fraction
Social constructionism; questioned through all times
Just like the fall of shattered mines
The prophetic method; liminal and in between worlds
Challenging the symbolic order, listen as it hurts


A depiction of the lamb, the lion, deplorably portrayed.
The beast, the dragon, as in shadowy imagery,
Have the power to take away peace on earth.
The threshold's here as the sun turns black,
The moon red like blood and stars falling down.
Babylon falling, the last of the antagonistic battles,
The madman chained for a thousand of years.
Use your eyes and you will see it, bright and shining.
A moment of your time, a glimpse of your (brave) new world

Your revelation, in apocalyptic terms,
The hammer, separating fiction from reality.
Embrace the notion, embrace the moment.
Who are the ones to tell the truth,
Who are the ones to tell what to believe?
The depiction is therefore all you've got.

The hammer is mine, the revelation is yours.
Am I god or am I the devil?
It's a comprehensible, yet complex, reality,
Because it means that when the past has caught up with the present,
We have no future.

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