Wombbath : Internal Caustic Torments



Stomach ripped open
Castigated inside
Falling to the ground
In endless sleep

Prevent Anemia within frozen skin
Corporal death inside your brain

Trying with flesh, thin and thick
Nothing help, except the sick
They will pay the price
No one have the perfect size

Cutting rotten flesh
Skin falling down and splashing
Human stench fill the sky
Zombies rise from their grave

Slaughters still live
Making autopsies on human flesh
Laughing when blood streams
With all the bloody guts

Prevent Anemia withing frozen skin
Corporal death inside your brain


Bowels and blood
Floating around
Stench spreads around
In their rotten graves

Intestinal bleeding
Shall drink from the bugle
Arms hang up
Around the deeds table

People watching
When torturing goes on
Feet and hands
Nails up on a wall

Souls burn
To the stem is gone
Stomach cuts up
Brains grind

Head who's down in a barrel
With a corrosive growing acid
But something resurrects
And things go wrong

A resurrection has begun
Hands, arms and bowels
Have begun to draw together
And started to bubble

Again and again
They fill you with pain and vain
Sadness can be cured
And no one are a lure


Death, exist
Within dream
But, without pain
And sadness

Your stomach cracks
Bowels stream
With blood, and
Gastric juice

You screaming
Your blood gets dark
You feel the darkness
Cover your eyes

Suddenly your body dies
You can't move
You see a gloomy shadow
Among the gravestones

Within cemetery
A cross is falling down
And and put upside down
On a gravestone

Horrible fate, disperse
Among a human life
No suffer in pain
And cruelty dreams

Suddenly the ground cracks
Fires flame up
Spirits flying up
And pull down all living


Body wither away
Corporal punishment
Crawls through a meat mincer
Only the heart beats

In the time of postmortem
No one returns
Worn to the bone
With leprosy that's pain
To sever a blood vessel
Accurate - it's hard
To survive in a carnage
With corpse - it's a sin

In a creator of sins
Death exist
Beyond the gates of steel
Is nothing except dust

Something is crawling
Within sight
But under the ground
Burning corpse

A voice is screaming
Somewhere in hell
Under the surface
In the gates of hell

The kid sneezing high
With enormous stench
People is crying
On a dead shoulder

A light rise
From darkness
Beyond life
And death


Your way to torment
Give me enjoyment
I became hunted as a victim
By them with no curse
Were my torturer

They were going to
Annihilate me
Down there
In the depth

They were throwing
Rotten flesh at me
Blood was streaming
Over my head
Corpseworms were crawling
Over my body

They were feeding me
With raw human flesh

You performed
My souls business
And played with my life
In a cruel
And satisfied


A melancholy atmosphere
Settled his fate
The conditioned
Makes worse vigorous

His soul
Will leave his body
He's sentenced by death
Infected and physically ill
Sickness decrease

Still alive with
To the pre-eminent power

Blamed in front of all
He's the one
They used to scold

Conceal the interior torments
An eternal employment
Conceal the interior...

Absorbed in profound minds
Of different kinds
Various times
The vicious recollection

Lost all confidence
A sequence of way out
Waste all the time

It's time to die
They disown the deeds

Is that real to
Conceal the interior...


Found the soul to the living dead
Abrupt the develop a gloomy day
The day have ability to be dead

He can destroy the past

And the gloomy side to
Abandon the holy soul
To be quit the dead
In their graves

If they not give
The holy soul
Are the dead coming up
And will the living

We must defend us
With rites the cross and
Burning corpse

In an old rotten building
He is a blessed to the ground

From beyond
Is the gloomy serious
Before it transforms
To lure, to corpse
And found the guilty
No have defied as all


Charon to hell
Re-crucifix Jesus!


No the time has come
To see what the several
Shapes have done
They have taken all the lands
And all the food we got

Calling from the calmness
Is bygone in our time
Carnivorous veneration
Suffer us all
Peep out of skin
With rotten works
People are going insane

Their blood are spill out
Haunted in the woods
To death is near
No one survives in horrible

Carnivorous veneration
Suffer us all
Carnivorous veneration
Eating us all

Living in area
With floating blood and flesh
Graveyards attack direct
At a several shapes of growth

Now the time has come
To see what the several shapes
Have done
They have taken all the lands
And all the food we got

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