Wishbone Ash : The Power of Eternity

Hard Rock / United-Kingdom
(2007 - Talking Elephant)
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Lost in an electric world
I glance at the clock face
This road makes the journey long
My head is in deep space

Well I'm loving and I'm living
But I need some reflection
Laying down the right chord
Timed to perfection

But here as I move
Into great silence
I dig deep in my soul
And come to the essence
I find that there is no past
Only this hour
So let me take that chance
And harness the power
The Power

Well I'm loving that I'm living
But I need some reflection
Putting my thoughts into words
Timed to perfection

All is calm
It's the heathen hour
The sinners go down to pray


Driving a wedge
Dredging up the past
Look what you did
It weren't meant to last

Talk to your lawyer
He'll understand
The company you keep
Is the measure of the man
It's so easy to get caught in the game
It so easy to be hit with the blame

Stop the bus
And let me off
I'm outta dough
I can't barely pay

I'm in a bind
Did you really doubt
I would jump and shout
Thought you had it made

Dwelling on the distant the past
It just wasn't meant to last


Driving into Delaware
Dealing with the daily grind
I got plenty to handle
For a troubled mind
This bridge is a memorial
To the victims of a war
She and I and you survive
But I can't take it any more
I feel like walking out the door
Up in the sky, I see the sign
Are you in crisis? Call this line
We can ease your trouble mind
It takes a minute of your time

Wrecked and disconnected
I join the throng on 95
Idling in the slow lane
I'm thinking over all those lies
It's a hopeless situation,
A challenge to survive
It could be very easy,
Stop the car and take a dive
But I don't,
And I check toI need some contemplation
But it's not my style at all
Ultimate negation
Yes, I'll surely make the call
Strange what is needed these days
To bring our thoughts around
But it pulls me to my senses
I am lost, could I be found?
Yeah, guess I'll turn this car around


Fear shame and sorrow
They all creep in from the dark
And stay with me till the day breaks

I'm dancing with the shadows
Carving circles in the dark
Cheek to cheek with strange creatures
Silently guiding me through my past

Actors with painted faces
Using my diary for their lines
Playing scenes long forgotten

I'm dancing with the shadows
Sinking deeper into the dark
Wherever they lead, I will follow
But how much longer will this last?

How many people can truly say
They can find hope every day?
Fear and loathing is all around
Hope fading fast and I'm going down

You're all I want, you're all I need

I'm searching for some inner peace
But memories just will not cease
They pierce my heart and take control
And leave no balsam for my soul

Happiness and a love fulfilled




Know that I'm watching
I'll always be near
Wherever I travel
It's your voice I hear

I ask your indulgence
The road is unclear
I pledge my allegiance
To you my dear

Places just come and go
Names I don't need to know
I reach in my memory
You are always here by me
Here by me

Know that I love you
It's gonna be fine
Ain't nothing to rush through
These things just take time

Won't go unrewarded
The gift that you give
It's hard to be parted
It's hard to forgive

We are not a lost cause
Not a hopeless case
A godforsaken chance
Another twist of fate


I remember the trees by the road
And the path going up the slope
Cigarette tips glowing in the dark
Dancing like fireflies
We could see the lights of the town
Far away below
And we were watching the world go by
Dreaming of the love we would know

And it all seems so, so (very) far away
And such a long, long time ago
And when I think about it
I sometimes feel that growing up means losing friends
Engraved initials
On the fence by the old churchyard
Have long since worn and faded
But all the faces still remain
And I remember that girl
And how she kissed me
And the look from my father
When I stumbled home,
Much too late.


I'm disappearing
I'm going somewhere
Where I can't be found
I'm entertaining
Folks in a little known part of town
There is a road and a corner in my fantasy
You pay a quarter and you set me free
I'm disappearing
Just let me be

I'm suffocating
It's hot in here and I need some air
It's escalating
This need to run and to be somewhere
I lay my head down and it don't feel right
Need to rest, get some sleep tonight
I'm disappearing to some place else

I'm disappearing to a
Little known part of town
I'm relocating to somewhere
I can't be found


I've been waiting for so long
Tried so hard to keep it strong
I've faith that my heart can know no wrong

Hope springs eternal like a flame
And we have no need to cast the blame
It's gonna be a long lonely summer of pain
And all of these memories will remain

Hope will encircle and embrace us, keep us tight
Cross every hurdle
With its beacon right before us (shining)
Shining bright

I've got a yearning to be near
Know my intentions are sincere
As I peer through the mist
I shed a tear

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