White Skull : Forever Fight

Melodic Power / Italy
(2009 - Dragonheart Records)
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Running through fields
And the enemies follow, don't want to die.
My breath is broken
But desperation will save me!

I WISH the moon wasn't full tonight
But the light is bright.
Enemies calling, enemies run
I want to survive!

Falling down, falling down
My life before my eyes
I go down, I go down
Oh God please save my soul
Falling down, falling down
My life fading away
But my fate will not come tonight!

My wish to live is too strong
All my desires
Give me the power to run far away.
They will not come
They won't get me
Forest I pray you, hide my body and soul

I am the only survivor tonight
All the rest have died.
I heard the cries
And saw the village completely blazed!


When the enemies came I was a little boy
I couldn't understand why
My village was destroyed
My father killed, my mother raped and slaughtered
My people died in flames
What will become of me now?

Feel my rage now
It's gliding on me
It shakes my feelings
Slowly sucking all my power
My angry tears and my loneliness will break
The walls of my oppression
The walls of desperation
Oh revenge make me strong, now!

Your eyes on me, they start judging
You'll never know why I'm killing
I will avenge I will destroy
Enemies fall under my sword under my hate!

I have grown alone with my thoughts of death
My body much too strong
My mind was filled with anger
Now I've avenged my people killing their enemies
I've reached my final aim
Now I can even die!

There are feelings deep inside my soul
I've never shown them, never spoken...
My eyes burning, my heart broken
I'll never understand the slaughter
Wonder why I survived that night

4. SPY

War can even make you lose your pride and control
It happens when surviving's your primal goal
There was a clever woman, proud to be free
That was a time too wrong for peace

She left her man but she liked love
So she became an exotic dancer to live
She dominated leaders and kings

Reality and fiction mixed up and then
She played parts and she had no scruples
She went too far and finally she was processed
Erotic games are dangerous, she was arrested!

Executed as a spy
Staring proud at warriors
Pointing at her
Ice in her eyes, never trembling
You will never kill
My courage

What the hell is going on, they're pointing at me
But I'm a mistress and soon they will see
That all I want is to break all their plans
And all the gold will fall in my hands

Dangerous seductress
Spy or just a dancer?
She had to meet her fate
And no one would claim her body


Huns came across the east lands
Oh they came to pillage
They were bringing death

Huu they had a leader
Attle and his brother Bleda
They wanna conquer the world

Attle murdered Bleda
And he will be the one and only leader

Attle's greed was stronger than love
He didn't care 'bout anyone
And Bleda hindered his plans

Huuu Barbarian warriors
In battlefield they fought and
Only one man raised his head

Huns came across the east lands
Oh they rode to pillage
On their horses of death

Then Attle reigned in his kingdom
And Bleeda laid underground!


Coming from the north
They break into the south
The Roman empire will fall!
Riding like hell
They want to raze
Raiding through lands and through sea

Vandals are coming
And they spare nobody
Like fury of the Gods
Pirates came from hell
Demons without reason
This time we're gonna fall!

"Save your breath, my warriors
Spare yourself to pillage
Hope and pray to survive
Follow me, we will raid
Save your breath, my warriors
Spare yourself to pillage
Tonight we're leaving
And let the invasion start!"

Fight, fight, fight - forever fight!
Fight, fight, fight - never ending fight!

The leader of the tribe
Is talking with no sense
So will we ever survive?
Riding like hell
They want to raze
And we are more weak every day


Warriors fight for me another time, maybe the last
Rise again and fight for honour as much as victory
Roman lust has gone so far
Nor even age or purity are left unpolluted
But heaven's on the side of a just revenge

Our legion which dared to fight has died
And the rest are hiding themselves
In their camp to survive
In this battle you will conquer or will die
You can reach your freedom or you'll all be slaves

End of all, Boudicca was defeated by a Roman army
And most were killed
But she chose honour instead of shame
And poison flowed in her veins...


In the ancient times a king was falling down
His queen rose up to power with honour
Boudicca her name, a striking looking woman
The stare of eyes most fierce, she was a terrifying queen.

Alliance betrayed by the avidity of Rome
Lands and treasures were plundered with contempt and greed
They couldn't know her courage, warrior queen of Celts
They really shouldn't face her, Boudicca will avenge!

So start the fire!
The flames get higher
She was ruler and
War leader of the Celts rebellion
Start the fire!
The flames get higher
A mother's revenge
Give no quarter, warrior queen!

Then Romans came, no pity and no respect
Boudicca was flogged and her daughters were raped
So it was clear, it was time for revenge
She led people in revolt and they slaughtered all Romans

She took no prisoners, she wanted to kill them all in flames
She was a woman fighting for her honour and her pride
They couldn't know her courage, warrior queen of Celts
They really shouldn't face her, Boudicca will avenge!


Brothers and sons, come and listen to me
This is the night of rising steel
We shall unite and together we'll fight
Proud to defend our wives and rights!

The future is coming, the time's close to an end
Your armours will shine, we'll fight for revenge!
Rise, brothers and sons, come and listen to me
This is the night of shining steel!

Heavy Metal Axes
Shining in the night
Heavy Metal Axes
Enemies will die

Shouts, cries, sprinklings of blood
Axes, swords will rise to kill
Fight, brothers and sons, don't be scared, rise your head
This is the night you won't feel no fear!

Heavy Metal Axes
Shining in the night
Heavy Metal Axes
Enemies will die
Heavy Metal Axes
Fire in the sky
Heavy Metal Axes
Time to kill and die!

Rest in peace, rest in peace and lay down here, son
You've not died in vain, the Gods will shield you
Rest in peace and your honour will survive
And we'll pray, and we'll pray for your soul

Heavy! Metal!!


Wild, marching like blind
One only goal in his mind:
Pillaging treasures and lands
Eager and fierce
Ruler of men who came
To raze all they met

He came along a road of blood
Going on through streets of death
Raising up his arch of gold
Marching on he came to wreck men, women and lands - Etzel!

Cruel, in the circle of hell
You lay in a river of boiling blood
You're blood thirsty and lost
You're called scourge of God
You wanna create an army
With soldiers of death

He came along a road of blood
Going on through streets of death
Raising up his arch of gold
Marching on he came to wreck men, women and lands

Etzel nomad came through kingdoms
Blood and fear he brought
Cruel and wild came down to Rome
Gold and slaves he caught

Fight, you man of war
Your arch and horse won't let you
Down and you'll reach your desires
But you're gonna fall
Battles have gone,
Your blood will kill you in your bed


In the land of dreams he tried to be pure
But visions and nightmares were raping his mind

When he was a little child nothing seemed to be so cruel
But life can be a killer of feelings and dreams

Visions steal him in the darkness
Once he tried to be a man
But he fell into a black maze
And started wanting more and more

Dead men walking before his blinded eyes
His army goes on and his warriors move on

His lust was stronger than all and
No one survived to his arch but
Legions of dead men will come for his soul


Watching the fields, all the flowers and colors
Come, take the tables, put the benches on the grass
Battle has gone and we'll celebrate the victory
Fighting is over, now it's time to have some fun!

Take my hand and we'll dance around the tables
Prepare the banquet, don't forget something to drink

Beer! Beer!
Give me one more beer
Cheers! Cheers!
Raise the tankards filled
Give me one more beer
And we'll dance until the end
Raise the tankards filled
All the enemies have died!

Sun's coming down slowly on the fields and hills
Women and men with red cheeks start to fall
We've deserved the banquet to forget the battle's pain
Now the night is coming and we're falling into sleep

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