Waylander : Honour Amongst Chaos

Folk black / United-Kingdom
(2008 - Listenable Records)



Lost within the dust of ages
Naught but mythic mists remain
Forsaken is the ancient wisdom
Tossed aside, extinguished flame

The height of a hill was ablaze
Bright beacons shone like the sun
Colours resplendent
As the deities clash

Soft waves of a strong arm, imported through time
Diverse were the titles bestowed upon their gods
(The) Pantheon of the deities clash softly yet brief
Until the coming of the one God and the ensuing grief

My Gods hear my call
My Gods hear my cry

On the plain of Maigh Tuire out to the west
An otherworldly spiritual affray
(The) Coming of bronze new mystical arts
Ascendance realigned redefined

Tara Cruachan, Emain Macha
Beacons of an age born of iron
The goddess of battle in triumph
Hating the god blood's desire

Primordial need for gods in the sky
Psyche of mankind drawn to the tribe
Who has the magic to invoke faith
Undying loyalty never betrayed.


Walk with honour as your only guide
Will of iron forged in fire.
Crimson vows, freely sworn
Pledge thy heart (and) blade to the land.

I swear by the blade
Drew my blood to the flame
(Un)till the sky falls in
May my honour remain.
Adorned with ancient symbols
(Of) Mother heart's might
Spirit guards protecting
(My) Defense as I fight.

This spherical miracle for our lives do we owe.
Why then do we treat mother hearth as our foe?
Slow asphyxiation (as) the decades roll by.
De.forestation, holes in the sky
The scales now are weighted, ready to fall
Peasant mentality, stagnating in thrall,
Look safe to your own, the dark days draw near
Hold fast to your valour, no regrets or fear.

I hear noises on the wind.
Which bear no meaning
I see honour mocked
By those of no import,
If strength of will
Is weakness so be it.
Where dark clouds do assemble
I am the storm.


My spirit snaps, despair engulfs
Like a bloody brooch, my shame is born.
When weakness called, I opened the door
Betraying all (that) I once held so dear
Honour denied, I still cannot believe
Banishment invoked, cast out to sea.

Beyond the ninth waves,
Cast adrift exiled soul.
Beyond the ninth waves
Stripped of honour, stripped of clan

Broken laws, Macha betrayed
My clan and my kin, they all bear my shame

I give up my life to the god of the sea
Mannanan Mc Lir my fate lies with thee.
Depart on the tide (as) banishment beckons
Thrice three years in torment I face
Darkest of days, stalking my stride,
Resultant fall, all consuming pride

Great deeds I now seek
Focus supreme.
Redemption I crave
Mortality engaged.


Kick heels to ones haunches, adrenaline rising
Thundering lightening toiling hard on your reign,
Rolling the gradients, heart and hoof beat as one.
(Life's) trial of endurance; Champion's portion I claim.

Quick to the fight, yet swiftly to love
Questing for knowledge seems barely enough
Which one is mighty, the pen or the sword?
(In) tandem assault, we seek our reward


I fear not my death, my soul will endure.
Eternal flame burning with passion most pure
Preserving tradition through story and song
Inscribed in memory, spiritual and strong,

Galloping Gaels, Galloping Gaels,
Abu! Abu!
Galloping Gaels, Galloping Gaels,
Abu! Abu!
Galloping Gaels, Galloping Gaels,
Abu! Abu!

Death casts its shadow in raven black
Truth appears whiter, whiter than snow
Thoughts carried forth on a swift wind
Insight cuts sharper, sharper than steel.

Leap like the salmon, with vigour and zest.
Talents inherent the Gods did bequest.
Strive to be heroes, create legends anew.
Ancestral reverence, olden ways renewed.


Enchantment dwells still.
Where the oak, ash and thorn do thrive

A cold beat of sweat slithering,
Dread touch ices my spine
In the half light silhouettes shimmering
Soft voices magnified on the breeze

What did I see, did my eyes deceive
Glowing visions, I barely believe.

Dark shrouded shadows distort what I can see
An eruption of presence enveloping me
(With) arrow true insight emotions embraced
Beat as one with the pulse of the earth.

To dine in the otherworld, realm of the sidhe,
To dine in the otherworld, to dine is never to leave.
To dine in the otherworld, abode of the shining
To dine in the otherworld, to dine is never to leave.
To dine in the otherworld, earthly bonds unchained
To dine in the otherworld, to dine is never to leave.

Put aside all egos, all arrogance of man.
Lest the beings of a higher plain.
Involve you in their games

A fey and fickle people they,
In the eyes of mortal man
Immortal understandings
Beyond our space and time
Spawned from the mountain
The rivers and the vales
All pales to insignificance
(The) mortality of man


With two tongues of silver, honeyed sweetened with gold.
Claim now, compensation, for the lies we've been sold.
The mystery disperses, the myth falls away.
Thus ending the dark days, when the clergy held sway.

Hearts and minds of the people
Ensnared long ago,
Strangers to the energies
Which no longer flow
With tales of the trinity
Convincingly told
Demeaning our ways
As heathen and bold

The courts of the kings, a pulpit and stage
Manipulation of a fractious land
Politicize, cast words of doubt
Fan the flames of discontent.

Usurpers of our legacy, distorting native lore
Import a creed unnatural onto our Emerald shore
Usurpers of our legacy, demonizing ancient gods
Plagiarize our festivals, foulest of all frauds
Usurpers of our legacy, they'll never keep us down
Rise up now is the time, reclaim the pagan crown.

Rise up pagan sons and daughters
Symbolic swords held to the sky
(With the) Sun god in ascendancy
(We) illuminate hypocrisy…AAAAAriiiiise!!!

Gathering down the centuries
In secret groves and vales
Patiently awaiting
Revelations come the dawn.

Beneath a flag of union
Butchers carved and they cleaved
Carved and they cleaved, they carved, they cleaved
The tongue torn from the nation
The goddess she grieves, the land it doth bleed
Eiriu she grieves
Eiriu she grieves, the land it doth bleed
Eiriu she grieves.


As I cut you down ad claim
Your empty vessel as my prize
In ignorance the question
Are my actions just or wise?

Propaganda force.fed
Feel the need to feel the greed
Parasites upon our planet
Frenzied as they feed

Black hearts sickening smile stylized
Gods utterly vile
Shadows seekers, lord of deceit
Currency their arsenal
Wolves dressed as sheep

Spinning poisoned webs, alluring false comfort
(The) people blinded by the facts they cannot see
Ignorance no longer, stays the execution
Before I take your head, you will kneel to me

Takers of heads, decapitating sneer
Takers of heads, emanating total fear
Takers of heads, conquering the soul
Takers of heads, insatiable desire

Your head, my trophy
Hanging high above my door
Skulls of enemy fallen
Strewn across the floor
Ever ready, ever willing
To heed the martial call
March to the contest willing
Another dance of death

Ghastly ghoulish visions
A sea of severed heads
Bright blood dripping darkly
Pooled upon the crimson sod


Elemental chaos beg upon your knees
Crushing resolve relentlessly
Mankind will reap the bitter seed
Elemental chaos I foresee…

Hear the earth god rumble with rage
(The) cruel whip of the wind devours al
Seas rising to touch the sky
Nature consumed by fire

Like weeds they've cut the woodlands down
Terminal our planet disease
Accelerating cycles, that turn
Air, sod, flame and tide

Ignore the signs, embrace death
Kiss all of your futures goodbye…

The web of life is frozen
Silent victim for the sun
The ice kingdom is melting
Drowning the hopes of man

Splintering trees shock the silence
Echoes of doom in eternal winter
No gods of mortal man here do dwell
Their frozen bones don snow white blankets

Peasants blinded blissfully
Maggots on our dying world


Why can't we comprehend the mysteries
Of sun and star and stone

Shout it from the hilltops
Proclaim it on the plains
The ancient god will never die
Whilst we invoke their names

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