Watain : Sworn to the Dark



I ascend.
As thy light descends -
Darkening the I to reveal the Self.
The rays of Gnosis are burning yet liberating.
In a blissful imposition of the primal paradox.
Ultimate and all-embracing.
For as above - so below.
As I am lying beyond where mental winds blow.
Release me now, oh saviour of Anti-Cosmos.
Ignite in me the fire of the storming triple 6.
Now oh god of wrath,
Unchained in you to burn,
Rape and destruct!

Astaroth open my eye!
And let the beast regain his sight.
A gift from Azerate.
A path way back - to thy Thoughtless Light!
Legions of the Black Light!
Chosen sons of snakes.
A burning wrath reveals the Black Sun.

Black Sun Ascends. Forevermore.
Granted to the elected is the key to Chaos core.
Judge me now oh shining one, by blood and fire.
To wield thy sword, oh Lord and Master.
The eleventh and the first.
Whose wordless word echoes Chaos!

Oh firebringer of the Nightside.
Thy light illuminates our Temple,
As we march towards the Other Side...

Legions of the Black Light.
Chosen sons of snakes.
A burning wrath reveals the Black Sun.
Legions of the Black Light.
Chosen sons of snakes.
A burning wrath now unveils the Black Sun.


The winds of darkness blow again...
Ridden by the mares of night.
They beckon me in dreams and visions.
From far beyond creations light they sing to me...
Wrathful beast of Satan's fire.
They urge me further on my path.
Now soaked in froth and dark desire,
At the threshold of the inverted womb I stand.

Surrounded by darkness...

Amidst its blackened clearness
There is naught to veil my sight.
I can behold as they ascend,
The malformed horrors of the night,
And feel the crosses turn...
Each sense grow dim as if one with the dead,
And as I fall on my knees to the ground I am fed
With the fumes of shallow graves

Into the starless night, I follow the stench.
Urged on by a thirst that can not be quenched.
Into the starless night, I must go.
The urge is so strong, it's all that I know...

Satan's hunger. Satan's hunger.

The luring lament of a witch,
The psalms of angels fallen.
The chanting of the undead.
They echo in the wind...
Sanity and senses with darkness now aligned,
Like tentacles and angelwings
In foulest love entwined.
And the graves begin to open...

The brightest light
Will always cast the darkest shadows.
Shadows in which truth lies concealed.
For deep in the tunnels
Beyond the dream of this world
The mysteries truly reveal...

Into the starless night, I follow the stench.
Urged on by a thirst that can not be quenched.
Into the starless night, I follow the call.
Urged on by a lust, that eliminates all.

Satan's hunger. Satan's hunger!




Ancient night sky,
You cannot hide your fears from me,
When even the bodies roaming thee
Spells out your giant fall.
Man and beast,
Thinkest thou not that I see
The panic in your eyes?
As the world grows dark,
And the mysteries thicken around thee.

Secrets revealed in the shrines of the dead,
That speak in tongues of a gate.
A door to the abyss,
Between the triads base.
A crack in the circle,
A hole in the world...

Storm of the Antichrist.
Harbinger of eternal night.
The serpent rises from the sea.
The star of madness gleaming.
Storm of the Antichrist.
The Sword of Satan undisguised.
Wielded now against the face of the earth
To unleash it's fiery within.
Yes, arise now, Beast with seven heads!

Lucifer descend in clouds of red.
A thousand serpents at His feet.
Radiating light that eat the stars
And open up the emanations of the Darkside.
Christ hides his face in shame now
As the soul of men collapse.
Mothers weep as their daughters kiss
The limbs of abominations.

Behold! The Beast untamed,
The Lord unchained,
Through eternities in the dark waters remained
The slumbering essence of wisdom most foul,
Awoken now through prophecy.
And these jaws hold no mercy as they rise wide agape
To devour your sons in their impotent pride.
To pierce through the flesh into their motionless hearts
Which never again shall find peace.

For yours is the kingdom, oh Serpent of old!
Concealed in primordial watery cold.
Towering now over oceans of blood.
The Dragon entwined in the entrails of god.

Storm of the Antichrist.
The poles collapse, the heavens die.
A world in spasms, a god in tears.
The levee of Jehova breaks,
Unleash the burning flood of Satan.
Storm of the Antichrist.
Legions of Azazel rise!
Signs of evil in the sky
Foretell the giant coming...

Bloodlines tainted through fornication.
Fathers desire their own spawn.
Babylon rides the Beast of seven heads
Across the world in doom.
Phallus of Death once more erect.
Semen stains the grass of gethsemane.
The potency of serpent seed
Injected now in the womb of god...


Radiant Lucifer, Oh Phosphorous divine,
Who outshine all the stars
In the heavens and beyond.
Thou who art fallen,
And risen in the deeps,
In the gleaming halls of darkness
And forbidden mysteries.
By your vigour
And by your emerald phantasm,
Illuminated and in awe I stand
To curse all of the world.
Reborn beneath the Black Sun,
On my knees for none but thee,
Whose flames ignites the heavens,
And scorch them thoroughly.

Rising from the deeps of Urkaos.
Hovering in doom.
Black sun of dissolving fire,
By whose wrath the self of god shall die.
Bursting from its roaring surface.
Shining from the Serpent's eye.
The Boundless Light that burns the sun.
The fire of the Fallen One.

God of Death primordial.
Flame of the unknown.
Mould my heart into a vessel,
And possess it as your own!
Make my torch into a furnace.
So that I can see the secrets clear.
Holy, radiant, silent.
A light so strong it bears the wrath of a god.

Rise! Oh Promethean Serpent of the underworld.
Ascend unto the highest,
Above the very thrones.
Breath unto the embers
That dwell within my heart.
For within them lies the key
To it's perditionate reincarnation.

Awakened from it's restless slumber.
My Daimon, unbound to reign.
As I walk beyond the grace of god
Into the roaring deeps arcane.
My eyes they burn as I behold
The wings of Lucifer unfold.
Transcending now into formation
To burn the sun and all creation.


Block not my path!
You futile walls of of flesh and blood.
For I have seen your structure clear
And I know where to stab.
Right in the heart.
There shall I place my dagger
Naught shall veil my sight
But the thickness of the mysteries.

So block not my path
Your spells can't fetter me.
Beneath the laws of man
I bend not!
For it is holy,
The sword I bury in thee.
It is the Lord himself
Who commands me.

Sworn to the Dark.
Sworn to the Dark.
Sworn to the Dark.
To the Death and far beyond.

The all-defying pendulum of radiant conviction,
So determined in it's pace,
Pounding now through flesh and bone
Like a hammer through a child.

Sworn to the Dark.
Sworn to the Dark.
Sworn to the Dark.
To the Death and far beyond.

Bound by an oath sealed beyond time.
Sworn to the Temple of the Damned.
Where infant entrails still hang high
Upon the twisted cross.

Through raging fire,
Through Death and hail.
Clinging to the Dragons tail.
And as the world behind me burns
I ride its wings on paths of No Return


Lifeless and sour from death and from doom.
In the soil of my tomb not one flower shall bloom.
Nothing but Death in this earth shall abide,
In this my pathway to the other side.

And thus I close my eyes...

On through the tunnels, darkness ablaze.
Passing through Naamah, queen of the gateways.
The jaws of her darkness they feast on my eyes
As the last of the earthly lights flickers and dies.

Dark are the dreams on the stone bed.
For no sunlight shall reach to the land of the dead.
As I journey through tunnels and blackened chasm.
In the realms of Death unbound.

Underneath the cenotaph.

Revelations revealed through crepuscular trance.
Shadows of demons in catacombs dance.
Luminous signs of impossible shape.
Traveling deep, no return, no escape.

Wonderous, prosperous marvels most dark.
I fall to my knees
And behold as I hark
The tongues of the ancients,
Damned and aflame,
Chanting in madness...

Closer and closer,
The flames reaching higher.
Trial by fire! Trial by fire!
Coalescence of high and low.
Hand in hand with the damned I go.
A dance in shadows...

The burning fears of the world beyond,
At the end of these snakelike trails,
Are the same as those which forged this heart
And so my birth through death prevails.

Dark are my dreams on the stone bed.
For no sunlight shall reach to the land of the dead.
In flames I shall at last become.
With fire I am one.
Underneath the cenotaph.


Wings of Satan, orb my heart!
It burns with love for you.
And it is ready now, to receive thee.
Claws of darkness, tear my soul!
For I have chosen the night
And branded its seal into my flesh.
Lead me to the catacombs
Where light of neither sun nor moon
Disturbs the dark in vaults,
Possessed by molten evil manifest.
There I shall kiss the goat and piss on god.
Sundering the molecules that bind
This world together with me.

An abortion of the cosmic bride,
Shunned like death and cast aside.
Cross starless skies now let us ride...

A spear of fire staked the skies.
The graves sprung open.
The chains that sealed the hungry deeps
Had now been broken.

Open now, abode of Satan's powers!
Where the shells of evil burn
The very eyes of god,
And the womb of the world.
It is from this wellspring of blazing death
That light is flowing, forceful...
Into the gleaming vessel of my Self.
And thus I am filled
With the waters of Styx.
Kingus blood.
The Bane of god.

Yes I become the serpents chalice
And the power it bestows.
A wisdom that exceeds Death.
Virtues that all laws oppose.
Firmly upheld amidst the horns aflame.
Man and God, in fire one and same.

Black flames from the deeps aspire,
As in the chambers of my hearts desire,
I limn thy brilliant potency in fire.


Darkness and Death!
What are your secret enchantments?
Where lies the beauty of your oppression?
For I am entranced...

What innocence could have such splendour?
No naked beauty nor a warm smile.
But the Power to leave stars and worlds
In lifeless silence...

Sublime is the hand of no pity.
That wields a merciless Death.
To judge not by deeds
But by the approval of a god!

Victorious heart of deceit.
Shaped in red beauty yet carved in black stone.
Killing not to win, but to ensure a loss.
Mendaciously poundering through Death...

Darkness and Death!
Your blessed art lives through me.
Through entranced submission.
By the love of God!




With the strength of the mountains,
Come forth from the North; Agios Daimon!
With the hunger of oceans,
Come forth from the West; Agios Daimon!
As fire and flame,
Come forth from the South; Agios Daimon!
As thunder and storm,
Come forth from the East; Agios Daimon!

In the darkness,
In the nothingness of absent light,
Where no life force is permitted to exist.
From far beyond the borders,
Where god not dares,
The Serpent gloats in hunger.

No star will shine tonight.
No star, no matter how bright.
Across the firmament goes its flight.
A great darkness devouring the light.

God of Death. Manifest.
God of Doom. Move and appear!

Spread thine countless tentacles
Across the universe.
Let them spasm throughout
The labyrinth of trembling stars.
Strangle their flickering flames,
Eat them whole.
Wander ancient Dragon,
Across the cursed heavens.

Yes, behold now as it opens
To swallow the world
And to melt the very essence of creation.
The burning mouth of Samaël,
Through which all shall be reborn.
Wide agape now in this final hour.

And from its reeking darkness
A new kingdom shall ascend,
Erected on the pillars
Of the ever-burning underworld.
Can't you see the twisted branches
Of the tree of Death?
Rising now in putrid doom
At the center of the world!

Let us welcome the Bringer of the End
With open arms.
Let us adorn the gates to nothingness
With blood.
Let us lay its enemies
Like palm leaves upon the path
On which the Lord is coming in glory.

The upheaval of the ages,
That naught shall shun.
Time and space devoured as one.
From your abode in the dark,
Come forth; Thou who eats the stars!

God of Death. Manifest.
God of Doom. Move and appear!
God of Death. Manifest.
Strike once more.

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