Warlock (GER) : All Night

Heavy Metal / Germany
(1985 - Vertigo Records)
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Las palabras


Your evil eyes are cold as ice
Your face is so wild
Like the beak of an eagle, that cries.

I feel the danger, but I can�t break loose
My heart is on fire
And every flame is called, you

Can you feel my love?

You�re gonna burn my heart...

Alright all night, alright with you
Feel all right all night
Take me, take me, and take me cruel.

You are talking of the night, the demon ready to fight
I�m your witch queen
And thought thunder and lighting we ride.

I feel the danger
I can�t break loose
You are the son of the devil
l�m longing for you.


Now it�s time
Now I will try
To realise my desire
To strick back.

l�m prepared for this time
To kill demons of crime
I will fight
Fight for my right
For many years
l�ve been under a curse.

I swear l�ve been under spell
The time is right
I will free from this hells
Oh, everywhere I see
Ghost all around.

l�ll take my weapon
Of attack
Without fear
Of death I wait.

I feel ghosts
Are all around
I hold my ground
To survive.

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