Warfare (UK) : Metal Anarchy

NWOBHM / United-Kingdom
(1985 - Neat Records)
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Burning out cresendo
Still you scream for more
Warfare have the power
Knock you to the floor

We will show no mercy
Watch you fuckers plead
As we crank it higher
Watch your ears bleed

Electric mayhem
Burning through your brain
Electric mayhem
To drive the world insane

Amps- guitars are screaming
Metal fills the air
Drums like hammers pounding
We don't fucking care
Knock down all the barriers
Vomit over you
Come along with warfare
Be the chosen few


Panzers- the war machines are rolling
Collision- the nations they are calling
Fire- the cities they are burning
Murder- the mills of death are turning

There's war across the land
you've made your final stand
the fire burns the flesh
explosion leads to death

Aircraft- the gun ships they are blasting
Precision- machine guns ever lasting
Death- the tanks are motivating
Metal- warhead accelerating


Running delerious off the track
The sky was blue and now it's black
Turning and looking say goodbye
Vice like grip it's time to die

I'm on the attack
Vengeance omes sweet
I'm on the attack
And I'll never retreat

Death Vigilance

Running gets faster on the track
Funeral black the heavens attack
Electric shock is shaking through you
Bright white light were the chosen few

The needle in the blood it runs
The S.A.S. without any guns
Your sky was black and now it's blue
The card is played and now you're through


Shot out no fix and I am all alone
My aging face nowhere to call my home
The tracks of time are burning me

I was found but now the story and the time is lost
A revelation crumbled turned to dust
The youth inside won't set me free

Hoping and looking that things will turn out right
A shadow behind me- to drown the city's cold night
No cigarette touch the burning flame will soon ignite
Sharp needle from nowhere- a light to shine out of this night

God above look down and say you love me
Life turn round and stop don't ever leave me
I'll change the world -or try- if they'll let me
Don't talk to me and lie - hell don't forget me

Live in fear and fear to love wrecked society

The battle soon lost retreat in ignorance
Soho to Piccadily - untie this terror chance
Running through the bloodflow escaping death its own dance
A morphene equivalent- cold turkey war in trance

Crashing through this vomit- the stench it fills the air
Same people on top- do you think that is fair
Another dying no one- another soul nowhere
A smacking addict died today- tell me do you care?


Youth and sin and anarchy
Spread around the globe
Volume sounds and shakes
The night say goodbye to the old
Destruction upon violence paves the only way
A fire burning so displeasing welcome to your day

Blood suck the heart of metropolis
Echo through ya mind
Perpintrator holds the key
Destroy his fuckin kind
Macabre solutions they unfold
Open up the night
Bursting out of mother's wombs
At last we've put this right


Shoot to kill

It's in my brain - in my brain
I'm on fire a kid insane
It's in my head in my head
I'm so sick I'll end up dead

I'll run around just runaround
But you sods just get me down
Then run away then run away
And I wake up and it's today

This means war this means war
So fucked up won't take no more
I'm in a trance just in a trance
The reapers called the final dance

Just look me in the eye
Just look me face to face



And I'm a tiger in a cage
From '67 I can't walk
To feel my rage
The crash is loud
And the brainwash ain't so nice
I walk on wheels
No confessions paid my price

Torture me and shoot me down
3ft high you'll take my crown

I'm in a military shadow

I'm in the dark
Regurgitate and feel so sick
Just done my time
Beneath your effort theres a trick
You shoot me down
And you tear me limb from limb
But now I'm out
And I'm ready to kill


Won't see us running
'cos that's their fate
We'll shoot to kill them
We're not too late
Destroy with volume
And drink too much
Won't let them tell us
They've met their match

You see us coming
Then run like hell
With sheer volume
We'll shoot to kill

This is Metal Anarchy

Pure filth was just the start
Won't grind us down
You boring fart
We'll stand together
And we'll stand strong
Destroy their vision
Before too long


Living out your life- menial pleasure dome
It's nothing but strife- to be left out on your own
Eyes that drip your blood- and a night that hears no scream
Religious overtones to feed my darkest dreams

Psycho express
Coming after you
Psycho express
Gonna see you through

Echo running steps- hammer through my mind
Obsession relates to truth- dirt shallow carcass find
Killing screaming killing you- psycho lust to see you through
Walking is so far away- vibrating blade is making you

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