Walls Of Jericho : All Hail the Dead

Metalcore / USA
(2004 - Trustkill Records)
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All hail the ones that take from life without giving back.
What's ours is ours.
Control is all you crave, a fucking paycheck is all you are.
Our world is crashing down before our fucking eyes.
We strive to be perfect in this imperfect world, so watch Her starve herself.
Struggle to fit the mold, as she makes her self sick, it Should make us all sick.
We can't go on like this, we can't go on like this.
Know your fucking role they say, as they die fighting beauty.
But they never knew that they were truly beautiful.
And we can't go on like this.
With our brainwashed minds, as they die fighting beauty.
Because we're slaves to the system
We can't go on like this, let the dead be dead.
You corporate fuck, it's time to fight this.
The status quo, it's time to fight this.
Our broken families, it's time to fight this.
Your billboard barbie, it's time to fight this.
Let the dead be dead, all hail the dead.


Here i am a poster board pinup for you to hate,
Someone who once cared now nothing is holding me back.
I am no more an image of what you thought i should be,
The choice you've made and forced upon me.
So go on and hate me if you must, but honestly i don't give a fuck.
With my friends by my side i can get through anything,
With you on my side we can destroy everything.
For those who continue to comare to this false idea,
What do you expect from me,
Sing a lullaby scream you to sleep, i'm fucking sick of it Being your way.
You don't love me, you love the person you think i am
A poster board pinup for you to love.
You don't hate me, you love the person you think i am
A poster board pinup for you to hate.
What you may see on the outside might not hold true to your Heart, so here i am.
The real deal take it or not, like i've said before i don't Give a fuck.


Let's not sugar coat this, it's not that sweet,
My mind restrains my lips from speaking those words no one Wants to hear,
Those words someone has to say.
It's time to kiss goodbye.
I'm so close to ripping out my heart, i'm so close to Throwing it in your face.
Where would i be then?
No better off than i am now.
Alone, afraid, desensitized.
This is not the first time and i'm sure its not the last.
This is the one thing i am sure of, the one thing i know.
Let me ask you a question, do you know what's wrong with me?
Can you give me an answer?
If not then leave me the fuck alone, quit playing hero.
Honestly these tears are not for you, these tears are for me.
The me inside of me, the one that no one has seen, the me i strive to be.
I am so alone, now i'm afraid of becoming desensitized.
At least i think that's what i want.
Do you know what i want?
Do you know who i am?
Do you like who i've become?


To whom it may concern another anthem for the hopeless.
A life so innocent that day was not the same.
Experience that would change her life forever.
She sang her fucking song tried to make a change.
But the change came from with in herself.
Forever in debt to the nightmare in my head.
How much more can i feel, before it ruins me?
This will not control me that is what i fight for.
When will it be my turn?
When will all i fight for take its toll on me?
Becuase i can not see my future lie ahead of me.
I'm fucking in debt to the nightmare in my head.
The one you put there, i'm taking back what you took away.
It's my turn now to bury this along with you.
It's my time for her to dream sweet songs again,
It's time for her dream alone again.


I remember those days, when we were screaming for change.
When it was more than just fashion and fame.
Our goals all seemed one and the same, and we sang the song Of revolution.
The sky seemed endless there was no stopping us.
Qnd i felt, we felt, like nothing could stand in our way.
Qnd if i scream as loud as i can, it's got to fucking break,
We will raise our fists and fight for our own place.
All this time wishing our voices could be heard,
Now we finally have a voice and no one says a fucking word.
So let's scream as loud as we can and make it fucking break,
And let nothing stand in our way, stand in our way.


Commit the comprimise.
Restricts our rights the education society gives us.
You establish with your advertised tables.
What gives you our rights?
Laws shouldn't be put to what we read and hear.
Should nothing be said?
Shall we compromise?
Our freedom, our rights, your mind.
Tear down the walls.
What can break must be broken.
You have proven, one person can omit regulations.
That can control our freedoms, our rights, and your fucking mind.


Chase life, don't let monotony burn another day.
Don't let it be regret that falls on your lap.
It pains me to think of all the time spent looking for change,
But the change lies there with in ourselves.
This moment in your life, has never been more right.
It's time to overcome and leave the past behind regret is needless pain.
Dream like you'll live for ever, live like you'll die tomorrow

8. 1:43 AM

I don't want to feel anymore.
This is the one we've been waiting for.
I'm done offering my life to you.
This fake smiles' time is up.
Why is it that what we do is never enough?
No matter how hard we try, it never turns out right.
I can't stand feeling pulled from every direction, no more.
My uncertainities are making it hard ot breathe.
It's time to go on in this life.
I'm moving on from you, i'm letting you go, i don't want to feel anymore.
I'm done hiding it well, i need to lose control and let it work out for itself.
I'm not going to wait around and see not anymore.


So i shut my self down again, and wipe away my surroundings.
While the pain in my heart reminds me of time spent and forgotten.
Alone but capable to see through your shit,
I will bloom into what's unexpected of me,
Because your fucked up reality has driven me to this insanity.
How do you like me now?
That what i thought.
Melt into the cracks i created for you,
At least you can do is play the part, the one i wrote for you.
Now time is wasting, and i have ruined many makeup days on your behalf.
Another day will end, at least there's tomorrow


A friendship slowly deteoriates.
A hand that pushes us apart.
I remember when you were the one, that i would turn to.
When nothing you had thought was wrong, we were the invincible ones.
Thanks for the memories now that you're gone.
What the fuck should i think when you let everything get in your way?
So much holds you down so much holds you back.
Are you the same?
Maybe i've changed.
Now we're stuck together, and our hatred grows stronger for each other.
And it tears me apart knowing you're fucked in the head,
And everything is all for you,
And fuck me for caring and sticking around.
Fuck you for holding me down.
We were the invincible ones.
What went wrong?


This is what i do, me here in front of you.
This is my life, this is my everything.
It's in my heart, help me keep it dear,
And i wil fight to keep my dreams alive.
You here with us, there's nowhere else i want to be.
This is the one thing we can't let fade away.
This is our life.
It's what drives us to go on.
This is our life.
No one can hold us back.


You can't imagine how much this fucking hurts.
How torn apart my mind has become.
I need to spare myself, from these endless tears.
I no longer want to look into the mirror.
I'm tired of being strong.
do you ever feel so alone, your own existence goes unnoticed.
Yes, i'm talking about myself,
I'm not afraid to say i'm so tired of impressing you.
Have you ever rebelled against everything you believed, how Fucked is that?
this needs to be for me i need to fix this broken, fix this Broken heart.
One day rejection will be off my doorstep,
And your eyes will fill with the passion that pumps through my veins
And falls from my eyes.
You are my demise.
And through it kisses my heart, i am still broken.



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