Vreid : Welcome Farewell

Melodic Black / Norway
(2013 - Indie Recordings)
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From the narrow fields strangled by mountains
The river flow into the sea
From the sea I set sail

Drifting into obscurity
With the moon as a fire at night
Through darkness I ramble
Falling into endless holes

Signing up with the devil
Foreign paths to be walked

New flavours to be devoured
Always silver lining at the end of the horizon
The unknown endless power

Shadows of the past get weaker by the hour
Yet the ghosts of my life never have felt stronger
Home is forever and it is as though I never disappeared
I am always gone yet I am always here


Hissing sounds
From a cleft tongue
A vexed sinister creation
Sliding slowly from side to side
In the shadow of vegetation

The way of the serpant
Coiled to defeat
The way of the serpant
The circle is complete

With spiteful intentions
Ready to cowardly attack
Blending with the background
Lurking behind the back
Sneaking up without a sound

From the deepest hole in the ground
Staring deep into its eyes

As the fangs flash
And spike the flesh
Filled with pain and numbness
Venomous saliva deaths caress


After the storm the hate was born
Torn from the childhoods warmth
Lost in time
Lost in Life
I broke away from the repent of lies
So I walked
Endless miles away

Sought the company of the road
Solitude it gave
I continued to walk
It was march or the grave
I came across misery
I conquered fear
I challanged fate

As the beast they created
I always operated
On the dark side of life
Wrapped in shade
Like a wolf I stray
They see me coming
But they look away

I am a shadow
That can always be seen
But never touched
I am their worst dream


A blood red fire
That burns inside
Ignites the spark to feel alive
This line is moving from time to time
Sometimes it's burning sometimes it dies

This line becomes me it draws my life
My will is of power but the line defines
This bond of blood immensely strong
Stays alive long after I am gone

A seed planted to grow
Challenging its obstacles to come
Steered by the hands of its creator
Or a stormier walk alone

Lead into life
Loved beyond what's told
A bondless bound is growing
Instantly all is gone

Nothing remains the same
The wind breathes the flame

Newborn relations are growing
The unknown conquers the safe
To taste ramble without any dwell
At the end of the line

Welcome Farewell


Shattered windows
Curtains ripped
Roughed walls
The colour faded
Beyond its prime
With wood walls rotten
This fallen temple
A life forgotten

The reap
Nothing is to last
Harvester of death
Reclaim the past

This forsaken place
Crumbling away
Once filled with life
Now yielded into decay
Felled by the forces of nature
Into ruins it has gone
A lifeline at the end of its journey
Silence after the storm


With all colours gone
With all life dead
With all will absent
I hang my head
A walking dead
In a dying world

In limbo I drift away from this life
Sinking into oblivion
Recommencing with the wild
As the woods surround me
I lose track of time
Forever is never
Today is just fine

Silhouettes in the sun
Shades the open air
Sights of old before me
Eternity appears

The roughed streams cleanse me
Wash away my stains
The air opens my senses
The woodland outlines it clear

This is were it started
Might end here as well
Here where things are silent
It was never gone
It was never here


White foam cover the blackness
Like a frowning beast it tumbles
It looks so timeless and eternal
So far from the known world

In glimpse from the skies
Moonlight is shed on this beast
Stretching through the horizon
It's mountain like endlessly deep

Into the black waves I am sinking
Drowning away from the ghosts

Disappearing into eternity
Into the mirror of my soul
The pounding sound is mesmerizing
A roaring surface with a hidden beneath

Listening to its monotony

Over and over it repeats


It was like the mountains had shifted
The paths had crossed
Trees had become stones
The forest filled with rocks
No stars are burning
The heaven pouring of rain
The skies came against me

North had turned south
I had lost my way
The further I walked
The longer I had gone

The birds flew against me
In this circle
I continued to walk
The wind was howling
The earth felt like clay
The shadows were everywhere
Night never turned into day

In the haze
A mild voice suddenly whispered
A luring trickling sound so near
With the blink of an eye the fog faded
A paradise in front of me appeared
At the brook I trembled and kneeled
It waved me to join it
Into the silent streams
I closed my eyes
And fulfilled my dream

The moutains echoed my screams


In a world where all conquer for fame
Where lies forever
And the sores are all the same
There are no room for the genuine
The dissected millenium queen
All march together in the universal space machine

In a world where all conquer for fame
All march together in the universal space machine
Turn on your knees, you kneel and obey!
One day it might be you who they love
Enjoy that image while it lasts
Because it's all a vision, there is no sun!

Do you dare follow your races
Do you explore and embrace the unknown
All the humans, the number of the spree spirits
Isolated and left alone!

Pre-historic, incorrect - Our time without any regret
Speak to neglect, piece of disrespect!
This is the price you pay, when you go your own way
Steal the force of the spirits! March on every day!

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