Vox Interium : Yearning

Death Doom / Poland
(2004 - New Aeon Media)
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There are a lot of questions
But on thing I would like to feel for sure
that all you do has influence on your future life
Everything seems to be connected
Transforming in an unknown way
Somehow in that case it means we live more than once
So many people have got off the course
Stubbornly they blunder in the mist
you can be lost in conjecture
Why there are no equal opportunities
It's so easy to speak in the full conviction
About the only right way
In pursuit of profit
When the fear lives only inside their pockets
Do we have to grope?
There must be some other way
When rectitude is opposed with inhumanity
Perhaps we're here to filtrate ourselves
Life destroyers who mutilate the others
Multiple killers maltreate your victims
I hope you'll be eternally dying in suffering
That everything will get back to you
But there's something else
It gives me no peace of mind
I have an impression that
Some of them get here by accident
If so
Then it could be a proof
That we live in a world of chaos


I felt so weak
I felt so last
I realized it when I had looked into your eyes
They're still the same like they were that summer
Time dosen't seem to exist
Here is an eternal sunset
There is music somewhere I hear
I wish eternally dream
Life has betrayed me
One moment with you
One second in a dream it was like a mother's kiss
Nothing has remaind
So long ago wind obliterated
Our traces on the sand
And now I don't care what I was looking for
Beyond This dream a bitter taste I always feel
Is this a friend of mine?
No, it is my only friend
Life has betrayed me
Now it's time to go
The music becomes silence
The sun is almost dead
Why cannot I stay?
Long fair hair sails away


Lousy lies smell in the air
Our weakness now is isolate
Behind this wooden cage
Are you ready to inhale?
Creators of rules
Teachers of lies
From cradle to grave
From dream to dream
Their numbly hands reach for me
Creators of rules
Teachers of lies
They try so hard to cut my wings
Creators of rules - Teachers of life
Who gave you right to steer my life?
You're billion times more horrid than devil
Craving greed, perversion, desire
Perfectly hidden behind their smile
Secret maze they build
To fool you and bring you down
If you try to break the rules
Than stairs and walls you'll find
Incredible shit pumping into your mind
They'll convince you who should you hate
And what is sacrificed
Live to verminate
And prey for the other day
Creators of rules
Teachers of lies
You always know what's good for us
No mercy for fools
No time to lose
Fucking useless brains have to be chopped
Live to verminate


Don't be like them
Greed, hate and scorn
Could be always yours
You can mistake fanaticism with honour
Courage with stupidy
You can mistake it all
Becouse among that all
Is always very thin line
Nothing has ever changed for thousands of years
Domination always leads through the bloody ways
You can feel it
Can not touch it
You can feel it
Can not see it
Don't be blind when someone try manipulate your mind
We are smarter
We are stronger
We are better
Yes we are
In that war aren't guns
In that war aren't bombs
In that war aren't any weapon
Which bodies kills
They fight so long
Do not even remember what for
How many times it makes me think
How I wish to purify my soul
They can kill us or degrade us
They can take all we've got except our pride
Cause we fight the other way
Greed hate and scorn could be always yours
We are smarter
We are stronger
We are better
Don't be like them!


Someone has injected death into veins
Poisen slowly kills
Twisted bodies rotting
Often before death
Hey man in black don't pull the wool over our eyes!
We're well-informed how fast the meat decay
Sickness, shrunk limbs
Mutated dwarfs, malignant tumours
There are so many weird
Various implements to kill
Sometimes so feverishly hurry that even
Take away the breath of newborn infants
Is this a kind of curse
Or maybe just a god's joke?
Have you ever seen a man
Whose life simply faded away?
And there was nothing you could do
Do you know that feeling?
Have you ever been
On the verge of death
Having one foot in the grave?
I wonder...
Why must we live and die in humiliation?
Who is the killer
Taking away our families?
When the candle goes out
You can only have a hope
That they will rise from the dead




I remember the day when the sky has fell down
Everything seemed to be so strange
I was spitting with hate
I wanted to be dead
I wanted to be destroyed
Sick society all around
There is no place you can go or even hide
And you're so close to the truth
Closer than ever before
Alone in aimless life
Burning sorrow in rended soul
Someone disconnects my mind
I don't want to be here anymore
Here everyone's turning back
In cold kingdom of humans
No one's concerned with establishing the truth
For them you mean just the next number
Inside my head war still persist
Between this rotting or death
When I recall your empty words
My hope is fading away
All I believed has died I must be condemned by their gods
Ruthless destiny they send to me
Do we have to suffer in other worlds?
Have you ever felt downtrodden?
There's nothing you can sell me
My soul has no price


Descent to the bottom
Blind fate sends things here
You will know them as in a dream
Comming home at night
A sudden shiver's come
Fear has frozed blood
And a voice got out of the dark
Don't run away, come here
There's no way out in this shadow
And don't scream, no one's listening
Just the wind
Fast walk, a house behind the hill
Her heart in her mouth through the wood
Someone at her back gave her a blow
Eyes glittered when she fell down
Penetrating pain down there still stabbing
Stinking sweat drilled into the brain
One moment and the whole world was spinning round
Like a bird reflected in the eye of evil
Father will find a trace in the morning
He will see a familiar face in the grass
Anger an fury by the view of the bodies on the string
He could only believe...
Court exchangend her life to a while in the cell
Up there dogs are sitting
Their carefree looks
They protect the murderers' sick heads
By the letter of law
And what about these on the bottom?
They're like flies on the wall...


(Music and lyrics by Gorefest from "False" album)



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