Visceral Bleeding : Transcend Into Ferocity

Technical Death / Sweden
(2004 - Neurotic Records)
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Total panic spreads among them
I have passed my judgement
Mandatory sentence
They will se my ruthless purpose
Now that they are all gathered here like a flock
I will carry out my ruling

Hatchet wielding aimed at target
Launched to mutilate
Separate from torso
The Limbs are torn of violent
Everyone in this crowd will pay
I have felt this rage before this hatred
Clouds my mind controls my actions

Gruesome verdict One by one i'll kill these fuckers
Mutilation hacking slashing with my weapon
Violent frenzy cutting tissue with my tool
Entrails poured out open bowel wound

Cranium it cracks wide open
See her head split - ram the axe right through this woman
Hear the loud crack as the weapon penetrates her
Keep on striking Until the spine is cracked in half

People screams in terror clawing at the doors but
They won't open try to duck avoid the tool of torment
Cutting ripping savagely at their flesh Killing maiming

Not a single one will exit
No escape from my wrath
No chance to survive this
They will se my ruthless purpose
Raging frenzy berserk fury my carnage
I will chop their futile bodies

Fingers, hands and arms are flying
Working my way through them
Slaying all around me
Savagely remove this cunts grin
To god looking for her own good bastard whore
My knife will remove her beauty

Gruesome verdict One by one i'll kill these fuckers
Mutilation hacking stabbing with my weapon
Violent frenzy cutting tissue with my tool
Entrails poured out open bowel wound

I stop for a second to breath, to take little pause when i
Realize there's no one left fore me to slay everyone in
This room is hacked to pieces the sentence carried out a
Fatal verdict

People screams in terror clawing at the doors but they
Won't open try to duck avoid the tool of torment cutting
Ripping savagely at their flesh Killing maiming


Nervous twitching panic rising
Heart is pounding hard to Breath

Running fleeing there's no way to overpower these mad beasts
Feel them gaining getting closer soon they'll have my sent

Turn run another way sudden moves sudden spin have to make
Them go the other way, make them loos my sent, predators
Running hunting me wants my blood wants to sink their razor-
Sharp teeth into me craving blood imagining teeth in me

As i turn i scratch my arm Blood from the wound will fuel
Their rage eyes are burning from the sweat running down my
White pale face in the corner of my eye
I see them they Have run me down

Gnawing chewing tearing ripping flesh their grizzly wrath
Unleashed upon me i'm ripped to pieces

Stare with their blood shoot eyes beady look, empty gaze,
Only driven, by their lust for blood, hear awful crunching
Sound, as their jaws, sink down hard, crushing my bones
Tissues gets revealed

Gnawing at my face, chewing at my arms, i can feel the
Flesh, give in to them, to their grizzly wrath

Eaten by these predators, i'll be a pile of bones, nothing
Can stop, these furious flesh craving bastards, disgusting
Mix of blood and drool, smearing on my face, filling up my
Mouth, makes me sick

Empty staring blood shoot eyes

Running, fleeing, there's no way to overpower, these mad
Beasts feel them gaining, getting closer soon they'll have
My sent


Exposing frenzy of self hatred sickened by, pure disgust,
My raging inner haunting me, torment, the voices speaking
Clearly, chanting, telling me to end this life, disfigure
This abomination, mutilate, deform this shell of abstract,
Repulsive living

Inspect the tool of choice for mayhem eyeing up
And down The razor blade

Lift my hand to use the blade to spoil this face vandalize
Rip and cut and mutilate
I will damage leave no trace of this hideous appearance

Feel the razor, the cold steel on my skin, close my eyes
Start to smile it'll son be gone
Staggering the hate's evolving, transform, into scorn,

Feel it coming now, all the bottled up hate, this will soon
Be done, release my hate

Let the razor taste my body, go deep, blade descending
Through the tissue, scratch bone, blood is poring out

Pierce my skin, hacking stabbing, slice my face up, furious
Rampage, slice my tongue, cut my lips of,
Indulging in self Mutilation

Feeling dizzy now, from the massive blood loss, this will
Soon be done, my hate released

Razor has tasted my body, gone deep, blade now has descent,
Scratched bone, blood has been poured out

On my chin the bone is totally exposed now, colored red,
Time to separate the nose, now the blood is pissing out

The blade is separating tissue from my face, on my command,
My appearance, finally complete


Time to free my mind fury unleashed

Been locked up two thirds of my life for reasons way to
Extreme to disclose
And now being released this can't be right,
I'm not too well

Morbid acceleration fuels my senses against my will
I can't believe i'm out from my only home were i've been
Retrieving a clear and healthy mentality without success

I rap my head in dirty bandages
World can't see my deformed mug
I pick by random motives

The first I beat so bad but won't let her pass out, i watch
She's blind with blue and swollen eyes, i stare, observe as
She crawls for the door, her bumping into things arouse my
Twisted mind and makes me laugh
Then crushing her skull fury unleashed

I'm eager to find another one a male
This time would be More challenge
Lore him with me to a deserted playground time to play
As he turns his back on me i rock the swing
And let it Smash the back of his head
He falls helpless dizzy as i take out my blunt pocketknife

Turning flip him over grabbing his mouth hold it open
Stabbing stick it in and stab his palate multiple times
Screaming i slice the tongue in two
And watch the pieces Playing
Leave him bleeding.

Morbid acceleration fuels my senses against my will
I can't believe i'm out from my only home were i've been
Retrieving a clear and healthy mentality without success

I will make myself the last victim for
I feel i have earned That privilege
Time for pain so i'll use help from broken engine parts

Sharp rusty iron i scrape,
All over my body and watch the Blood cover me
The pain is so rewarding but it doesn't seem to kill me

Carving scraping screaming i lie bleeding

Time, to free my self before i leave this earth
I grab, my knife and then get down to work
I puncture my body with several holes
The taste of blood in my mouth as i die brings me to smile

Dead at last I am


All the victims i have mutilated have left their mark
Stained my mind, left their voices in my head, always
Forcing me, to murder screaming louder haunting my thoughts
In a lame attempt to rid out my mind i grab my tool squeeze
It firm and hard

To let others feel my despair they'll experience my pain
Smashing crushing pounding in my fucking forehead until
It's sore, Hate, i feel my anger rising fast and hard,
My Only way out now is to open my head and let them out
Control i'm loosing step-by-step, panic attacks must let
Them out, out of my mind

Fumbling, reaching grabbing to get,
Something that is Sharp,
Enough to purge get rid of them, something that will
Make me free

First thing i get hold of is a massive rusty old fucked up
Drill big enough to do the job
Voices calling louder makes me fall down have to do it now
Get it over with

Put it to the head take a deep breathe here we go starting
Out kind of slow but the pain will fuel let them out

All the victims have mutilated have left their mark,
Stained my mind left their voices in my head screaming

Faster harder deeper blood comes, from the hole in my head
Along with the voices
They are filling the room screaming, loader than ever
Before just like a high-pitched siren i was not purged from
Them i set them free did not get rid of them they scream
Louder then ever before


Sick need builds in me craving the taste of blood urge to
Eat the flesh craving the taste
I killed her by strangulation, she struggled, her nails
Pierced my half rotten skin, savagely

The victims chosen by me is chosen without standards
Lusting for the killing, hunger for the mutilation

Following to spot and recognize the weak among them
Yearning longing craving, thirsting waiting for the moment

Strangulate, eradicate, her body naked, stripped, uncovered
Reveal, reaching out for my axe, work my way down, separate
An arm, disconnect a leg
Scrutinize the flesh starting to feel the greed,
All flesh Must be eaten

Hang the parts up on meat hooks, the blood drips
Masturbating, spray my cum, on her corpse, sick need builds
In me, craving the taste of blood, urge to, eat the flesh,
Craving the taste

Sweep the body with my tongue i drool as i imagine eat it,
Cock is hard inside my hand i smell the corpse
As I squeeze It

Choose a part, where to, begin my meal,
Cut out, innards, Swallow it raw and cold
I Cum again as i taste more of the salty flesh greedy i
Grab for more i stuff my mouth

Strangulate, eradicate, her body naked, stripped,
Uncovered, reveal, reaching out for my axe, work my way
Down, separate an arm, disconnect a leg, scrutinize the
Flesh, starting to feel the greed, all flesh must be eaten


Time is at hand to let you know how the punishment will
Feel, it is going to be severe, your face will no longer be
Your own i will smash it to ground,
When i'm done you will Obey

Raise my hand and clench in to a fist to let it strike your
Face, ruthless, relentless, brutal, turn your face, just a
Bit, just to get the a perfect view

Let my fist fall hard and clean i can feel it landing i
Feel supreme start to gristle with my teeth ones again i
Raise, my hand hear the bones crush, keep on striking hard

Scream out loud from the pain, motherfucker is vomiting
Blood, quiet moaning, disturbing sounds, i want this to be
Done with style, i want to show this fucker the meaning of
Powerful suffering

I can se a little spot on the jaw i just punched in, that I,
Must have, missed, intolerable, inexcusable, rapid
Massive angry, i correct, my mistake

What i feel, can be described, as pride, my work is done,
I Stand a side i have not left, a single spot unmarked what
Used to be a pretty face is now, all fucked up messy as hell

To finalize this degradation,
Piss starts poring, on his Wounds

Time is at hand to let you know how the punishment will
Feel, it is going to be severe, your face will no longer be
Your own, when i'm done you will obey


Gasoline is dripped to smear the blood, to stop Coagulation,
In the wound caused by my hammer, to penalize Severe
Deception, conscious still, but a neutralized
Threat, pleading begging for a swift end,
For the mercy of Salvation

Blood and petrol dripping, soaking,
Saturated drenched in The mix, poor some more
Dripping from the face down his chest reaching out to get
The lighter ignite the flame

Fire burning slowly first then rapidly developing towards a
Frenzy raging burning flames consuming everything, first
The torso instigated then the arms and crouch are burning
Screams of terror shrikes of pure pain moaning squealing
The roaring sound of fire raging mixed with human screams Arouses me air is filled with sour smell of hair, skin and
Flesh consumed by the flame

Lame attempts to shield the face results in exposed neck
And torso, flesh melt blood boils tissue dissolve, working
Its way up to neck to spoil and misshape his appearance,
Eyes turn as they start to liquefy, dripping down the chin
Combined with flesh, blood and fuel

Stinging peeling burning, loud screaming

Fuel the flame, ad gasoline to the blaze,
Blood boils Starts to seep through the flesh

The body now has, stopped its squirming, he is silent, no
More deceit, burned beyond all recognition, the fire took
His face his features, the only thing that's left of him is
The burned out skull

Air is filled with sour smell of hair, skin and flesh
Consumed by the flame


Thin long sharp the blade was brought forth
Gently placed on human skin
Slowly coming closer to the eye
To afraid to move a muscle
To afraid to say a word, the panic makes it hard to breath

Short stab makes the knife penetrate the eye
Leaning backwards, to se the eye drip
Filling up with blood inside
All this time he keeps on blinking
Smearing the eye down his face, stringy messy bloody gore

Time to hurt his other eye, piercing gently, slicing just
An inch or so the eye burst slowly drip down the chin,
Not A sound stunned by pain, both his eyes are punctured
Smearing out stringy tissue and blood dripping down

Sitting up with his face all smeared,
Gasping with an open Mouth
Still no sound, no sign of pain
No movement not a single Moan

Watching, this spectacle makes me laugh

Strike again with more aggression, with a single violent
Blow face is damaged nose is gone now he screams

Finally this fucker suffers, he's lashing out, attempts to
Fight, blinded by my work on his eyes, he's not hard to
Throw down, weeping begging for a swift end, poking
Stabbing in his gut, blood starts gushing, stab some more

I stand up taking aim, heaving body weight upon, his
Kneecaps, legs bends, crippled bum left behind, broken
Bones punctured eyes Leaving with a big grin my work is done

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