Via Mistica : Fallen Angels

Gothic Doom / Poland
(2004 - Metal Mind Productions)
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1. Angel Of Destiny

It was a great castle
With mysterious story

You live alone
Like a shadow of destiny.
So beautiful
And standoffish.
Show me your worship
And your respect.
Pay me homage
And give me your soul.

And I will stay forever now
Garding every secret till we die
I will be the moonlight on your face
Showing you the way

Shake off the yoke
Of proud and good.
I will take it
All your innosence.
I'll never let you
To look into my heart.
I have to possess
Your light strenght.
You are like a dove
White and gentle.
I wanna see your blood
Leaking through my fingers.
So warm and soft
the sign of my victory.

Don't try to guide me
To the Cape of Death.

Your light will never
Touch the night.
My sweet angel,
Angel of destiny.

Chose my eyes and I'll follow you
Every your break depends on me
Let me guide you to the Cape of Death
I'm your fatum,
Your only faith
I will be the moonlight on your face

2. Aristea

Forgiveness is the time of tears
The days of yesterday's sorrow
Forgiveness is the hidden part
Of dying hate and love

Come and forget insensible shiver
Go and remember the worming of your heart

Aristea, my friend
Forgive me all this emptiness
Forget the time of breathless days

You never lost your innocense
You see the things invisible
Two sisters and friends
Two different sides of truth

I see your face in every dream
I can not see broken wings
I wish I was immortal
I'm sorry that I am not

3. Edge Of Darkness

I've seen them walking - so many ways
I know they're living - on the edge of darkness
Inside of the twilight - every night
The shadows of existance - prisoners of minds
They have to remember - not to turn back
Not to cross the border - and never fall down
On the edge of darkness - they close their eyes
They can not see - they are blundering

Only when you stand in dark
Only when you stand in shadow
You can see the brightest light
You can appriciate the difference
If you want to live in gloom in obscuriti you find it
So remember about the reason
That shadows come from the light

Those who live in the gloom
Obscurity is their home
They find the joy of living
In primitive indifference
They can not free their minds
Their eyes are blind and dry
In the world of dellusions
They are blind fools

I'm falling down to rise above
The edge of darkness all around
I'm falling down to rise above
The edge of darkness to the light

On the edge of darkness
On the edge of life and miracles
I find the way to cross the border
On the depths I find the way
I can not waste my time to steep
In ignorance, indifference
I open my eyes wide and see
The might of beeing free

4. Fallen Angels

Deducted from heaven
Fallen angels
Despiced by God
Sweard by people

Concealed in darkness
We hide our faces
We err between
Evil and good

For fear and suffer
Too proud
To beg for mercy
We're silent
And our wings are bleeding
Cutted off
Changed in stones

5. Deadly Lullaby

The peaceful silent grave is calling you
Every night
Your every breath is closer to the end
The wind is singing for you deadly one
And icy fingers gently close your eyes

You feel the wildest pleasure mixed with pain
In your vains
The soil is tempting you so soft and cold
There's something in the air what's gripping you
The only thing you want is just collapse...

So sleep...

Every night you're dying in your dream
Sudenlly you fall in to your grave
Every dusk is promissing the till
Thousand clouds is covering the sky

Hear the whisper of silence
On the stone put your head
All your vains so exhausted
Have no strenght to hang on

So sleep innocent child
Invisible danger will come to you
So sleep and dream your dreams
It may be the last one

6. Two Voices

Two voices in my trembling soul
They bring my tears and pain
I am possessed by two of them
They speak so noisily loud
I see the ocean full of blood
I hear my laugh and scream
I see beginning of new life
I hear my crying breath

Feel no pain
And sorrow
You see the light
Eternal flame
It is burning
In your heart
I give you now
Wings of hope
Don't ever look
Into your eyes
Take care for
Seed in your fist

Your soul is burning
In eternal flames
There's nothing in your heart
But suffer and pain

You're going down
There is no edge
You can hold now
There's no hope and faith

It will give you
Some roots
The fruits
You will eat
Your joy is still
Your main weapon
You can fight
With all evil

7. Poison

I wanted to see it in your eyes,
All this respect and love.
But it was only dellusion
Of my hopeless dreams.
Now I'm trying to survive
Inyour world full of rules
Your wish is an order to me
You're like a poison...

I don't care any more
I'm not sure about anything

You're like a poison...

Sometimes I can see fear in your eyes
But sometimes it's contempt
And I gives me the creeps
I don't get it it's rather strange

What's in your head?, Tell me
"A violation of the human rights"?
You must be kidding:what rights?
Don't say it's toxic treaty

I hate you and I respect you...
I reject you and I want you...
You're guilty of my fears...
You're the witness of my madness...

I can not look into your eyes
With no fear
There is no place to me
In your dreams.

So listen I don't care any more
I'm not sure about anything
It was different, but now...
Life can kill every feeling
It's hard to say, what I feel...
You can be mad, I know that
It was more that I could have stand
Now it's really hard...

8. Pray For Strength

Oh, hear my pray
One single sign
Will stop my pain
Will keep my life

Oh, hear my pray
Show me your might
One misery
Will bright the dark

Laying on the flour
Waiting for bright
Waiting for hope
I pray...

from the darkest night
hear my tears
hear my breath
I pray...

Waiting for new strenght
Hoping for the light
Beging for beginning
Give me a sign

Angel came down
and gave me the light

9. The Miracle

From the pain and sleepless nigths
I'm waiting
All this days I doubt and hope uncertain
From the pain and sleepless nigths
I am expecting
All this days I hope for the miracle of life

Whatever you have began you have to finish it
Whatever is finished it must have been started
From the greatest pain it can be the greatest joy
Joyfull happiness can give you the pain

10. Rise Of Resurrection

Grant them eternal rest
And let perpetual light
Shine upon them
Thou shalt have prise
To thee let the vow be paid
Heed my prayer
All mankind must come
Before thy Judgement- seat
Grant them eternal rest
And let perpetual light
Shine upon them
Have mercy
On that day of tearful wonder
When the tomb is rent asurender
Guilty man to doom shall waken
Leave him not forsaken

Rise of ressurection

Life and death will stay accorded
Shame and grief my soul opressing
Doom shall pass with deed accounded
Hear me Lord, my sins confessing

Hear the trumped-blast resounding
Through all tombs rebounding earth
Spare my soul that day's perdition
Summons of the Judgement sounding

When the heavy malediction
Smites the damned with affliction of hell
Call me to thy benediction
Crushed to dust,
Isupliant bending

Crave thy care when life is ending
To what friend for succor flying
When the justin fear are sighing

11. Upadie Anioiy (Fallen Angels - polish version)

Wygna¡cy niebios
Upadre aniosy
Wzgardzone przez Boga
Wyklòte przez ludzi

Ukryci w ciemnociach
Chowamy oblicza
Budzimy pomiòdzy
Dobrem i zòem

Na lòk, cierpienie
Zbyt dumni
By bsagad o litoàd
A skrzydra nam krwawik
Zmienione w gcazy

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