Venom : Fallen Angels

Thrash Metal / United-Kingdom
(2011 - Spinefarm Records)
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Las palabras


In tribal cantation
Fantastic revelation

Demanding withstanding
The energy is blinding

Believing receiving exactly
What we’re needing

Beholding unfolding see clearly
Where we’re going

-Run towards your goal
-The metal’s in your soul

Hammerhead – Hammerhead
Hammerhead – Headbanger

We’re standing & shouting while
Punching air in timing

The sound of the mayhem is really
All we’re here for

Whatever the season we never
Need a reason

You know I’m not lying, some things
Are well worth dying (for)

-Race towards your goal
-Black metal’s in your soul

Hammerhead – Hammerhead
Hammerhead – Headbanger

You look to the future you don’t
Know if it suits you

Then take it or leave it won’t
Force you to believe it

But don’t come back crying, we’re
Off again & flying

We live for the metal no other
For we’d settle

-Run towards your goal
-The metal’s in your soul


Nemesis guides you into darkness
Nemesis leaves you lying there
Nemesis takes you to your limit
Nemesis eats at your despair

Left dying
Screaming & crying

Nemesis loves to play with madness
Nemesis marriage made in hell
Nemesis spending all your money
Nemesis steals what’s yours to sell

Nemesis mutha fuckin bitch
C’mon you mutha fuckers

Nemesis never gives you an inch
Nemesis pulls your fucking hair
Nemesis stabs you in the bollocks
Nemesis leaves you standing bare


Racing like a madman high on
The extreme

Don’t know where I’m goin’
No clue to where I’ve been

Everything around me fades
Into a blur

Nevert stop – Reach the top
Out of this world

Don’t need no provocation
My instincts high on fire
The final destination
Will be the place that I die
Pedal to the metal

Speed through every border
Nothing to declare

Got no time for questions no
Answers anywhere

Flying like a comet only trails & mist
Watch the clock – Off the top
Nothing else exist


Satanic sucker – exanguinate
You are what you are – it’s your fate
Can’t wait for favours – take your fill
Don’t miss your chances – who else will?

Stop your wasting time
Bethe first in line
Running for your life

In the lap of the gods
Calculate the odds
In the lap of the gods
Hell fucking yeah

Immortal killer – demigod
Fuck all the fuckers – beg for not
Intravenous lover – sodomise
No big surprise – don’t compromise

Are you ready bitch? Let’s go!!!

Swallow the danger – everything
What’s in the manger – kill that thing
Blame force majeure - & live the rush
Tempt fate & do it – what’s the worst?


Open gates so hell floods out
Unleash the hordes
Twisted faces painful shouts
With knives & swords
Screaming vengeance anarchy
Tormented cries
Hungry beaten angry souls
Lost in lies

Centuries – torturing
Damnation of souls
Angels’ fate – end of days
Damnation of souls

Bible regulations
Man’s freedom of will
If you don’t conform to him
Fires & torment spills
You’ll be damned to blackened pits
Death by every means
Love the sinner hate the sin
Only he redeems

In the battle of the gods
Angels did defy
Vanquished into purgatory
To suffer not to die
Such an evil act to make
Of your children’s love
Harbouring eternal hale
For that god above


Rich man poor man beggarman thief
You’re like a child with your beliefs
Writer fighter worker of chief
Let everybody down
Give me give me everyday beg
You feel down & banged your head
Junkie lies with a broken leg
You’ll never wear a crown

You are the beggarman
Beggarman thief
You are the beggarman

Big man small man comedy clown
You sing & dance sink & drown
Take a step & you fall down
It never is you fault
Lord & master sickening curse
In the back of your own hearse
I really don’t know which is worse
A milligram of salt

You are the beggarman
Beggarman thief
You are the beggarman

Rich man poor man beggarman thief
You take the piss, beggarman belief
Poor man beggarman liar & thief
The only life you know
Big man small man hero or clown
You live a life that’s grey & brown
Small man beggarman all fall down
Now it’s your time to go


All hail Satanas – Lucifer
He walks among us – Everywhere
The fallen angel – Is the light
His throne of diamonds – The most high

Through the stones of fire
Blameless in your ways
Sing unholy choir
His glorious name – Lucifer/Evil One

All hail Satanas – Diabolus
He stands beside you – One of us
Star of the morning – The son of dawn
A realm of sinners – Fires burn

Through the stones of fire
Blameless in your ways
Sing satanic choirs
His infernal names – Baphomet/Diabolus

Hail Satan
Hail Satan

Commend me father for
I have sinned

Hail Satan
Hail Satan
Hail Satan
Hail Satan!

8. SIN

Do you feel disgusted?
Have you found you guilty?
Do you hide your eyes?
Stealing your sanity
Pride will make them angry
Lust & greed they envy
Overdose gluttony
I am sloth & I’m bored with your
Lies about

Sin – Sin – Sin – Original Sin

Do you hide away?
Are your walls transparent?
For he sees it all
Your sadistic parent

Now you’ve found your way
& the truth was easy
Never gonna pray
For what’s mine & should be


Don’t take no shit stand up make it
Don’t let them get you down
Love it hate it fuck it fake it
But you will never drown
You take ‘em all to hell & back

Punk’s not dead – Punk’s not dead

Roll it taste it suck it chase it
Taking it like a man
Smoke it blaze it drink it waste it
Do anything you can

Punk’s not dead it never died
You can’t kill a way of life
It don’t matter about your age
It’s how you feel it’s not a phase

Sign it seal it find it deal it
Setting the price decreed
Break it fix it raise it sink it
Planting the demon seed



When you’re least expecting my call
Or at the end – Life descends – Olden age you fall

Just remember I’m a promised fact
There’s no way around fate – No secret pact

Many through the ages they have tried
Believe me that I know – They all failed & died

Death be thy name/Death be thy name
Death be thy name/Death be thy name

Searching for an ancient tale or myth
Read it on a book or heard it from the wind

Takes you to the edges of the earth
Even try to steal it from the newly breathed

But your efforts are a waste of time
You can’t hide forever – You’ll still be mine

Aarghhh I’m coming to get you…

Now the scientist misunderstood
Can’t make immortality inside a test tube
I don’t know if I should laugh or cry
Take it as an insult or credit you’re trying

But for now the old saying holds fast
He who laughs the longest is he
Who laughs last




They say the screams of terror from
The dying slaves & the loyal

We’re drowned out by the noise from
The blazing fires & sandstone walls

Which separated them from the
Procession outside who chanted

& sang aloud on this their most
Ceremonious of nights

Spirit of pharaohs – Rise to
The stars

Their mortal shell stays – In the
Valley of the Kings

Worship the pharaohs – Children
Of gods

Their earthly symbols – In the Valley
Of the Kings

The unheard cries of the tortured
Souls lay buried deep in the bowels

Made thick unearthly air with a sense
Of sinister foreboding

Even the cold night sky saw not a
Cloud nor star was moving

Caught in the crossfire of sadness &
Fear of the pyramid

In the Valley of the Kings


At the dawn when time began
Blink of raven’s eye
Prophecies of the great beast
That God could not deny
Frantic in creations for
A creature called mankind
With the gift of a free will
Let Satan in their mind

Cast from heaven
Damned to hell
In the beginning
Angels fell

With a choice to reign in hell
Or serve in heaven’s law
Angels did not hesitate
To take their chance below
Cherubim & seraphim
United in their quest
Lucifer would lead the way
The one he loved the best
Lies of heaven
Lies of hell
Through the ages
Mankind fell

Dragons rise – Then priests die - Heaven cries

Hell unites - & man fights – Hypnotised

Broken laws – Predators – Satan’s hordes

In hell jaws – Heaven falls – Then no more

Look at the children of Fallen Angels
Free in a world of the Fallen Angels
No more lies – The fallen rise

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