Vektor : Terminal Redux

Technical Thrash / USA
(2016 - Earache Records)
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Blasting forward through a filamentous sky
Beckoned by the flash of exploding light
My soul crosses over the Great Divide

Charging the void
Isolated, I’ve been redeployed
A rider on the crest
Carry forth or plummet to death

Autopilot function has been overridden
For Isolation subjects, choice has been forbidden
But death and destruction are what I’ve been given


Particles known only in theory, within my grasp
Entering the cloud of the exploded mass

To live is to die, disjunction seals our fate
So many tyrants lie, pleading at the gates
Regimes at an end with policies left to amend
Where would the future lie if regimes had time to bide
So bring unto me, morbid mastery
I shall revoke the throne atop the stellar tree
I choose a different path from those now dead in the mire
They could not wield the flame of life. To which, now I conspire

I charge the void
I’ve found the purpose
Immortalize this life
I will return to the surface
A lust for control and power
Has grown in isolation
A sky that once brought hope and light
Now brings me desolation
I must wield the sands of time to reclaim what is mine

Stargazers have made the claims
Of enocules bursting from Alshain
Deep within the serpent’s spire
I forge a path that takes me higher

I’ve crossed the Great Divide
Now I peer into the depths of death’s door
Through the rippling veil I acquire
The dust of life that Cygnus obscures
To the other side, I have done it
I now command the draw of death’s door
To the relic Alshain, now I’ve got it
A molecule like nothing before

Star fields of Aquila set ablaze
Reap the ashes of the great Alshain

Relic Alshain
Oh Shahin-i-tarazu, now my flesh is born anew

Within my hands, I hold the sands
A sky of pillars gives life and land
The blackest night unveiling death
One inhaling, exhaling breath
Of the swan with blackened wings outstretched
A path unseen unfolds for me
I charge the void and ascend the tree
To the bird of morbid mastery

I heed the Cygnus call
They will want the dust obtained through my gall
I bring the gift of extended life
No longer will control be born of strife
I burn through disregarded space
Dispatched, forgotten, now I stake my independent claim
I will rule this stark domain


Through the black, the hull is stacked
Taking in the haul from Alshain
Growing cracks, but still intact
Encroaching on the Cygnus domain
Beacon light within my sight
The terminal is glowing in space
Symbol for the free, but not for me
I’m preparing to plead my case

Like the moon is silent, consumed by the void
All screams from inside are destroyed

I was served an injustice as head of the Guard
Unbalanced and covetous was my charge

I have returned
With malice that can’t be unlearned
I have arrived
Like the rise of a massive tide

Cygnus Terminal

Iso Subject 5, where were you?
Gone for 13 years and only aged 2

We deal with the terminal, we deal with death
We are the bringers of balance; we are the lungs of the cosmic breath

Iso Subject 5, your tracker was damaged at take-off
How could you survive?
We thought you were gone

Cygnus Terminal

Iso Subject 5, you say that’s not your name?
Isolation must have twisted your brain

We deal with the terminal, we deal with death
We are the bringers of balance, we are the lungs of the cosmic breath

Iso Subject 5, you’ve strayed from your tests
You must have lost your mind
Why don’t we just kill you now and put this all to rest?

I crossed the Great Divide
I now have command over time
It’s futile to object
Now grant my parole from the Isolation Project

All the years trapped in silence
All there was to confide in
Was my waning sense of worth
Now reprieved of the tests
My soul is battered at best
But I’ve lived to see my rebirth

Policies of my decree
Once again, are enforced by me
Epsilon, Pteropticon
Failing now because of my leave
LCD, at full capacity
This is where I’ll restart my work
Take the names of those who caused me shame
Be silent, swift, and deft on your search

Like the moon is silent, consumed by the void
All screams from inside are destroyed

I have returned
With malice that can’t be unlearned
I have arrived
Like the rise of a massive tide


On Epsilon, 14 billion strong
Cygnus has always struggled for control; they told me it could not be done

All they need is a technogenic disease
We supply for free

Parasites of technology
So easily moved in line
Addicted to the use of our
Exclusive rights

Have them screened
We feed off their disease

Track down the terrorist cells
See who is on my side
Interrogate the world
While we stay out of sight, right

You choose a page; we’ll pick apart your brain
We track your eyes with our cameras; we see your pupils dilate

Subliminal are the ways that we tame you
You’re feeling proud of what you have consumed

Parasites of technology
Addicted to our LCD screens
Molded and sleek to gain your trust
Now give yourself to us

Have them screened
Liquid crystal disease

Intangible cyber life
Too complacent to look outside
We are shaping the world
While we stay out of…

Parasites of technology
Your addiction is a disease
No regrets of a wasted life
You cannot touch what you see

Death, seems the only way
That you will even stray
Think upon what you’ve lost
As we archive your thoughts

I can use your remorse
To steer my ship on its course
Open the Oculus
Fear Cygnus, fear Cygnus
You can have claim to grounds
Of Enocules I have found
If you report to me
Morbid mastery….. is yours

I turn the screens on Cygnus
The cameras reading their eyes
Affixed to every device
They can tell no lies

Freedom of choice within
What you are given
No choice outside the small
World that you live in

They have led you astray
While I’ve been away
I can quiet the noise
I can give you a choice

I see Cygnus now as it truly is
They claim to bring balance, but they cannot to this

World with ideals that can’t be controlled by
Shadows in the sky who lie

Parasites of technology
The looking glass shows us the obscene
I see myself disconnected
I can wipe it clean

Have them screened
Feed their disease
Have them screened
Liquid crystal disease

Cygnus always thought this planet was unbalanced
I’ll do what they could never do. A full-out cleansing by a thought out annihilation




Envelope the world in storms
After a great reprieve
Chaos and terror breed in my lies
I will make you believe
Master of ancient darkness
Who lives by the black decree
Looms over dark, flashing upbursts
In facilities unseen

A parallax is forming
Within the Sanctioned Sphere
A parallax is forming
An oculus to the stars appears

Ultimate artificer
You live to spread fear
Usurp the world in silence
Quelling defiance

Low orbit power grids
Placed by the Cygnus Creed
Were used as a docking point
That I now oversee
Lightning ignites the air
A glimpse of the grand design
Cumulonimbus cloak
Sprites explode to the sky



And the Reapers fly in
Soon, the cleansing begins
And no longer we crawl
Before we rise, many must fall

Obelisk to the stars
Your shadow splits the graves
Of the ones who lived for you
They have died in vain
Obelisk to the stars
Your shadow meets my eye
You are obsolete because I am
What you symbolize

Cygnus exploits the alliance
Cygnus demands compliance

And the Reapers fly in
Soon, the cleansing begins
And no longer we crawl
Before we rise, many must fall

Low orbit power grids
Placed by the Cygnus Creed
Ready the power
Ready the machines



Ultimate artificer


The screenings have been reviewed
The targets have been compiled
We’re coming after you
Swift justice with guile
My eyes now blanket the world and beyond
We are charged for the attack
There is no turning back

I have gained the trust from all the peoples within the Sanctioned Spheres
Epsilon and Cygnus: you have much to fear
Neither of you could maintain the natural order; you’ve become unbound
Like a weed that has to be plucked, I am breaking ground

Blackened wings outstretched over the sky
Harbingers of death invading your mind
Sentinels deployed to Earth Epsilon
Flee from the Reaper Squadron: Pteropticon

The Reapers break through the clouds
Missiles unleashed on the weak
My terror kept under shroud
Stealth fighters, black and sleek
Compiling terrorist cells
I get the help that I seek
Taking down the Cygnus regime

Panic inspires chaos: the discordant order of things
Before the waves wash you clean, you are beaten down, nearly drowning
You have been screened and your fate I am summoning
You hear the sound of their engines humming; they are coming


Everything falls into place
As I cure the plague of falling empires
Balance restored
Cygnus is in contempt of my desires


We have our eyes on you
From every Reaper Wing
They are tied into your mind
Knowing what you think

The population will be halved through our cleansing: every defect razed
Cygnus V.2 is now in command; your future will be safe


I have ended their reign of strife
The land is cleansed with the ebb of the tide
I give you the sands; now we must rebuild
The world is ours to be shaped by our will

An ageless utopia
A reflection to be a

Mirrored image of my reverie
Our thoughts are aligned; connected by screens
Imagine a world where we are the force
That shapes this planet without recourse

Yield from the pain in the path of resistance
You’re a sheep unshorn, nothing more
Believe in the gain from my path of persistence
A seed unborn, nothing more

In our time we have seen
A new light of liberty
A new dawn now unfurls
We create a perfect world

Revel in the consciousness
Of a world in a waking-life
Watch as all my hopes and dreams

Balance attained through stability
We must eliminate change
Change is the force that brings down regimes
Balance must be maintained

[Chorus 2]
Forward we go
In a world that’s shaped by our minds
Aspiration designs

Sterilize the population
The ageless have no need to procreate
Genetic banks have my hand-picked genes
If misfortune on someone awaits

[Chorus 2]

We are aligned; we’ve bound our minds
A new regime: what will it glean?
What will we find with endless time?
Unleash the hive

Raze the land to construct a new beacon
That will shine out from every surface
We are Cygnus V.2
We dictate balance and purpose

[Chorus 2]

In our time we have seen
A new light of liberty
Now we spread our cosmic law
Through the skies over all


Trudging through the heaps of waste
An abstract world outside the screens we embrace
The air imbues a film of scum
The city’s center rises above the slums


Blotted skies subdue stellar cries
Bleeding out from the pillars
Nebula of Aquila
You have served a killer

Time warps these hallowed grounds
As if to draw a line in the sand
Time brings disdain for the weak
Time is what I have
With Reaper Squads still dispatching
You place your hopes on pillars crashing

Time is a clock on the wall we command
And its hands made from pillars of sand
On our watch we don’t seek what we find
Left bereft by the passage of time

I have built an empire
On the dust of Alshain
Collection sails extract the Enocules
From vast mines in space

And so, we live as ageless men
From the time the reaction begins
The dispenser is strapped to your wrist
You are shackled to my every whim
You are enslaved by the promise of tomorrow
You’ve paid the price for the time that you borrow


Time moves like a crack in glass
Sometimes slow, sometimes fast
We all know the fate of the pane
But we move forth, piling on more strain
On the glass of melted sand
Forged by our greedy hands
On a path we choose to belie
It makes us feel alive

Pillars of sand fall down as gravity remands
The bones of the dead in a dusty mist
Pillars of sand cannot ascend
Such are we at the point of the obelisk

As Reapers dock in the Cygnus Port
My eyes are captured by the pillars
Nebula of Aquila
Your skies have never been stiller

We have come upon the line
Where gravity intercepts with time
Time is without mass
And cannot exist in broken glass
The unrepentant nature of all
Everything falls



We don’t belong at these heights
Watching over all
We’ve come to the point of the obelisk
Impaled as we fall

Collapse under the weight of time
In this still life of our design
Collapse into a great resolve
Everything falls

A broken image reflects from a shattered surface
Its shards of truth cut clean their meaning, our purpose

A tearful dawn sheds light
On what we have become
We were not meant to live like this
No life, no freedom


A broken image reflects from a shattered surface
Its shards of truth cut clean their meaning, our purpose
To struggle, to glean, to want, to bleed

We’ve bided time
We’ve traveled to distant worlds
On our quest for knowledge and power
We’ve traced the galactic whorls
And now full circle
Unfulfilled by what we’ve seen
This is it, one galaxy
Out of the shadows, my silhouette is torn
Freed from the darkness, I see my vile form
Bleeding out from a spiral clade
This is all I have
This is all that I have

To live, to die, to lose our pride
To accept our fate. Life is not ours to dictate

Stagnation is death in a constitution of progress
Now at the zenith there is nowhere left, nowhere left to go but down

Ruling in the present while the future eludes us
The further we push forward, the harder it becomes to look back

To struggle, to glean, to want, to bleed
To live, we must die. We live to die


Follow me to Alshain toward a fiery grave
We have spun a web of worlds, spinning out of control

I crossed the other side
But I was brought back
The air sucked from my lungs
My hull was cracked
The dust sifted in
Like an hourglass
It sealed my ship
And I was in tact

Hourglass between worlds
Emptiness on the side that employs
The upper hand
Recharging the void
Each half of the cosmic breath
Moved by a void
With our lungs at capacity
Recharging the void


We’ve lived beyond our years
And now we hear our calling
We’ve outlived our pillars falling, falling
I must return to Alshain
To release our clutch
Terminal redux

Like our star at its end
Time will warp in the space we bend
As we burst to our stellar tomb
Its planets will be consumed

Hourglass between worlds
Emptiness on the side that employs
The upper hand
Recharging the void
Each half of the cosmic breath
Moved by a void
With our lungs at capacity
Recharging the void
All the things we’ve destroyed
But there is one thing left: bring balance through our death
The Cygnus tide can be restored
To a cosmic state
Before man perverted it
Before we staked our claim
Ultimate sacrifice
To revive the flux
Turning back, a shrinking world
Too small for us [2x]

Illuminate what remains
From a time when all sanctions were hallowed
And our freedoms sucked straight from our marrow
To bleed after refrain
All we knew was the suffering
Away, all of the shame and the sorrow
Only hoping for endless tomorrows
We look to cold, shimmering skies
Feel the light passing by
There’s no light that reflects from our gallows
Planets stricken to live in the shadows
Of cold, shimmering skies
All we ask is our story be told
To young, beckoning, yearning worlds
Who are struggling to be as one
We are the light from a dying sun
In darkness we will remain

Feel the light piercing your eyes
Open the skies to the Cygnus tide

Countdown to the end
The Terminal descends
Into Alshain’s cloud
To be kept under shroud
Rulers of life
We’ve seen the limits of our minds
Our foresight is blinded by our bias
To which we cannot hide

Cygnus is calling [sung in unison] Bound to our graves
The pillars are falling [6x]… In stellar remains [6x]

Cygnus is calling
From beyond the grave
It rises once again
With balance staved we make amends
A ruler without plots or schemes
Of cosmic law, we could only dream

I heed the Cygnus call
A symbol for life and death’s resolve
Our fate implodes upon our crux
The Terminal is set to self-destruct

Relic Alshain
Oh Shahin-i-tarazu
I return my flesh to you

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