Vanna : Void

Post Hardcore / USA
(2014 - Pure Noise Records)



Holes, inside my broken bones
Decay, I watch my flesh rip away
Space, between the dead and I
Goodbye, farewell to my body and my soul
I've become a black hole, I'm not like them
I can't fucking pretend that the sun's not gone
My sky's all wrong, no floating on clouds
I'm fucking falling down, swallowing everything around
Stare into the great unknown, void
This hell that I call home, void
Darkness all I ever see, void
Welcome to the death of me

With the lights out, it's dangerous
Here you go, chanting entertain us
I look stupid and brainless
Well whatever, just never fucking mind us
Your duty's done and you're drained too
Watch as this black hole consumes you
Void, you become your own black hole


My eyes have seen no glory, so I ripped them out today
Cause when was the last time
I looked at you without looking away?
You fucking disgust me, a legion in my mouth
Teeth inside my hands, I rip my head inside out
What does cancer look like and what is its face?

You can't look it in the eye, what a fucking disgrace
You can be erased, laid to waste
Time ticks on, your hands were made for letting go
I can no longer let you drag me below
I'm sick of writing this down, you'll never read these words

Cross it out, write what you want to be heard
Quick, this motherfucker's at it again
Acting like a corpse can't tell a body's dead
What's the problem? What's wrong with this kid?
I'm sick of catching the same old wind
The air's stale, how long has it been?

One day I woke up and your language was dead
Now all I hear is the voice inside my head
It speaks in tongues I've never learned
Not a sound was heard, you don't get the last word
Your ship was sinking, seems like the captain failed
The tides rip you apart, no more vessel to sail

Undertow, undertow as you let go
Godspeed, I'll fucking see you in hell
You left thinking you left me stranded
But all this time I was the only one standing
I'm the only one, I'm the only one standing
Liar liar, souls on fire
Liar liar, jump back in the fire


Now you see us, now you fucking don't
Moving in shadows is our only hope
See my friends, we are forgotten ones
They are the bastards and we are the sons
We are the lonely ones, I thought I told you that
I am who I am and I've got nothing to prove
I'm not alone here, my friends, we all got nothing to lose

We are, we are the ones running through this hollow town
Head high, feet on the ground, broken homes won't break us down
We dream of kingdoms and taking crowns
You can doubt us all you want
We're taking this from the bottom, straight to the top
We are, we are the ones running through this hollow town
Try all you want, you can't keep us down
You're not listening, we are the kids of heart decay

With no future, or so you say
We build it up and you knock it down
Well go ahead and take a look around
We own this town, you and every motherfucker around
We own this town, so go ahead and take a look around
Are you scared of what you found?


I've sunk lower than a stone in the sea
Much lower than I've ever seen
You see, even rocks don't have bottoms like this
I wonder now if I'll even be missed
Do they know my face? Do they know I exist?
So what's the point? There's no fucking use
My own fingers and hands become my noose
Someone give me a reason to stay
Fuck it, no one listens anyway. Again, I'm alone

Home is a coffin and your city's a grave
Don't dig yourself, dig yourself into place
In these goddamn dark nights I start to realize this is war
I'm gonna have to fight tooth and nail to stay alive
Look at me, living proof. You're not alone
We have each other and we'll pull through
This chapter's called "you're alive."
You've been writing it the whole time so come back to life
Don't write, don't write your ending, don't let go
There's a reason you just don't know, you don't know
There's a reason, so don't let go, don't let go


Bleed into your veins
Let the youth decay
Let the youth decay, rot and fall away
Heaven knows you're miserable and doesn't care
Hell is in your head and in the skin you wear

Black shoes, black shirts, black hearts everywhere
You don't light up rooms when you walk into them
They fade to black cause they feel your sin
Our heads have holes as black as our souls
But we're gonna die if we don't get control

Bleed into your veins
Let the youth decay
Reflections I can't seem to find
Faces no longer mine
There's nothing staring back at me
Cause nothing is now all I see
I suck the life out of everyone
Sky swallow and I'm eating the sun
Cast shadows ain't got shit on me
Eyes blacker than you've ever seen


How do I start? Well here it goes
I'll write it all down so that everyone knows

Dragged out and low, feeling lost
With no one to save me, I need a personal cross
Cut across my heart, I hope I die
This love will make me go blind
I got swords for hands and fucking hearts for eyes
Dig out my heart and put my eyes inside
Swallow the sight, consume the light
I've never felt more alone
Forgotten son left out on my own

Dragged out and low and feeling lost
With no one to save me, I need a personal cross
If emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness
And cleanliness is godliness, then I'm a filthy fucking mess
Yeah, I'm a wreck, Intoxicated by madness
No love, no peace, just sadness
A filthy fucking mess


We were born of this world as free as a bird
We gave ourselves these chains, this cage, and these words
Do we suffer, or do we survive?
Can we live, or must we die?
I fear the worst for this earth
How do we get this crooked path on course?
For all mankind, for all of time
We could start a spark

The world's in flames and we're blowing smoke
Feeding a fire and burning up hope
I'm afraid of everyone
I'm afraid of what we've done
Can our rights overcome our wrongs?
Can this be our revolution song?
We could start a spark

Don't leave the world in the dark
You hold freedom in your hands
In your heart and with your friends
So stand up, make a difference count
Cause if not you, then who will dig us out


Hang my head, no hope
Piss up a fucking rope
Cityscapes as I escape
My real city lies behind my face
Blood vessels as I decay
Oh what a beautiful place
I'm losing everything
Where is my fucking mind?

I'm hearing voices echoing inside my hollow head
My brain is dead
Living behind my eyes with no space to roam
Locked in by lies, so my head becomes my home
My head becomes my home
But this house doesn't feel like a home

It's made of rust and rotting bone
So I'm selling every thought inside
Fuck it, I'ma leave it behind
Nothing adds up
It's never enough

So call it quits and stop giving a fuck
Watch me as my walls cave in, and my head gives way again
I build up these walls like a home
Swing through, make broken bones
Wrecking ball, crumble and fall
Fuck it, I'm gonna leave it behind


Wet nightmare digging in my brain
I gotta put you to bed baby, you're all the same
Line em up just to knock em down
My pride and worth just came to drown
Can you feel electricity?

Your eyes tell this wolf all he needs
Lay down, you're my favorite prey
Eat up the flavor of the day
If pretty girls make graves in my head
Then my heart's a tomb for the undead
If pretty girls make graves in my head
Then my heart's a bomb, now I'm dead
Look into these hungry eyes
Don't you see the beast inside?

Keep it beating babe
I need to eat you
Don't you see the mess inside?
I'm fucking rotten and feeding off lies
I've made my disgusting bed
A pig in shit, fucked and fed
I'm sleeping in my grave
Die next to me
Lay me, lay me to rest


The red, white, black and blue
Broken and used
Obsessed with this disease
We've put the world on it's knees
Obsessed with our needs while our mouths rot and bleed
Each man creates his own devil and god for the throne
Hoping for heaven but we're heading for hell
We call this living and we're doing it well
Obsessed with our needs while mouths rot and beg you please

Red, white, black and blue
There is no right, there is no truth
Cause it's a nation of sheep, ruled by wolves
Owned by pigs and lead by fools
Sleep is over
It's time to wake up
The world is burning
All I hear is, "I don't give a fuck"

We're the blind leading the sick to die [2x]
Open your eyes or it will never stop
No rest, no sleep
Wake up, wake up
One nation under shit
Our nation
We're burying it


Don't wait for rivers to flood, just to keep you afloat
Don't wait for mountains to fall, just to get across
And I've never seen lights quite like these
Glowing and bursting for me
And times never ceased or stopped for me, but suddenly I control all I see

When did these faces need me to be everything I could be?
When did these words breathe life into the deceased?
Don't wait for rivers to flood, just to keep you afloat
Don't wait for mountains to fall, just to get across
Any path that you take that you didn't pave is the wrong one
And anybody who waits in the rain will drown in the flood
And anybody who makes the climb knows the view is worth the time

But the battle of if I'll ever get there is the problem
How much can I take 'til I call it quits?
How long can my legs keep running like this?
Until they give in, until my liver gives up
My lungs are blackened, but that's how I like them
I'm pushing the limits until they push me back
I'm on the edge of the mountain calculating the gap between a rock and a hard place
A palace and a pit, but
I remember death never lies to the people who live

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