Uriah Heep : Different World (Deluxe Edition)

Hard Rock / United-Kingdom
(1991 - Sanctuary Records / Legacy Recordings / Sanctuary Midline)
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His blood's on stone
It's running down the frozen wall
His hand's so cold
He's trying not to fall
Oh will he make it now
One slip and he's lost
It's his last chance for freedom
It's all that he's got

He feels good, so right
Hot sweat on a cold night
Breaking free into the wind
He's got nothing to lose - just win

He's just a runaway
He's free now and on his way

He's almost home
Just one push and he'll take this wall
It's blood on stone
From trying not to fall
He's made it now to
Where others have not
Just one last jump to freedom
Is all that he has got


People on the sidewalk
Making small talk
Keeping up with life
Ask no questions
Make no decisions
Just do what's right

Do you wanna runaway
Do you wanna breakaway

Someone's screamin'
Calling out for help
But everyone looks after themselves
No one cares or gives a damn
How can we live in this land

Are you looking out for you
One hand can change this world it's true
Some will stay, some must go
But do they really know

Which way will the wind blow
Which way will the seas flow
Which way with time
Which way will the world turn
Who's hand will control it in our time

With our hands on eyes
Fingers in our ears
We've been like this for too many years
Letting others do what they do
Without asking if it's good for you

Turn it round, upside down
Plug it in, turn up the sound
Let's hear what's in your head
Before it's too late to be said


Crazy little whirlwind child
Pretty babies drive ya wild
Look like one, act like another
Every night a different lover
Get affection where you can
Try a boy then try a man
First time love is in the past
Make it young and make it fast

All God's children will have their say
All God's children must have their way

It's a game where you can cheat
Lovers falling at your feet
High on sensuality
A photograph for all to see
First time love is in the past
Make it young and make it fast
They can never get enough
Strong as death and sweet as love
They walk and talk like angels


You think I'm crazy for wanting you
But you just hide away
Behind your untold truths
And so I sit and
Listen to your lonely words
Another reason for you to be yourself

I can't be wrong for believing you
This ice is melting
And the waves are breaking through
I see a fire burning in your heart tonight
There's only one way for me to forget

All for one, one for all
Strong in hear, body and soul
We were all for one, one for all
All for one, one for all
Nothing could stop us, we had it all
We were all for one, one for all

I always knew
You had dreams of your own
But I can't understand you
So many words, too much to say
And nothing to hold on to
And so another day must end
In this loneliness
Another reason
Another time, I guess


You can't stop a man from learning
I could write the book of love
Captured moments there
Between me and you
Then I had the thought of leavin'
It was a voice inside my head
Telling me I got to have the strength
To see it through

And I know it's gonna break your heart

I'm living in a different world
And as I slip away
I see you fade to black and white
I'm living in a different world

With all my hopes and dreams
I drift off in the night

I'm alone but I'm not lonely
I found sometimes that I never had
Laying back in the easy chair
Is not the life for me
You think I'm your one and only
But you gamble with a restless man
In the end I've found the way
That we can both be free


It's alright, it's not wrong
To sometimes feel
You're just hanging on
On those days when
Your feelings are low
Don't hold back
Just let those show

If you want my time and devotion
You've got to give me
Some of your emotion
It's not too much, too much to ask
If you want this love to last
Born with open eyes
But you're blinded by confusion
You're born with strength inside

Let's do it step by step
Into tomorrow
We can make it if we try
If you talk to me, walk with me
There's no reason why
We can do it step by step
Into tomorrow with open eyes
So come on talk to me
Just walk with me
You can do it if you try
One step, one step at a time
One heart beatin' with mine

Nothing gained, nothing ventured
Nothing won, no risk no loss
In this world of indecisions
There's a bridge we all must cross


Don't care if the rain don't shine
Don't care if the sun don't fall
You are the one in a million child
And you knew that I would call

Thoughts of you alone with me
I can't slow then down
But I can't get to sleep at night
Because you're not around

I can't wait
Seven days is a long time to be without a girl
I can't wait
Seven days is too long to be waiting for you

I've tried every kind of distraction
But nothing will ease the pain
There is only one solution
So why do you make me wait

Got to say I didn't think
That I could read your mind
But I can't get to sleep at night
'Cause baby you're on mine


I dreamed of all
The wonders in the world
And lovers that I knew
I saw so many Good things
At one time
Mountains of emotion
Coming right into view

When I arose from my bed
I got the warm glow
At the back of my head

First touch, feel the power
Hear the thunder over me
First touch, out of nowhere
See the future over me

Then I dreamed about
The tenderness we shared
And how it makes us feel
Like every first encounter that we have
When I think I must be dreamin'
You tell me that it's real

And here you are in my bed
I get the warm glow
At the back of my head


People say I run too fast
But they don't understand
I'm livin' out the best of times
The way I always planned
Little girl you got a dirty smile
Come along, walk with me
Down the golden mile
On my tongue the taste of love
Never felt so good

One on one
I could like this forever
One on one
Take me all the way to Heaven
On on one
Love runs in so easily
One on one
All you give is what I need

Stone by stone, frame by frame
We got this love together
No more headache in my heart
No more under pressure
Baby with you I can do anything
Just a touch is not enough
With you it's everything
On my tongue the taste of love
Never felt so good
Easy come
No more waitin' at the back door


What do you say to a talk over dinner
Though we haven't spoken for a while
This time I won't take no for an answer
You can't hide forever
From your only son
Let's take a seat
Right here by the window
I remember how you like the view
Now look me in the eye
The truth I wanna hear

The time is right
There's a shadow hanging
Over me tonight

Tell me what you did now
Even though it hurts to say it
It's always been a mystery
Locked behind the door
Tell me if it's true now
Do you need the heart to say it
I always did my best for you
Don't you lie
Don't you lie no more

You taught me the way
To be a winner
And never to play
On the losing side
I guess that I turned out
The way you always planned

So hard, to cross that line
But the words have got to come
From you this time


I see him coming
He's out to get you
He'll get us fooling your door
You've got a letter
From the sisters of mercy
They can't have you no more

Temptation, such sweet song
That burns inside
One rhythm, one power
One drain of blood left you dry

I see you there
Before the dancin' visions
So many stars in your eyes
You've got it all
But you ain't seen nothing
How can you be so blind

Stand back
Make way for the zodiac boy
Stand back
I'm gonna take you
To the other side
Stand back
Make way for the zodiac boy
Stand back
You've gotta listen to
The power of the future

It's so easy, it's a chain reaction
Every step of the way
There are places
You've been dreaming of
But never knew the way

Temptation, such a good thing
That burns inside
One rhythm, one power
One drain left you dry

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