Urgehal : Arma Christi



The coffins are closed
When the daylight shines
On the freezing stones
Of this castle

The coffins lie deep
Into the crypts
Of it's darkest halls
Past dungeons and narrow walls

This is the home
Of the majestic counts

Many milleniums
They have lived with immortality
Streaming in their veins

Feeding on human blood
As a source
To their delightful existence and beauty

Feared as the plague
Their wings across the land
And sets of into the night

Searching for a victim
Rich of precious blood

Blood hunt

...the coffins are opened...


When the sun is half covered by the moon
The time is ticking fast towards destruction
Fires of the deep will burn all holy
And the moon will eclipse the sun forever
The christians will suffer the apocalypse
Humanity will be an extinged race
The abyss will rise from the soil
And hell on earth will become reality
When armageddon has reached it's full point
The sun suffers a total eclipse

The christians will suffer the apocalypse
Humanity will be an extinged race

And the planet will be invalved by a new life
A life risen from the abyss
A life strong of hate, strong of hate
The days fade into darkness and exist no longer
The colours that used to be withered into a sea of chaos
Everything is dead
When the night armageddon comes


In this rotting forest
In this eternal darkness
Where we see, hear and feel

See the naked bodies
Hear the moaning voice
Feel the cold breath
Three senses that will forever last

Orgies to satisfy our souls
Precious skin so ghastly, so smooth
No heating blood, forever cold

Them I penetrate like knives of the night
Screams of derisious, orgasm of the satisfied
Sexual lust and pleasure, it's no release
No rest embraced by cold


The eternal eclipse has come
Nightfall will never again suffer the morning sunrise
The night is pure and will forever stay dark
As it can never be menaced by the day
Those who have kneeled before the cross
Will pray for the last time
Crying for their god, begging helplessly

The churches and the christians bleed
Now that satan has swallowed their god and sun

The final battle between good and evil is won
And the pain the pain of watching the daylight is gone
Black is the path to the cemetery
Where we feast on the christs in infernal blasphemy


Deep into a drenched forest drenched by the rain and mist
I lay cold in my lenting, praying to the darkest one

Possess me as I sleep unholy master
Possess me so my dreams can come true
Make me forever a worthy servant
A servant of your unholy might

Conujure the hordes of your proud realm
To penetrate my body

Conjure the horde of blasphemy

Gather them in a circle of black
And make them to eternally dwell within me
Make me stronger, make me prouder
And make me forever immortal!

Conjure the horde of blasphemy


Regnet fosset ned
Fra sorte og endeloese skyer
En jaevelsk himmel
Voktet denne natt

Satan la dommedag komme
Jeg har værte deg tro
Levd I synd har jeg gjort
Og bespottet gud og hans disipler

Maate blodet flomme
Og pine guds usmakelige kjøtt
La det bli en flod
Av ondt og råttent blod

Til fjellene vil de flykte
Der blodet ikke kann dem nå
Men der skal vi stå sterke
Klare til å slå

Og igjen vil blodet flomme
Det skal ikke stoope
Før all kjærlighet er død

Hat... Blod...

Regnet fosset ned
Fra sorte og endeloese skyer
En jaevelsk himmel
Voktet denne natt


Almighty satan, swallow my soul
So that I may become one
With thee

Embrace my nocturnal heart
Enlight my visions with thy horch
Of wisdom

Unholy ruler of this mortal world
Grant me the power to slay the angels
Of piety

For I am thy soldier, thy deciple of sin
Lead my way against the sheeps

Behold the rise of the satanic ascendancy

Jehova, we'll slay you and your kin at armageddon
We await this day for we are the demonic storm
That shall extinguish your treacherous sin
Victory is ours

Our satanic milleinium shall rise from the ashes of the holy
And proud shall we walk a perpetual, dechristianized ground
Manifest, king of jews, so that I may drown in the lake of fire
I'll burn your crucifix as I kiss the true cross of blasphemy

Fallen angel, satan, arise like the infernal king
Thou are ascend thy throne upon the crest of christian corpses
Unlock the seven gates, bathe the world in thy unearthly light
We await thy command, lead us into the final war

The impotent god shall perish with the pearly gates
Behold the rise of the satanic ascendancy!


I'm the thorn in the eye of christ
I'm the carrier of light
I'm the rumours that have been told
Believe in me, or my victim you will be

Embraced by my own shadow
That reflects the consciousness in my soul
Crafts hidden from the weak
Hear our message!

Hordes of blasphemy - burn the temple of god
Condemn the holy spirit and spit it's weak followers on a peak

Come on, let's shed some blood!

A celestial life we were promised by birth
Instead we were fooled by the gays of god
Fooled, ha!
Their false piety will never stand proud
How pity, hahaha!

Come on!
Let's shed some blood

Our battle will be victorious
And heaven will fall

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