Unexpect : We Invaders

Experimental Metal / Canada
(2003 - Galy Records)
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Las palabras

1. Novae

When the parallel spiral unravelled
Before the firm grasp of my abominable
Came my birth in the well of the wretched

Novae, braggart of a last jest

My non-Sylph spread down
In the core of the hideous carnival grotto
Covering me of a Viperean mask

EnoreKiK eKarov sed xueil dSevape
TnarutpaK nom ruehlam ne snoredial
Rus ed Selpitlum SeteKaf ud tiafneib

The grand fork silence
Arising for the anchor's cell

Enu eReip eroloKni, L noisrevni ed Al eLitnel
Enu egnarte emrof, L riovuop sed sreinred-sen

A maelstrom where repose the villains
Of the bazaar of virtues

Denaturation of the ork by the Zirconyum
A grinch in the night wearing its crystals eternally

A dispirited lunatic passage
Broken by the traitors... . by this pernicious soothing

A mistake followed itself in the decisive cryptage
When the telescope fell on the inverted astron
The utopia was not mechanically very long
And logic vanished under the illogical

"If only there has been a claim for my sectimes
My poor sectimes... .they are... .they are mine!!!"

A frenetic impulsion influenced
When escaping the human yawning chasm
This globe transformed into memories

Novae, braggart of a last jest

My sylph fled...
After the (firm) grasp of my abominable
Allowing me to wear my Viperean mask

2. Rooted Shadows

A chill in the air
Atmospheric matrix sweeping on bohemian campgrounds
When the voices of violoins carry the entranced
wanderers in a ring of firelight
Creating strange sorrowful dancing shadowy shapes blessed by

The scent of exotic incenses and spices
A nomad ritual of mourning for dryads and their sylvan kind
Torn from the earth by the fouls

...and as the roaring fire melts away the sadness
The cards of fate are cast to the west
In a last hope for these green lives
Torn from the earth by the fouls
A curse upon the emperors and their mighty delusions
May the polluted wind rightfully melt the wheels of gold;
infect once and for all their corrupted shells
...and let them choke

These gypsy souls sang an ultimate cry
For the pain, for the suffering
Cause by clone-minded leprechauns
Purse-driven greedy assassins

These gypsy souls sang an ultimate time
For the pain, for the suffering
A feast of atrocity offered by so called nobles
...but now comes the Djinn, make a wish...

3. In Velvet Coffins We Slept

From the ancient race of the immortals
We enjoy the moon, us its eternal vassals
Pondering our lost humanity
Forever fated to wander the obscurity

Hunters....hunted...harmony found in silence
Breath the fresh air os the sleeping pinetrees
Levitate our thoughts to the high branches
Buried under the snow
Pure and white as an untouched young women

An erotic masquerade of soft promises
Elegants and charming are we to their eyes
With unnerving ease those weak beings we fool
To satisfy the needs of our blood-hungry souls

Ah! The bless that is to come
For we pass as a gentle breeze born of strife
A benediction is the journey into unlife
Thus, we deliver it with a final parting kiss

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Let us dance under your glorious black wings
Oh sweet night we hear your cries
This symphony of tranquility inspiring grand bewitching waltz

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Les us be thou companions of suffering
Oh sweet night we hear your summon
This beautiful music brought forth by the wolves hymn

Sumptuous feast of pale virgins
Nudes under the gleam of the Silverorb
In a foggy glade of a dim mounful forest
Rejoicing under the pipes of satyres
"Beyond pleasure in this night of erotism
Filled with delightful melodies and bloody carresses"

To the perfects, we present immortality
Enjoint with the powers of the night
For the dark gift possess a fondness for beauty
Only for those inspiring orgasm on sight

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Take us toward far off horizons
Oh sweet night we heard your call
Where dawn is no more, forever lost in time
The promised Land of darkness
Whispiered of only in old rituals

4. Chromatic Chimera


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