Unearth : III: In the Eyes of Fire


1. This Glorious Nightmare

Divine intoxication spills out the pores.
A self diluting fix that craves all the more.
Destructive seasoned vet, full glass of sting.
A bittersweet triumph that weighs in each day.
Obsession - my falsest friend.
Moderation - a fantasy that I can't win.
Devastation - a hardship loss.
Demanding - the pain of wasted years.
Lift me up, tear me down.
Will I last through this glorious night mare?
Collapse all that's sacred, prey on the weak.
Slow painful suicide that steals from each man.
Hells fire soon returns to rape the well.
Prolific doom machine that hears our words.
I'm fighting the will to live with countless persuasions.
I'm fighting the will to live - the endless temptations Its lifeless grip, that haunts us all.
Pulling from every direction, it's lifeless grip grabs hold.
Yearning is now my dissension, it's lifeless grip grabs hold.
Tear me down.

2. Giles

Smother his life - the words cut right to the heart.
Disease and threaten my family nam.
An epic stand is made.
Condemned I will not plead.
Damned to the beast of torment.
Damned by the beast within us all.
Crushed by the fear.
More stone, more stone, more weight for Corey.
Not one set forth could capture admission of guilt.
By law, avoids death on Gallows Hall.
Through time this fight will martyr my name.
My soul free of a heretic.
Court of Ayer and Terminer leave me my rightful land.
Men of Ayer and Terminer leave me my rightful land.
To slow in my hear - to leave to my sons.
Peine Forte et Dure is called - an effort to collapse belief.
Has failed, and surely will die with me.
Rectify my name.

3. March Of The Mutes

How an we close our eyes when the walls around us wear thinner each day.
How can we mute our voices when a parade of chaos marches throughout the land.
This is the end, end of all.
We've been down this road before, yet we all just stand and watch.
Everlasting ignorance hes led our ways.
Forewarned, but still forgotten - our history erased.
This is the end of all.
Down on our knees we bow to hatred.
Down on our knees we fade away.
We've tried and failed.
Now Rome burns again.
This time it's all of us.
This time it's forever.

4. Sanctity Of Brothers

A west side run through.
One string away from taking the lead.
We stalked the streets at night to live, to feel, to breathe.
Bring back those days of gold where the torch was ours to bare.
A troubled youth to some, to us our crown to wear.
I see a time, a sanctity of brothers.
We knew another world, A west side horror.
A torch burned out before his own time.
We close our eyes at night to hurt, to heal, to breathe.
Bring us back to the day.
Bring us back to our ages of innocence.
Our times to live forever.
Our worlds will meet again.

5. Devil Has Risen

Hell strikes on solid ground.
Give us the strength to hold our home.
Open the wrath again.
Withstood this fight before.
Been told to leave it all.
Go where I do not know.
We will stare down the eyes of fire.
Like stone we battled the winds.
Beat down and strangled the winds.
We stood to fight till the end, but mother has breached our defense, Keep rising.
The devil is rising.
We lost it all.
It only took five days for the man to come for me.
I know our faith is strong and belief is all we need.
It was those lonely nights that tried our hearts.
It was those lonely nights that tore us apart.
And then our faith grew dim.
It was our solemn sin.
Forsaken in the eyes of fire.
We All lost in the eyes of fire.

6. This Time Was Mine

Victim - the cards were dealt with less time for me.
Rebel - my only way to avoid your sympathy.
Virtue - spellbinding charm and strength of a hurricane.
Blacksheep - the rebel son that clashed with authority.
Powerless - at least I have tonight.
The roads not long - at least I have tonight.
Bloodline - few will see this through to the end.
Cower - some hide in fear.
Controlled by ignorance.
Eyes Closed - the cruelest site for those dear to me.
Sting - your conscience seared as anguish tears away.
I might not come back tomorrow.
Please know I chose the right path for me.
I've lived, I've died.
I've done it all a thousand times and, I don't regret a thing I've done.
This time was mine to have I've lived and died a thousand times.
Wanderer - I've seen it all like no other man.
I've seen the light of all worlds Father.
I did my best for the lack of my own.
Son - a ragged path, but the love was not unknown.
Brother - the best of times - a forever unyielding bond.
Free - from this disease.
Farewell, I'll miss you all.

7. Unstoppable

Wander this world with tired hands, wander these streets a broken man.
Been Through this time after time and it won't be the last, but I won't break again.
Second lease on a terminal chance.
Every step met with force and demands.
Reclaim all that loved and destroyed.
Belief lends a hand to the path of the strong.
I want to know, need to know, my next lesson.
I want to feel what's alive inside of me.
I want to know, need to know, my impression.
I want to look inside and see what's made to be.
I want to know.
Concede the loss of the some to fuel the life of others.
The Unstoppable.
Wondered alone, won't break again.
Left forgotten and without hope, I still remain.
Can't stop this heart, won't break again, forever as stone.

8. So It Goes

Take us back - reawake.
Take us back - erases the wrongs that plague us.
Reawake - rewrite the page that changed me
Take us back - to the times of cherished past.
Reawake - allow us to find the way.
Endured a lifetime of cold frustration.
Now lick the wounds and fight another day.
Your hands will reach.
The walls are coming down.
Stand up against the rage.
The walls are coming down.
So it goes.
So it goes.
The blood pours from your heart.
Hypnotize - allow us to find the way.
Man down look around.
Seven riffles to the sky.
Lock and load, lock and load.
Gung ho, Gung ho.
Afraid of the rage you feel from a bullet named life.
And a gun called pride, aim - fire.
We fight to live or live to die.
We all fight the same old wars.
Will you fight to live or will you live to die.
So it goes.
Stand up to find the way.

9. Impostors Kingdom

Put your face on, stage your play.
Deep deception, you've dug your grave.
Cowards cross - Indignation - impostors mount.
The loss of the faithful feared.
How long can you live in denial.
How long will you ignore what's real.
Live your own lies, taste your blood.
Cowards crossing is feared.
And you celebrate your fame.
You celebrate your impostors kingdom.
Nothing is real anymore.
They claim to feed us the truth.
It's the deepest hypocrisy.
Impostors Kingdom.

10. Bled Dry

The lines been drawn.
The lines been blurred for far too long.
The years have scaled frustration.
How can you shine within your shell with such profound pretension.
We have lost ourselves to self contradiction.
We have lost ourselves to the rise of opposition.
The hand that leads and feeds you.
Would we all still battle if this caved in beneath you?
We've done it on our own.
All the years of Bleeding.
We've done it all alone.
Now you will bleed for me.
It's a war
We have lost ourselves to our own lies.
The bleeding intentions.
This is the line I've drawn.
This is your last chance.
This is the line I've drawn.
Now you must bleed dry for me.
This is the line I've drawn.
This is your last chance.

11. Big Bear And The Hour Of Chaos


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