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I lay in a bed of resistance
Chained to either side
I really wish I could reset, rewind
Someone has clawed out my eyes
Can't identify
I really wish I could reset, rewind
You know it's never the way we planned it
I really wish we could reset, rewind

I'm planning a revolution inside my head
I'm planning a revolution when I break free
I call for annihilation
Describe the sunlight so I can feel inspired
If only i could get up from this bed

I don't know what they told you
But this place is not what you say
Reset, rewind

Living inside a hole, they put me underground
Where they can never find me unless they dig me out

I search for the answers 'cause this is the end
I search for the answers

God, it's caving in on me
I feel it watching
But no one seems to care anymore
Empty, I dig my way out
Cause when I breathe in, there's no release

I can't believe this
My mind is starting to turn on me

I've been living inside a hole, they put me underground
Where they can never unless they dig me out
I've been living inside a hole
Where they can never find me unless they dig me out


This time I am falling further away
Nothing has changed like I said it would
Faster towards the ground / That's where they wait for me And enter my veins
I feel them crawling through my skin
Collecting my nerves that they feed to their children
I swear it has to stop cause there is nothing left to give

I'll be the victor
I will destroy them

I wanna watch them burn it down
So I can breathe again
Inhale cause after tonight
I won't be the same
Exhale and find my feet
On the ground

I'm not the same anymore
As I sink down into the floor
And the walls are caving in
And I don't believe in them anymore
Now I try to balance my walk
I am coming down alone
And I have to get them out of my head

I wanna watch them burn it down
So I can breathe again
One breathe at a time
I'll be just fine
Cause I'll be right on the inside
I steady my hands inside of my shell

And wait till their backs are turned
Oh inside of my head where they thought they would win
But I got them right where I want them
Pushed to either side
I'm burning them alive
I hear them begging and pleading


It's too late to pry away

Don't get me wrong
I'm just as scared as you are now
You dropped us off here with no direction
But you never even tried to fight the current
Watch the water pouring faster into your lungs
So breathe in

But it's hard to hear me when your sinking down here
I wanna see you wash it down

How can you sleep here
I bear the weight of your world
I don't believe in a single word you sold to me
I bear your burden for the last time
I swear I'm done with all of this
It's too late to pry you away from the undertow
I watch it take you then I walk away


Awake to the sound of emptiness.
Alone in a room that is filled with the darkest of light.
I was told there was nothing beyond here.
How do I know what side I'm on?
A captive with nothing but the thoughts increasing,
Worsening I dont belong here
But I cant find my exit.

This is where they all come to hunt me down, hunt me down
Where they go to hunt me down, they hunt me down

Weigh out the options
Pave the narrow
I know what you're thinking
Come on man I swear you can do this
I break free from this room they built for me

This is where they all come to hunt me down, hunt me down
Where they go to hunt me down, they hunt me down

I tore out my lying eyes
So they locked me up
Preying on the innocent


What a sad sad picture to paint
Of a dirty dirty little soul
We are so blind here
Won't you watch us all fall apart
I find it hard to believe in it
Believe in what you give to me
I never thought I would find you here
Find you buried in chemicals
So tie a rope to either side and let's see how your limbs Hold up
Eventually we will sink or swim, sink...into the great...


Between motionless and this wretched state of digression
Treading on the line that I drew from my own compliance
Let me feel it rain down
I cannot wait any longer
Let's get something straight
I am not who you made me out to be
It's the awakening of my body's inner consciousness
A fraction of my sleepless numb existence

Rain down now on me

Pick and pull apart my limbs
Push me down now from your throne
Drag me down now to the floor
Press the point into my skin
Oh I feel it now

Something will have to collide to end the constant spinning Of cycles
Strung together and I'm crawling in the streets

Where is my fix

I stand alone in time
When they spun away I fell apart


We are nothing they own our lives
Just a statue of a stain in time
Spinning in circles got left behind

We were all warned this would happen
But the words just rang in our ears
Machines built by machines built by machines
We can only hide for so long
Before they harvest us for the souls that we have left

I swear we cannot wake up from this hell that we live in
But when the sun finally hits our face
We see that we are merely reflections
Of reflections left by Our predecessors
Dragged through the mud (we can't wake up)
Chained by the ankle
There is no more running there is no more escaping
If only God could lay his hands down
On this barren land and Wake us up
Cause we are the lost we are the helpless we are the Forgotten ones
We are the lost and we are the abandoned

I swear it's worth saving us
We pray for the sun to dry us up
I need a clearer head to see what we are worth
There's still life left down here to revolt
Oh I know what it looks like from there
A loss of control to this place and we're set to extinct
Revolt / We stood by defeat for so long
We've been under your control
We will not be part of your disease


Deviate my life...deviate it


I took this picture in the dark
Spinning in the lights till we fell apart
So turn it away turn it away
You don't know what I've seen
The youth is hollow and so are we
They give it away give it away
This is what it feels like
This is disintegration
This is what it feels like
This is isolation

I can't find the light
Inside this empty room I cannot find myself
I won't let you down

I hold on by a single thread
Sweet solitude is so complete in my head
You watch me dangle there and become just a memory
Like they said I would end up

The youth is marching to tear us down
We built our lives here
We fight their calling

Take sides
Line up and take sides

I'm so sick of you calling the shots (I'll tear you down From the inside)

I can't find the light
Inside this empty room I seem to lose myself
I won't let you down

So write this down
I'm not using my lungs anymore
This is the last time / Write it down
I won't be your voice anymore


Where am I
Someone please turn on the lights
I'm not fine I'm not fine
How can I find my way from this little cellar they call life

Down here I tear out my veins and tie them to the chair
This goes on and on and on
Unraveled in contortions I run for the door
This goes on and on and on

Hold on to my own destruction
I fall face first
Watch me descend
I'm on display
This cycle of human decay

I feel it lurking in the corners
I watch it tracking up my arm

I am the anchor
Bound to my existence

I make peace with the parasites I live among
Paralyzed I watch them colonize as I sit here and just fall Apart

The beggars and choosers are all the same
The default reaction will never change
So I catch a glimpse of my own reflection
From a shard of glass left on the floor

It's time to restart
Reassemble what's left of my body
Pick me up and walk away

Uproot the anchor
Walk right out the door

I'll change for the better
It can't get much worse
I'll swallow my own pride
And then accept defeat


So follow me to the empty ocean
We can watch the city descend behind the skylight
On our backs we float away
And forget about the way it used to be

Tonight I fail
But I never wanted to let you drown without me
Tonight we are the only ones to watch it fall apart

We slide into our place
Where I can watch you swim
Don't forget my hands still wrapped around your neck
We fall deeper into the ground
This night's never looked so hollow
I wanted to share this with you
I'll wait till it opens up again
Sit here till the water reaches our necks

Finally get to watch them wash away my name
Open your lungs
Follow me down
I set this off
Keep swimming
Oh God I am emptier than you

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