UDO : Holy

Heavy Metal / Germany
(1999 - Nuclear Blast / AFM Records)
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Raised from the glowing ashes of cauldron iron
The Phoenix arose from the sanctum of metal
Emerging into the light
So many hard times
So many bad lies
A man of steel
You know I'm real everything I do
I'm taking all control - it's my heart
You know it's how I feel
So stick it in your mind - now you're mine time - it's time I'm taking over
And crank it up in overdrive
I'll tell you why you know I'm holy
So fucking holy - raise your hands
You know I'm holy
So fucking holy - pain and pride
So many places
So many aces
I made a curse
I gave you birth ah - glorious metal times
The master of our lives - never died
A special kind of force
Together no remorse - you'll be mine

Burning on overload
Legends won't die
No cross - no burdens to control
No asking why

The master never dies


Raiders gonna open up the stargate
The planetary call is here to stay
Galactic energy's in all directions
A ticket for a ride on a time machine
Now the gate is open solar wide
Million kingdoms are inside
Raiders of beyond - energise
Raiders of beyond - speed of light
Raiders of beyond - blinding white
Raiders of beyond - blaze eternity
Systematical declining forces
And gravity has lost and gone for good
Hypersonic engines scream for mercy
The elements will bear and take the load


Why are you so frightened - we're getting in the mood
Body breaking volume - we are loud and rude
Laser piercing lighting - megasonic sound
The first day of your lesson - upheaval in the ground
We're forging straight ahead now - it's not a dream
Never ever lose the power - we're as hard as steel
Don't you feel the fire - the burning in your soul
Just come and join the fantasy - it will make you free
So cut the crap out - it's for you
Feel so damn proud - of this rocking crew
We'll break the world down - tear up all the rules
Reality is clear now - the future is for youSo shout it out Just let it out
So shout it out - as loud as you can
So shout it out - just let it out
So shout it out - as loud as we all canNow's the final showdown - it's time to be released
Our weapons are so deadly - we're armed up to the teeth
Electrostatic soundwaves - you cannot hide
Gonna execute our metal shock - straight between the eyes

Shout - shout - shout - shout
Shout - shout - shout - shout


Many years ago
My heart and soul was full of fire
Breaking heads - hit and run
And the sun was brighter
So wild and reckless
Cared about no law and order
We used to ram - the black and whites
They called a six-one-niner
Those were my glory days
Just bad-boys-crazy-ways
My wild-man-holy-times
I always shot on sight
And I recall the sin
And I recall the sin
In many sleepless nights
I found the dream I'm missing
Kicking ass - living fast
Been living in a prison
Time to change the colours
Sweep away the madness
Here I come - back for good
Say good-bye to sadness


Well, the lightning flashed at midnight
And the dogs did howl along
You don't believe it - unless you've seen it
It was the night the thunder broke
There is no more creation
No room for good - no hope
You better cry for salvation as
The reaper dangled by the rope
A scream for help - the morning after
They'd equalised the score
And in their minds - there's only laughter
A smile - without a cause
And there was thunder in the tower
As the cat crept out
There was thunder in the tower
There's no escape - no doubt
It's been the night the birds were silent
And the town was deadly still
A curling lip - an icy grip
And bony fingers that can kill
Assembling in the tower
The payment bloody high
They tried to cheat their final hour
He's gonna get them eye to eye

And there was thunder in the tower
Screaming silence in the air
There was thunder in the tower
Awesome power everywhere
And there was thunder in the tower
They didn't care it's right or wrong
There was thunder in the tower
And the reaper came along


Respect our rotten life
Better not be hypnotised this time
You talk a heavy load
A mental overdose you're slime
Open up your mind
Welcome to the gates of nowhere
Freedom's not for sale
We are the right - 'cause we are the law
So back off - power in a minute
Back off - bastard hard and combat high
Back off - power is a winner
Back off - don't you cross this line
We're true and metalised
These crazy territorial nights
And red-hot burning roads
We are the predators of life

Back off - gotta be a limit
Back off - bastard hard and combat high
Back off - power is a winner
Back off - don't you cross this line


A voice in the back - the lies and the fears
No colour but black - the truth disappears
Just by the look in your eyes I can tell
That your honour is gone - you're caught in confusion and pain
Mysterious sounds - hidden in ice
Your lying is found - protective disguise
No one is braking the wheels are forsaken
In sheer overdrive - diamonds and rust
Breaking their lives - I burst them to dust
Friends will be friends
Down on this dirty road
Friends will be friends
One for allThe meaning is wrong - there's no reason why
The logic is gone - it's hard to deny

Friends will be friends
Down on this dirty road
Friends will be friends
All for one - one for all

No one is braking the wheels are forsaken
Diamonds and rust - I burst them to dust


Welcome to the madness
Of symptomatic rule
It's deadly and it's reckless
Another one is fooled
Miniature devices
The ears within the walls
Stiletto knives and cameras
To document it all
And the stream of data flows - endless
Police protection grows - it's here to stay
Another state run - state run operation
Another state run - state run operation
Under observation
Disloyalty is out
Covert operations
That's what it's all about
Hidden automatics
Activate the fuse
Forbidden terror tactics
The system is in use

Finger pointing accusations - they deny
Governmental legislation - why
Immovable and firm positions - don't defy
Supremacy and allegations - part of life


Fearing the day - hiding the light
My mind is shocked with fever
Evil will play - night after night
They are the soul receivers
Yeah, they are strangers in the night
Yeah, they're endangering your life
Drinking your tears - embracing your fears
Danger - the lair is hard to find
Danger - so keep that in your mind
Ripping me up - tearing me down
My soul is crying "action!"
Terror is king but I got the crown
I'll start a chain reaction

Danger - a madness in the air
Danger - dimensions everywhere
Whispering names on lonely roads
With eyes camouflaged in shadows
They stalk the earth in silent packs
No time to die tomorrow


Thunder roads in action
Horizon's all the same
That's the big attraction
Come on join the game
Brothers out of time
And chasing down the line
Mighty eagles rage into the sky
Ride the storm - now and tomorrow
Faster and so far
Ride the storm - no hidden sorrows
And aiming for the stars
The colour black's for leather
Metal engines howl
And ride the storm together
Tailpipes gonna growl

We ride the iron horses
And freedom in the heart
We never will surrender
We are the breed apart


Night after night
Day after day
Hours and seconds to go
Dying of fright
Nothing to say
I've got no money to show
Picking at the bits and pieces of this puzzle game
Educated reasons why I have to wear this shame
Hey you - cut me out
Come back - and put my money down
Hey you - what have I done to you
Don't - don't spread the news around
Dreams in my sleep
Are tales from the cards
I see the final countdown
Reptiles that creep
Pushing me hard
Making me go one more round
Just another night - begging for mercy
What can I do - pleading and searching
In the night

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