Tyrant (JAP) : Under the Dark Mystic Sky

Symphonic Black / Japan
(1998 - Pulverised Records)
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On the sea where the soldiers blood dye red
Souls can't go to heaven wander from place to place
On the bottom of the sea, emperor of early death
Rest in peace Heike in Dannoura!!!

Close to ears, there's the cry of dying soldiers
Where the souls floating on the dark wave
Blood red sea is the seign of fall of the Heike
I can see them falling into the black sea

Thousand of souls…
Drift about at the mercy of the wave

In the sea of Dannoura where they sleep
Souls full of hatred roam about
Sword, treasure of emperor Antoku
Lies on the bottom of Dannoura

To keep honour and blood
So they choose falling into the black sea
Even now Miinoama gaze him
With burning hatred against them

Thousand of souls…
Drift about at the mercy of the wave

Thousands of tear-filled eyes
Thousands of obscure warriors killed
Thousands of grudges against enemies
And thousands of souls…
Drift about at the mercy of the wave

I can see the Onibi of the Heike
Over the sea, their voices of battle
The sky above Dannoura
Turns blood red

At length they're annihilated all…

When the waves beat upon the shore
Their spirit is washed ashore
The soul not attaining nirvana
Will kill'em all

Help me…
Falling into the black sea


A meteor shoots across the sky again…
The river in heaven brims with stardusts
A love not returning forever shines in the air
Today, their departed souls become the stars at last

In the silence of the universe,
I'm looking for your soul
Where are you? Where I should go…
Stardusts are memories of those who left the deep rancour
Can I see you again? I'll be back to you…

Again! (Witches are flying high)
Again! (Into the shadows)
Again! (We are the one…)


The soul not setting in peace
Tonight is the night to waltz

Now when I see you, I take you Amanogawa
An then… the stars forever shine
Forever I cry…

A meteor shoots across the sky high
My soul flies high across the river
We'll be the one forever
We'll be the star

We were the one!
We are the one!
We'll be the one!


The winter has come,
We are being caught in the heavy storm
Clouds blacken all over the sky
A blizzard came up...

I had a nightmare last night
The flesh blood on the white snow
The ground is covered with the red
The cold winds blow hard...

I'm the god of winter, I rule

The frost freeze my soul
The place where the soul sleeps
The wind hash my fresh
The time when the rising moon...

The dark rules on the world
Cast the spell on the whole ground

The land covered with the snow
The blood on ice
The sun will never rise on this land

On the north wind I ride
The god of winter
Deathlike darkness
I'm the almighty
(I'm thy king in your soul!!)

A blizzard will come...
When I ride on the wind

I'm the mighty king
And you shall prostrate yourself
I'll take your Hades
You should burn in Hell, eternal flame
The falling angel lost their wing
And their soul, they lost mercy
Eternal winter has come
To my soul

The gods of winter will come
And I'm frozen to death


In fire never dying out
Is the waymark to my destination
On my way to the land
Whisper and sigh of elves reverberate
Through the dark

The reverie I saw is the dream or the vision
My soul was hidden in the dark mist

Offering sacrafice to
An Evil!! immolate myself
Perform the rites of the witch
This is the way to kill myself

The reverie I saw was the dream of the night
Offering my soul to my dream

The moon is shining weirdly
My soul is dying away

To the evil...
Sacrifice my soul

Suicide...my dream....


Fragile beauty
In the dream I see
Collapse of the fresh
In the doom of humanity

I pray for those who died in Hell
I dont know the place where your soul should be

Tears like treasure
Make a river of sadness
Your pale face
Freeze my soul eternally

When your face turns black
I Die!!!

Your pale face is the guide to the hades
I follow you to the depth Eternally


Alone far in the wild I hear wolves barking
The heart murk hides the star
Is the sign of the storm era

Alone far in the dark...
The wind is freezing two moon
I got the power here
Alas! far in the silence

An evil star shoots across the sky high
A blaze in the sky is my guide to my promised land

I seek alone the path to land
Where the wolves wander
With barking at two moon

I walk alone with buried under snow
I think alone."Where would I go"

I wander forever
I roam forever


The voices calling my name from the dark
Is this the whispers of Satan??
The thunder crashing on the hell
Is the outrage of fallen angel??
Who is calling my name??

I saw the grave of myself
On the grave stone I found
"The brave man sleeps here forever"
The evil mourns for the dead
Beneath the black moon
I hold the funeral rites tonight

Lake of ters
Hopeless like,...I cry

The eyes watching me from far above
Can I escape from the one?
The dawn I will see tomorrow
Will never break forever
Who is watching me?

Eyes capture me
To strong power attack me
Enlighten the dead for thy king in Hell
The sea of blood I can see
Is the dream in the back of my mind
Be driven by the urge to kill myself

On the godforsaken land,I wander,I wander about

Is there a paradise where I can be reliever of all sins???
The nocturnal rite is being hold
On the top of the mountain
At last I get there

Funeral moon shines on my way
To the dark and endless destinations
I roam about...
For the kingdom of black wizards
Is what I seek alone mirage in my soul
Is..is this my paradise that I seek alone?

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