Tygers Of Pan Tang : Spellbound

NWOBHM / United-Kingdom
(1981 - MCA Records)
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Help me,
Protect me
Get me out of this place
No chance,
No hope
In the rat race
They don't care.
They don't see
Where you've been,
They don't wanna know
That you can't cope
With anything…

Oh, Yeah, Yes
No ‘easy come, easy go'
Not too fast, not too slow
Must get up, but you're pulled back down
If you mess around with fire
You're gonna get yourself burnt…

Hit it,
Break it,
Kick down the door.
If you want some,
You'll get some
Of the action.
They still laugh,
At your part
In their play
They hide the truth
Ain't no cure
For a messed up youth…

Can't stand
Can't change
The social gangland
All stick together
You will never
Break their wall.
They don't care
They don't see
Where you've been
Just don't wanna know
That you can't cope
With anything…


Take my money from my pockets,
Fill my mind with you –
You've got a body, you know how to use it.
I've gotta get to you.
Take me up
Take me over
I've got to get out of my room
I'm gonna get to you…

Hold on
Don't you double cross your dealer, oh no,
‘Cos I'm the only one,
To make your dreams real, I'll make it real,
I will, so take it

You strut so good to my music
Knowing all the tunes
You got everything I need
So calm and so cool…
Take me up
Take me over
No control, only a sweet taste,
I'm becoming a hopeless case.

You're something big on the scene
They all love your style
But they're just too blind to see
What's behind the smile
Take me up,
Take me over, yeah, OK
But you finish much too soon
We get each other through.




Ripping through the clouds
At the speed of light
Gonna shoot him down
If he gets in my sights

I'm Hellbound !
Spellbound !
Shot down
Heading for the ground…

Now I'm closing in
He's got some dues to pay
I've got no thoughts of pity
His end is on his way

Now he's on my tail
And there's a smile on his face
Half a second later
And I'm wasted in space

No, No I'm Hellbound.


Walking in the mist
Talking to the night
I'm enslaved in your wish
So blind wanting sight

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
You stare at me and share my thoughts
Mirror, Mirror I hear your call
You have my soul and body caught.

Whisper names into nowhere,
The cold touches me,
You know but don't care
Will never ease my need

Deception you have learnt
Tried to keep you close
I know I'm not the first
Between living and ghost
I can't laugh anymore
Pictures begin to fade
Please unlock the door
Release me from my rage

No you couldn't stay
You You were gone too soon
I, I must find a way
To light my empty world


Rich man poor man
Beggar man, thief
Winner, loser
The strong and the weak

Silver & Gold

No less, but the best
Is all you talk about
Got plenty of money
You'll never go without

Silver & Gold

All your Silver
Can't buy a friend
More you get the more you want
Greed you won't defend

Silver & Gold


I am a gambling man
I play the game of chance
I only place a bet
When the odds are on romance

I am I am
I'm a gambling man
I try to win every game
I play for keeps
It's all I seek
I am, I am a gambling man

I've played in every bar
I always play with sin
Lose the shirt off my back
But I always win it back again

Glass of whisky in my hand
A couple of cards up my sleeve
What can I do with the Queen of Hearts
Oh honey you wouldn't believe


Been looking for a reason,
I'm waiting for your call,
Gonna take all my chances,
I really need to score…

Hey do you believe,
The story so far,
Hey, it's not hard to conceive,
Can you feel the spark….

Tell me that you understand,
I never told you no lies,
Anyone can criticise me,
It's better to realise….

[Chorus (repeat)]

Don't think about the future,
I don't know what it holds,
Just live the life you want,
Never lose your soul….

[Chorus (repeat)]

Do you believe
Do you believe my story,
Hey, I never told you no lies etc….


Look out, nowhere to hide,
They don't care down there,
It's a hard fight to survive,
You'll never be prepared….
See the blood on the sidewalk,
Listen to violence talk
Hear the night call,
Over the city,
The kids begin their war….

Gotta get out,
Gotta get away,
You'll have to pay,
If you stay too long,
In Tyger Bay….

The street claims, one more,
Life's got no direction,
Can't depend on the law,
Too much frustration,….
Women gaze from red windows,
In expensive rags,
Selling themselves to shadows,
Can't hide their scars….

[Chorus (repeat)]

What can I do, What can I say,
To change the situation,
You're on your own, no helping hand,
So lost and alone….
People don't care, they always stay
Away from the place,
Get out while you can,
There's too much hate….


Shadows in an empty house
Ain't no relief in tears,
Been days since you left
Seems like years
I can't stand loneliness
The radio sings my song
I cannot accept
That you're really gone

Don't stop by, she's not at home
Don't stop by, I'm on my own.

The darkness comes so fast
Reminds me of the past
It's hard to sleep alone
How long will this last
I see your face everywhere
It's there, then disappears
Only my imagination
You're nowhere near

Your silk and satin dreams
Clouded out my sanity
Why has the feeling gone
When our love was strong
I've lost my count of time
Can't understand my mind
Love doesn't linger in my life

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