Tygers Of Pan Tang : Crazy Nights

NWOBHM / United-Kingdom
(1981 - MCA Records)
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Got to get, What you want
And when you do, do it good
Ain't no crime, to enjoy yourself
Cause when your own, you'll regret it if you don't

Do you speak up, do you dare
Do you think
Do it good, Do it good
Do you count the days
Is there more to you
Then meets the eye
Do it good, Do it good
Is there more to you than you can say
Love is shining bright, so let it shine
Don't let other people live your life
Don't sacrifice, just do it good
You know you should
Do it, Do it good
You know you should
Do it, good

There ain't no, golden rule
You make your own, and do it good
Wanna break through, to somethin' new
Then go for it, no matter what it is


Life's to short, to worry about
Your reputation, so do it good
Don't hide behind, a mask
Get yourself together, and do it good



Ever get the feeling somethings goin' wrong
Hangin' around where you don't belong
I never lied to you
I did all that you wanted me to do
But somethin' ain't right
Somethin's goin on around here

I tried to open up the door
But love don't stay here anymore
Theres something wrong and that's for sure
You made your choices, now you go

Wake up in the morning, I can't get out of bed
I'm haunted by the thoughts inside my head
I never lied to you
I did all that you wanted me to do
But I can't understand
Why you've thrown away what we had

[Chorus] (x2)

You say that I'm a dreamer, and dreams dont come true
When you put up that defense, I can't see through
I never lied to you
I did all that you wanted me to do
Makin' all the tricks
Remember I ain't nobody's fool


Hey, Love don't stay, ooohhh yeah
Love don't stay
Love don't stay, yeah..


I met her in a night club looking so obscene,
I never seen a woman move like her before,
I need it, could you believe it, is what she said.
If you wanna play, then come my way,
I’ll show you lots of things, you’ve never done before,
I swear, I declare, she took me by surprise.

She’s never satisfied, never satisfied,
I know cause I tried,
She’s never satisfied, she’s one of a kind,
She’s never satisfied, she’s got bites,
She’s never satisfied, never satisfied,
I know cause I tried.

So I went back to her trendy flat,
I didn’t know what I had let myself in for,
My oh my, it ain’t no lie she wanted more and more,
She said I got this fire its called desire,
You started the flames, now you must put them out for me,
Oh baby I ain’t lazy, but I’ve nothing left to give.

When she let me go I crawled back home,
The phone started ringing, it was her again,
‘Hey honey do you love me?’ is what she asked,
So come round tonight for another bite,
You can’t imagine how I felt, after the night I spent,
Oh baby, I can’ take anymore……..


We’re running out of time,
Destroying all that’s been built,
We’re running out of time,
Who, will, bear the guilt?
Running, running,
Running, running.

The world is hungry,
The way we’re going is dangerous,
They will deceive their nations,
And they’ll destroy all of man’s existence.

The gun is loaded,
But who will pull the trigger?
The hand is moving slowly,
Toward the final dawning.

Don’t meddle in creation,
The result is frightening,
The knowledge has been given,
But misused beyond all reasoning.


The bright lights shine on me,
I give to give and to receive,
Enter the Promised Land, watch my every move,
Oh, you should know that I’m in your hand.

Crazy nights, fever’s on, crazy night’s fevers strong,
Crazy nights, I know what you want,
Crazy nights, fever’s on, crazy night’s, fevers strong,
Crazy nights, fever’s on, crazy night’s,
You know what I want.

I wanna push you over the edge,
I wanna make you sit up and beg,
I wanna see, see you sweat,
Come on right now, show us what we’re gonna get.

After all, you came to the show,
So get an upper before you go,
And don’t dare hold it back,
Cause we don’t need nor want any of that.

Crazy nights, you’re a crazy love,
Crazy nights, how long can you rock?
Crazy nights, I see you walk in and shout,
Crazy nights, I wanna see you crawl out.


Hey mercy please, on my knees, Can you come around now?
Don’t delay, can you stay? Got things to talk about.
My love’s all gone, I’ve been wronged, can you help me?
As a friend, you always said, I’d meet a bad end.

Oh baby, I’m down and out again,
I’m so down, down down and out.

Saw an unaccompanied girl, such a girl as I’ve known before,
I took a risk, come to this, ain’t got no more love,
So anytime, I can’t find my peace of mind,
Who can I blame, I’m ashamed, nothing to my name.

I wanna see, I wanna feel some security,
Must make a start, change my part, in history,
You know the score, told me so, but we make mistakes,
I was paid for the ways that I carried on......


I walk the streets alone, memories turn out wrong God,
Looking for some answers, to all my questions,
Now fools don’t care about the blues,
So I’m told but I don’t know, if I drink too much,
It helps me forget my loneliness.

I’m just a lonely man, crying to be just a lonely man,
So long, so long, I’ve been lonely so long.

I always seem to lose and get refused, must face the truth,
I need somebody I can talk to and trust, I’m waiting, waiting,
For someone to come and make it right,
I don’t want sympathy,
And I’m so tired of myself you see.

Wish I could find some love, and affection, direction,
Not many chances have ever come my way,
Tell me is there a secret, to happiness that stops distress?
Why do things always change?
Why can’t anything stay the same?


So you think you can mess me around,
But I’m not going to stand for that, the things you say,
Don’t make any sense at all,
Have to take it, not leave it.

When the need arises, make a stand,
Not going to fall without a fight,
When the need arises, make a stand,
You got the right.

What I think don’t seem to have effect,
Deal the cards from now on, look at my watch,
Ticking my life away,
Much too precious to spoil.

I have caught you out so many times,
But it doesn’t change a thing,
Still you cheat and try to criticise,
It’s so disillusioning.

Yeah make a stand, stand up, stand up, make a stand,
You gotta make a stand, stand up and make a stand.


You know you love to fight, staying out all night,
There’s something wild in you, I can’t control,
In your leather and lace, no one can match your face,
Cause you were raised on rock, just like me.

Oh I love you, you don’t put up no disguise,
Must be the magic you supply,
Yes we love the game, and we’ll fade away,
Cause we were raised on rock.

No one pulls your strings, you do your own thing,
It’s the best way to live, fast and free,
You’re ready to explode, much too hot to hold,
Cause you were raised on rock, just like me.

Oh, your love is loud, country sister’s sound,
The way you strut your stuff, it’s so nice,
Got so much energy, you’re so special to me,
Cause you were raised on rock, just like me…….

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