Toxic Holocaust : Conjure and Command

Thrash Metal / USA
(2011 - Relapse Records)
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Conquer through ashes of nuclear flame
Unleashing a pest on the world
Manifest thoughts of devastation
The journeys about to unfold

Given power over a fourth of the earth
To kill with famine and plague
With nightmare slowness the seals are loosed
Judgement awaits your death

Violence is death without physical force
Twisting like knives in your spine
Colliding with fears of extermination
A pale horse beginning its ride

Rising out of the mist
Four horses approaching you
Breathing pestilent winds
Bringing their nuclear fire

The rivers turn to blood
We're gonna face the wrath
Predictions of our fate in books of the past
With just a single touch
The holy lands destroyed
Vengeance casted down

War among all the powers that rule
Spreading famine and plague
Broken seals unleashing their wrath
By the sword he will be slain

With the power of all the earth
Killing with famine and plague
Prophecy has sealed your fate
Judgement awaits your death


Steeped for nine days in the gloom of death
Eat the flesh of rotten dogs
Magic circle drawn around the grave
Midnight tolls

Come to me, show yourself
Oracle of the dead
From the grim gate of Hades
From the underworld you're led
We hear the baying growing louder
Hell hounds arrive in packs
Snakes swarm up from the soil
Spirits draped in black

Obscure vault with lighted torch
Chant the rites from my ancient book
Arcane knowledge only dead possess
Dread the howls

Goddess we're calling
Speak the rites
With the hell hounds by her side in the night
The dead will come back to life

By virtues of resurrection
And agonies of the damned
Answer my demands
You will obey these ceremonies
Come back to your shape
Or suffer everlasting
Rise up from your grave

Hecate we're calling you
An offering so pure
Mourning of spirits lost
Tribes of Dis

Force of chaos, cloaked in black
Arise the corpse up from the grave
Take a look, don't move your eyes
She appears

Hear the hiss growing loud
Flesh of infant skinned alive
One look at her will destroy your mind
Chant the rites


She appears from the dark as another victim dies
Spirits on the trinity, a shrieking virgin cries
Cryptic writings to raise 'em from the grave
Blasphemy is evident, her soul cannot be saved

Arcane knowledge handed down, unwritten and obscure
The coven prosecuted but no begging for remorse
One by one they're taken as the bell rings its chime
Blasphemy against the church was he only crime

Tie her up Start the fire
Burning in torment alive
For her crimes, for her sins
The bitch will be burned at the stake


Executed for her sins, sentenced by the church
Final rites recited as the fire begins to burn
Cursing all the holy men, the flames are growing higher
No fear in her eyes as the bitch dies by fire


At last the wounds have healed
But the scars forever show
Flashbacks of eastern lines
Point and fire
I am the enemy

All that remains
Of a barren world
With your dying breath
Fear our return

The thoughts race through my mind
Will I live or die?
Screaming Russia
We hear your call
Wall of soldiers lay
The snow becomes their graves
We carry on

Like rabid dogs of death
Tracking blood through the snow
Piercing thoughts now so clear
Place the blame
You are the enemy

Winters cold will feast on your heart
As the bullets are aiming to rip you apart
We take command and fight for our lives
Like a bunch of fucking dogs
Who turn on their masters

Winters cold will feast on your heart
As the bullets are burning and tearing apart
We take command and fight for our lives
We are the fucking dogs
Who turned on our masters!


He's just like a vulture
Like the wake awaiting its prey
Devoid of all feelings
Shrouded in black he remains
The insatiable hunger
For blood will never be quenched
Victims lie headless
Women and children are slain

The faster you run
The slower it seems to feel
He's catching up to you
He's there behind your back

Appearing so stable
But something in his mind just snapped
He turns into your nightmare
There's no chance of you fighting back

Personifying evil
The killer is loose on the streets
But you'd never know it
He could be you or me

There's nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
He'll take your life
Make, make no mistake
He on your track
Ready to strike

Look out!

He's coming for you!


Wind brings famine
Your lungs fill with dust
Serpent scales etch the ground
The phase it shifts
Leaves you all alone
The moon is burning
The city sleeps

Will his blood here take you down?
Through the dirt below
Deceiving eyes can erase your mind
Erase your soul

Born of lightning
Thunder and the rain
Once forgotten I release
My touch is sickness
For which there is no cure
My legions growing
The serpent reaps

On past the gates of sin
My legion brings the plagues
We raise our fists and arise...Hail Satan!
The sleeping city withers and depletes
Slow poison trickles down your throat


Storms are coming
Black clouds bring the curse
The virus seeps into your mind
Seething evil tells you to proceed

We are the left hand
We've bound the right


Predators rape the workings of your mind
In your sleep are dreams that you can't recall
Lethal dose to your sanity with lies

Replacing the thoughts that lived there before
Rewiring your senses
Rewriting the thoughts that appear
In the depths...of your mind

Restless nights
Growing fears appearing in your mind
Sinking further in the dark of mental hell
Erase your total history with lies

Relearning the past that they've taught before
Reprogram your thinking
The prey on your fears that appear
In the depths...of your mind

Information tearing out
Brainwashing with fear and lies
Like a fire you can't put out
Spreading inside you
Through like a plague

Copulations in a hidden cell
Electric dose makes you rise
Perversion uninitiated
Climax as the drug takes you high

You never knew, you never will
The planted thoughts that
Weren't in there before
Mind fucking your senses
Suggesting the thoughts that appear
In the depths...of your mind


On a path of destruction
Can we ever break out?
You tell yourself it's nothing
As your future comes down

If you fan the fire
You might burn alive
Maybe its addiction
And you won't survive the night

The overdose won't stop
The epidemic spreads

It's the fire
It's the lies
The deceivers writhing
Burning alive
It's the truth, never said
The thoughts are burning in your head

If history repeats
Then the lies are retold
The messenger of false hope
Fills the streets with blood

If you fan the fire
You might burn alive
Maybe its addiction
That you can't survive


It's the choice you make
It's the lives you break
It's your personal hell
That you can't escape


They say the end times are coming
The warning signs are clear
On our eve of destruction
Madness through chaos
As we approach the end
The scriptures are burning

Reveal to us just who you are
The prophets are screaming
"It's the end of the world"

You're feeling defenseless
As another psalm is read
You'll witness the rapture begin
First ones are taken
Lived without sin
Only some lives are sacred
To them

Fuck off!!!

In front of your eyes the lies burn away
As the wolves devour the lamb
Terror engulfs you as your mind begins to race
Lucifer's got you in his hand
The prophets are burning...There is no God!!


Death on the battlefield in a violent burst of hell
Shredded corpses lay beneath where friend and foe have fell
Heed our battle cry and kill until you're dead
The leaders high above are drinking what you've bled
Listen... we're coming after you
Attacking all your enemies and destroying what you knew
Flee, there's no more time to waste
Now our soldiers take command
Unholy desecration

Now, if you want a war
I'll give ya war
Sound the charge and let the war begin
Start it up

Invert what you have in faith,
We spit upon this world
Burn the homes of the priest
We will desecrate
Forward march into the fire
We'll battle till the end
Dealing in extremities
We will dominate
Bombs drop from the planes of hell,
We came here to destroy
Total annihilation
We will desecrate
Grip of evil across the land,
They sit upon their thrones
Its time to dig your graves
We will dominate

Burning the skies with a blast of light
Desecration the allies fight
Future is bleak as the battle unfolds
Victory strikes fear
Burning the skies with a blast of light
Desecration the allies fight
A fountain of blood where the leaders drink
They live by the sword as you die

Unite, march and kill
Attack, regroup, destroy

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