Toxic Holocaust : An Overdose of Death...

Thrash Metal / USA
(2008 - Relapse Records)
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Letting loose on the streets
On the prowl looking for meat
We're always out, out for you
Better watch out, we're coming for you

Evil's staring in your eyes
Your time is here
breaking out of our cage
Wa smell your fear

These fangs are sharp will tear your flesh
With matted coats and rotten breath
Demon dogs from the tomb
Torn right outta the bitch's womb

Evil's staring in your eyes
Your time is here
Breaking out of our cage
We smell your fear... smell your fear

Wild dogs are hunting, prepare we're on the attack
Rabid, unleashed and wicked we're on your tracks
Wild dogs are hunting the pack is on the loose
Die or kill now is your time to choose

Torn right through, through the devil's gate
And with one sharp bite
The blood runs down your face
Our thirst for your juices never will be quenched
And your pulmonary's pumping
Steady out through your neck

Don't cross our path, brains set to kill
Bred into violence, it's time to kill
No chains could hold us,
We couldn't be stopped

Mauling our victims until they all drop,
Until they all drop

We are the...
Wild Dogs, Wild Dogs, Wild Dogs
Wild Dogs, Wild Dogs, Wild Dogs


Hidden chamber beneath the Earth
Built with stone and very dark
Hiding lost atomic arms
From a war never fought
Malicious schemes, the Devil's own
Weapons under his control
Overlord splits the ground, aiming for the sky
A strike for the holy one, now it's time to die

Nuke the Cross

Wall of fire glowing bright
Lightning cracks across the sky
Warheads boiling to extremes
Religion is now history
Pit fiend in the hellish planes
Master of his domain
Sounds of the angels crying
heard throughout the night
A strike for the holy on now it's time to die

Nuke the cross

Your savior can't retaliate
Can't fight against this storm of hate
Brought on by years of lies
Cast right out from the skies
Using stockpiles made by man
Stronger than we can grasp

Missiles launched, encased in black
aiming for the sky
God can't defend this strike
Now's his time to die


See the sky open up, then turn crimson red
Judgement time is here tonight, all will soon be dead
Centuries past have warned about doom that has arrived
Armageddon upon the Earth, evil will arise
Unholy ones desecrate cause they gotta burn
Coming from the other side, here we now return
If there's a knocking from the coffin
then you better let us out
We rule through ultra-violence
and we are foaming at the mouth

Watch them die

This is the final Armageddon,
the final judgement day
See the false run and hide,
the weak will all be slayed
A massacre, a holocaust, total genocide
Face your fate like a man or choose suicide

Endless Armageddon
Endless Armageddon

Evil law desecrates the land once a whole
Swarming through the emptiness predicted long ago
Subject to a blazing light only to turn black
Armageddon here tonight, nothing's coming back

Endless Armageddon
Endless Armageddon

Symbols placed upon the Earth warning all of death
Inverted minds mediate channeling the pest
Demonic forces pulling through, all will go to Hell
Flashing light blinding all, time is standing still
Fire storming demigods, time is at its end
Molten power overloads, Hell s here again
Bestow upon the powerless excruciating pain
Vital blood, drained of life, all will die today


Turning out of a violent mind
Tearing out of a violent mind
It's these evil ways that will change our times
Militance to opposing thought
Weapons breaking through to change our times

It's gonna bring us down into the fire
It's gonna take us down, the future's ripping out
into the fire
It's a future shock!

Dominate through an iron fist
Can't ya clearly see that this world is lost
Fear controls, consuming everyone
Don't put your total fate in the one you're told to trust

Lies are coming out and now the fires
The fire's ripping through


Weapons technology increasing in force
It's killing for pleasure with no remorse
A man made machine built just for war
Now it's time to settle, to settle the score

Playing right into our hands
War game the final command

The missles are pointed and ready to launch
Total destruction cannot be stopped
With a push of the button - submit to death
Wipe them all out, no one is left


Experimentation you're sent to the lab
Caged and gearing the worst
Hundreds of victims preparing to die
Fearing what will come next
Led to the back, cuffed in a line
One at a time they're hooked
To a machine erasing their minds
New thoughts are planted in their heads

Drugged and tested you are the first to die
Second one up the electrodes begin to fry
Thoughts injected, a life you've never known
All in the name of science your mind is blown

Crossing the line of what's wrong or right
Human rodents locked in a cage
The needle goes in as the room goes black,
sedate and ready to start
Strapped to a chair as your life fades away
Draining everything you knew
Your body's alive, but it's not your mind
The final procedure goes through


Legions of evil preparing to fight
Kill the holy who come into sight
Axes do battle, march from Hell
Flames of evil attacking with spell

From the ground they rise, through the Earth
Raping the women who worship at church
Under Hell's command, He is death
Beheading the priest as he takes his last... breath

A million more lives, we will take
Collecting your souls, sealing your fate
Haunting the churches as you pray
Erasing your love and filling with hate

Black candles lit, chapels burned
Dancing in ashes, now it's your turn
Evil black legions we will take
Taking what's ours, it's our fate

As we kill and kill and kill and kill... March from Hell


Riot, fire, hysteria
Waiting vultures watch and shriek
Fear causes delirium, panic has reached it's peak
Violence and spreading disease
Witness to everything wicked, unholy, rotten, unclean
Worship a new God, he can't be seen

We worship the Gravelord - The fires burn bright
We worship the Gravelord – There's no end in sight

Now it's total disaster, present for pain
Punishments faster, when you're going insane

We worship the Gravelord – He'll take us to Hell
We worship the Gravelord – We're under his spell

We worship the Gravelord - The fires burn bright
We worship the Gravelord – He's coming tonight


War Is Hell
Hear the air raid sirens that warn you of your death
Close your eyes, say goodbye, and take your last breath
Turn this place to rubble, a city turns to ash
Nuclear fire will turn the sand to glass
Bombers bringing death with every fly ahead
Total fucking holocaust, everyone's dead
Death and destruction is all you'll ever know
Living in the ashes that you once called home

Scream out for mercy, hell can be seen
Scream out for freedom, wake me from this dream
Chaos runs rampant, the city burns in flames
No hope for us, and no one will be saved
War is hell, tanks secure the line
Bomber above, destroying all the time
Hear the air raid sirens that warn you of your death
Close your eyes, say goodbye, and take your last breath

War is fucking Hell


We've got the flame burnin' in our hands
We've got the atom's power at our command

Put a gun to your head
One pull you're dead
Out here we live and die by death

We've got the ultra-violent force
Take what we need without recourse

Overtake, overtake it all, The lord of the wasteland strikes

Still got the flame burnin' in our hands
Got an atom's power at our command


A burst of confusion rocks your mind
As the shadows from the warhead fills the sky
Endless rioting of the masses
as we heed Satan's call
as we fan the flames higher
and disintegrate you all.

The blood of the victims drench the walls
But every night they still fill the halls
Coming for the chaos to witness and partake
in the fight for their lives
and the wall of sonic hate.

Feedback, Blood, and Distortion

In the gutter we're fighting for our lives
Our metal weapons gleaming in the night
Your fate is in our hands
your funeral's just begun
as the weak are cast aside
and the soldiers are marching on

An overdose of death...


The future's here, the time is now
now it's time to strike (Time to strike)
We'll fight 'em off til the end or we're gonna die (Gonna Die)
Surrender now or pay the price, we're coming after you

Planes are bombing from the skies
and the tanks are pushing through

Waiting - This is the final hour
Hate - We're all gonna die
Destruction - A preplanned comission
Fate - Death is in our hands tonight

Here's the time to take control, now we gotta strike (Gotta strike)
Move ahead, conquer all, we're going out tonight (Out tonight)
Send the troops on the ground and bombers in the sky
Guarantee a violent end attack them by surprise

Waiting - This is the final hour
Hate - We're all gonna die
Destruction - A preplanned comission
Fate - There will be death from above

We'll push past the gates cause we're getting through
Slaughter and maim til our mission is through
Catch them off guard or until we have won
Bombers above, the bloodshed has only begun

On through the night we hear the call
The sirens are sounding as the victims they fall
A battle from Hell fought in the sky
Continue the fire until everyone dies


We arrived by the hundreds, a gang of the dead
Donning our weapons and cycles of steel
Deformed and demented and living in filth
Riding through cities lusting for death...yeah

Moonlight brightens the dark city streets
We are the hunted so fire at will
Surviving by chance, alive just by luck
We gotta move to see another day

Violence, destruction and hate
Where gangs are ruling the waste
You've entered the city of graves
Where one million couldn't be saved

Kill or Die

Dressed in all black to hide in the night
Looting and raping the law of the land
Fighting for water, food and for fuel
Better get tough, get strong or die

Apocalypse city still trapped in smoke
One million deaths gone in a flash
Buried in rubble, family and friends
Fallout and dust clouds bring death to all

Riding Through Filth

Corpses awakened, awakened by nukes
Atomic power that brings back the dead
Humans living with melted off skin
Features mutated and rotting off bone

Endless bodies brought back to life
A putrid display where no one could win
The future is bleak with no end in sight
The city's a bomb, everyone dies

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