Torture Killer : Phobia

Death Metal / Finland
(2013 - Dynamic Arts Records)
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The sun ha set, these pits are rat infested
No light, no hope - this will be slow and painful
Savage feeding - entire floor is moving
Cramping, twitching - eaten alive and screaming
Nothing haunts me, your death does not effect me
Watching, waiting - to see your life collapsing

Y am observing - impressive ways of dying
Killing... inflicting the most intense suffering
I am the revenge
I am the revenge

Am i so fucked in the head that the devil himself rejects?
Your will is law, thy will be done
Let me prove my essence among the human scum
I am the revenge
I am the revenge

I am so fucked in the head that the devil himself respects


Feel the weight of the coming pain
Anticipate... certain death awaits
Alow devour of corrosive fear
Sink down with the phobia
Endless paranoia

Echoing sounds, you shiver
Blinding dark, no vision
I can smell your weakness
Feel how i rule all your senses
Phobia, inside you
phobia, it owns you
In biting grip it holds you
Until i decide to kill you

Silence is now deafening
On your final footsteps, horror walks with me
Death will have no mercy, pain will be severe
In total fucking darkness, you'll die and scream in pain


Sermon... is about to begin
Come forth my children, infested human beings
Savior of souls and the healer of your wounds
Bloodstains and the bodies, predict His second coming


The judgment day begins, He forgives you all your sins
Now all this has a price, your soul to sacrifice
I command these knives, these saws and the flies
The stabs i now project, your heart has to accept

The hollow words of truth, i mock and abuse
For grace they came to me... instead they found defeat
The sermon is complete, your life now deceased
They failed to see the lies... just praised the lord and Died

Sermon... is about to begin
Come forth my children, infested human beings
Savior of souls and the healer of your wounds
Willing disciples, await his third arrival


Empty coffins await their occupants
You will be the next to pay the rent
A grave awaits your slow decay
You will rotten

The shadows
Take your soul away
The darkness grabs you from inside
For you now it doesn't exist

you are dead now
Dead now

Written in blood the dead await you
No escape your god can't save you
The coffin closes on your life regrets

You are dead now

Long before you came to be
And far beyond your memory
A torment that will never end

You will rotten
Written in blood

The coffin closes on your life regrets
Written in blood


In need for my fix of rapture
To bathe in heavenly pleasure
I fear for a human encounter
Someone's gonna get murdered

I hide all this in my conscious
In a rotting soul of temptations
A continuing fall into darkness
Every night i fucking see the
Faces of my victims

Their dying screams, distorted
I live my life in the vortex
Of dead human voices
the faces of my victime

I bring death to the masses
I'm the birth control of the insects
Overload of the helpless
Makes me want to fucking kill you
The pills i took - controlled it
I threw them away - don't need it

I love my life in the vortex
Of dead human voices

Compulsive murder worship
I chose death and i loved it... yes!
You fuckers are now my targets
So why even try to fight it?
I want to fucking kill you
I want to fucking hurt you

The less i try to resist it
The more i start to enjoy it
I want to fucking kill you
I want to fucking hurt you


Welcome my nightly demons, oh how i've waited thee
The voice inside says "kill the ones who sunk in travesty"
The ones without an honour - will have their suffering
The ones we doom with horror - will hear death marching

Time stands still
In the moment when i kill
the march of the dead
On a path that never ends
With pulverizing terror - we defend our cause
Through death and brutal murders - order is restored

I despise this world that is lost
Where weak reserve the right
To lose at all costs

What is your excuse? why is truth ignored?
To life-support the scum
To fall some fucking more!?

I despise this world and its fools
Now can this be right
When maggots set the rules?

I defy this shit we are in
Let the march
Of death


It's here...the prophecy of world collapsing
The final downfall of man
The stench of tolerance becomes unbearing the final stage is At hand
Regain control of history impending
I have a right to murder
The end will justify the means - believe me, i will be Forgiven...

Time for intervention, crucify the traitors
Forced elimination... your scream fades out when i nail your Coffin

Killing you will be the first step to right direction
Decisive will to eliminate, the traitors of this nation
Morals of false prophecy, brought us to this wasteland
In disgust what we've become, and you're the fucking reason!

Submitted and disgraced on a path you made us walking
The book of dying world you insist on writing
You are a pestilence, you are a fucking cancer
Your ways will sink us all and i can't let that happen




I hear... the dead
Voices inside my head
Return... again

Insomnia - no sleep
Voices are with me
And they scream unbearably

Murder - the only way
They need more blood with alarming rate
Thank god there's more to kill and rape
The only way they'll go away

Y dwell in my destiny
To live a life in lunacy
Murder... murder
Kill now or hear the... aaaaaaaaaaarrrggghh...


Something is wrong with me
Y see dreams i shouldn't see
Y get no rest or a silent night
Without a dead body by my side

Yet, i hail my legacy
To walk knee deep through depravity
Old school torture and sex
With bodies i now detest

My soul has been erased
Felt it crumble every day
Y call this a fair trade
The void of sounds will soon remain
The void of sounds will soon remain

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