Threat Signal : Under Reprisal

Metalcore / Canada
(2006 - Nuclear Blast)
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1. Rational Eyes

Pure resistance unborn to the fraudulent world
Face revision the spawn of hate
Forgiveness is distant now
Rising against the origin
I am only one
Scanning the surface with rational eyes
Driving deeper well reach our demise
This cannot go on

I can see this world is all alone
I wont be a victim
I can feel the end of all I've known

Our world will fall
In the end man will rise and kill all
I am understanding why, all these miles away
I'm not the enemy

2. As I Destruct

I embrace this pitiful race,
reaching out to a world of disgrace
I'm willing to sacrifice,
implosion of emotion never reaching prime

Burning inside the mind,
all these thoughts must unwind
Stirring close to the edge,
never reaching the end

I'm falling down,
forever in spite over you
Save me as i fall,
as i destruct

It's not to late,
to design and reveal a notion
It's not to late,
to indulge and find a solution

My silence,
won't heal the damage inside me
Fallen from grace,
I refuse to die with the answers

Time to go,
into the void, to the unknown
Time to go,
today will mark evolution

When all is lost,
I'll never end
Striving to live again

3. One Last Breath

Burn the bridges of the empire, the kingdom will fall
Infection of democracy
Bleed the weak and sew the eyes, of them all
My solace will not bring us down
Generations fall to the ground
The absence, the sorrow, ensue
Mind fucking the truth

Feel so far away
Burning on the inside
I am so cold
One Last Breath

Count the victims as they die, embed the thought in your mind
Regression of peace for all life
Man, the power, the drive, will decide
The violence will drag us down
As blood spills we fall to the ground
This world will never be a slave
We must embrace

Feel so far away
Burning on the inside
I am so cold
One Last Breath

It's time to rise

4. Seeing Red

Blind the eyes of humanity,
twisting the minds of this race
Living disgrace,
abomination driving everyone towards the hate

I am justified to unite with my own kind,
not to follow, not to prejudge
I decide who's real from what's revealed,
this shattered past can't conceal

For all the tears I've shed,
this one for you is red
It's so unreal

What will it take,
to repent your mistakes?
This war will be won,
we've only just begun

The blood has been shed and the rows
upon rows of the dead are unknown,
the victims who lie deep beneath us
at peace are not forgotten

For all the tears,
the tears I've shed
I'm bleeding and so should you

5. A New Beginning

Face down on the way to the end
I'm fighting to breathe, don't bury me
Consume our lives
Control our minds
Ive taken the strength that was left behind

I'm pulling deeper from within (deeper from within)
The answer bleeding through my skin
Serenity dies

If I could breathe again (if I could breathe again)
Id choose a new beginning (a new beginning)

Salvation will save us all
The lacerations will heal
Rise beyond the threshold
Surpass all obstructions
We will survive

I'm pulling deeper from within (deeper from within)
The answer bleeding through my skin
Serenity dies

If I could breathe again (if I could breathe again)
Id choose a new beginning (a new beginning)

I'm falling away from this artificial life
Omit treason passed upon the
My revelation
Beginning a new life

6. Counterbalance

I have embraced your innocence,
I've been cut through the flesh
and i can resist, building life again

Drawn back to the edge,
to the essence of my fear
With every ounce of strength,
I intend to survive this life

And we are shaped into a mold that we can't choose

Deception will bury us all, animosity
For the actions that kill all respect and desire

And we are hopeless now,
bring back the day
And we are hopeless now

I'm lost again
dead inside
Drowning without you now
lost again
Drowning without your love
dead inside
Dead inside your eyes
lost again
Dying without you

7. Inane

Impaled by the thorn, mechanical inane its your sacrifice
Rational thought evaded by false concept
Collapse and paralyze

I am turning the inside out, for the rest of duration

Penetrate to feel on the inside, grip of lust or love I cant decided
Tears thicken self-control overrides repressed
Release is dignified

I am turning the inside out, for the rest of duration

Fallen down to my knees
Bleeding violently over me
Silenced by words of hate
Laying motionless walking toward the light

8. Now

The face of the deceitful ones,
lies in the veins held inside
Slowly bleeding, impeding our lives,
until war has begun

Now it's time to display our aggression,
now it's time to explode

Now we build up a wall of retention,
now we hold our own

Seething all these words unsaid,
it's time to believe what's right
Open your eyes

They are the ones, the degradation
cheat, deceive and lie
Contrive the end of us all,
retribution is now, vengeance is now

They are the one's,
the degradation
Your time is now

9. Faceless

Dawn the face of a new generation,
the revision of life is here
Born into segregation,
second guess the existence of you

Falling into the hell below,
not understanding the reason why

Punish the weak,
to release all the hate inside
Thine eyes are so bleak,
your intentions seem to drive us in the ground

There's nothing left to breathe for,
this life was dead before it began
Now it's time to accept the end

Taken the life,
from the one that created you
Holding the knife,
unleash the rage that's been haunting you

Nothing seems to change,
your life has slipped away, fallen within

Silenced bound enslaved,
your locked away, rotting within

As time slips away,
the cage will rust
And life will go on,
as you fall to dust

10. Haunting

Aggression is burning,
it fuels my own obsessions
The blood drains out,
inspires my inspiration

I can't breathe,
I'm trapped in concrete
Close my eyes,
kill me in my sleep
I'm just a number to them

Erratic pulses surge,
my mind in tension
Bleeding incisions,
restrained into submission

The righteous are forced into exile,
I'm not alone

Reaching the end in this cage,
I can't hold on
All that was me,
I've come to be
Where I belong,
I am prepared to die

11. When All Is Said And Done

Break the chains and release me from this struggle,
I have the right to see freedom

Not like the rest,
so weak and powerless
I rise to face the day

Burn down my whole inspiration,
burn me into the ground
I will never surrender or silence

Bind to false ideals and never let them go,
fake words for the feeble minded

My path is strong,
we need to find redemption
Remove your face from the dirt

When all is said and done,
we are to blame
I search to find the answer,
but nothing seems to fit, I am disposed

With this shadow walking beside me,
I'm not alone
With all this weight on my shoulders,
dragging me down,
I'm not alone

Trusting life in the hands,
of the ravenous ones
breathing lies until the end,
the end of man
Raping the world from the inside,
killing us all
I vow to serve and protect myself from this mess
I vow with utmost intent, no lies
Drown the population with the revolting
gallons they have bled,
reap and pillage, find the truth and see how we've been misled

And this world we call our home,
will in turn decay
till the end of days

And we're blinded by the sun,
that consumes the day
till the end of me

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