The Monolith Deathcult : Trivmvirate

Atmospheric Death / Netherlands
(2008 - Twilight-Vertrieb)
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One million years ago
I travelled through the stars
Lost in the endless cosmos
The last one of a dying race
Prowling for a body to possess

I built temples, statues and pyramids
As monuments of my endless might
Colossal knowledge lays hidden in tablets and shrines
Protected by spells and incantations
Ritually entombed I heal
And I become stronger and stronger
Without the sarcophagus I die
Blasphemed, cast out and dethroned

Your history is not yours
I gave thee wisdom
I gave thee science and I delivered thee from bestiality
My name was carved in thousands of stones
And diurnally murmured in deadly incantations
Atlantis was built when you amoebas crawled through filth
(I am) Holiness Divine
(Your) Lord and Master
The Supreme God and Creator

The sacred altars erected for the Sun-God
Point at the sky as a tremendous beacon
The Heavengate was sealed and buried forever
deep beneath the surface of the earth
My name has sunk into oblivion
Thou art blinded by false gods with a ludicrous past of 2 millennia

When the Portal is disinterred
and the Door to Heaven is unsealed again
Then I shall return to restore my immense power
Thou shall be enslaved again

I am the temple builder
The supreme God and Creator
Builder of civilizations, eater of worlds
Worshipped as an alien god
Priests named me Amon-Ra, God-ruler or Viracocha
And treat me like Rex Ivdaeorvm with ultra-orthodox reverence
Honour my reign with sacrifice ad infinitum
For an intended endurance of 12.000 years

For thy blasphemy thou shall be punished
The Systemlords bring thee thy avengers
Your soul will be possessed and brutally mentally slaughtered
Resistance shall be butchered by Jackal-headed iron warriors
The demons nestled themselves in your bodies
While you stare in the red gleaming eye of the serpent mask
Falcon claws will slit your throat to pieces
Thou shall be enslaved again

Ritually entombed I heal
And I become stronger and stronger
Without the sarcophagus I die
Blasphemed, cast out and dethroned
I have lived for millions of years
I am the day of yesterday
I know the day of tomorrow
The Alpha and Omega
I am eternal

"Gurkha flew in his strong and fast Vimana. He threw between the three cities of the Vrishni's and the Andaka's one single projectile, that was loaded with all the power of the universe. A white glowing column of smoke and fire, as bright as 10.000 suns arose in all its splendour. This was the unprecedented weapon, the iron lightning, a giant messenger of death, that burnt the entire family of Vrishni's and Andaka's to ashes.
Then the Spirit lifted me up, and I heard behind me a loud rumbling sound -- May the glory of the LORD be praised in his dwelling place!- The sound of the wings of the living creatures brushing against each other and the sound of the wheels beside them, a loud rumbling sound
[Ezekiel 3: 12-14]
Then, we had a strange vision; burnt by the power of the weapon, even the shapes of the fallen could not be distinguished. For many days together, terrible storms raged and the hair and nails of man fell out. Pottery cracked without provocation. Disturbed birds circled in the air and became white and their legs burst and became red. Food became poisoned. To escape from this, the warriors threw themselves in the rivers to clean themselves and their pieces of equipment. When the destruction had ended, Yudistthira, king of the Kuru's was told about the power of the iron lightning and of the slaughtering of the Vrishni's."
Then the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah -- from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities -- and also the vegetation in the land. Early the next morning Abraham got up and returned to the place where he had stood before the LORD. He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace.
[Genesis 19: 24-28]


The Wrath of the Ba'ath has been upon us
The Tikrit clan have us in thrall
Beni el-Kalb, annihilate them
Scorch them with fire from the sky
Colour the Tigris scarlet
With their blood from Tyrus to Nineveh

Babel, Mother of Harlots
and all Abominations of the Earth
A metropole of incest where the fornicators rule
Bacchanal orgies drenched in cum undaunted by sodomy
The greatest whore of the ancient world shivers in ecstasy

Saddam Hussain, the Shepherd from Tikrit
Nurtured by 'the wise' Khairullah Tulfah
'Three Whom God Should Not Have Created:
Persians, Jews, and Flies'
Usurper of Babylon, butcher of Kurds
The self-proclaimed successor of Nebuchadnezzar

Surat An-anfal, the splendid death campaign
Ordered by the bloodline of imam al-Hussain
Chemical Ali, the megalomaniac,
Orders toxic gassing from Tyrus to Nineveh

Ali Hassan Al-Majid
Wants Kurdistan to be emptied
Genocide of populace
Wiping out the Kurdish race
Wah-da! Hurriya! Isht'rikaya! Halabja!
Topzawa holocaust
Mene, tekel, upharsin
Al-Anfal! Al-Majid! Al-Anraat! Al-Hatra!
Wrath of the Ba'ath
Wah-da! Hurriya! Isht'rikaya! Halabja!
Mene, mene, tekel upharsin

Wrath of the Ba'ath
The Wrath of the Ba'ath has been upon us
The Tikrit clan have us in thrall
Colour the Tigris scarlet
With their blood from Tyrus to Nineveh

'I saw their starved lips in the gloam
with horrid warning their still fuming mouths gapèd wide
And I awoke, and found me here
the sole survivor writhing on the cold hill's side'

'God hath numbered thy kingdom,
and brought it to an end
thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting
thy kingdom is divided,
and given to the Medes and Persians'
That night, the Babylonian empire was obliterated.
[Daniël 5:1-30]


'Das Hakenkreuz ist unsere Sonne,
der Sieg ist ein Gebot
Das Reich ist das Paradies auf Erden
und der Führer ist unser Gott
In der Schule lernen wir Geschichte,
die Geschichte unseres Volkes
Deutschland siegt an allen Fronten
und die Welt ist ganz wehrlos!!'

Immun für die Wahrheit, vorbereitet auf den Tod
Sie kämpfen für den Führer gegen die Armees aus dem Osten

'Die Unmenschen aus dem Osten sind die Feinde des Reiches
Und für die Lehre des Kommunismus bezahlt die Menschheit den höchsten Preis
Darum müssen wir sie ausradieren, die Jugend ist bereit!
Wir marschieren geradewegs nach Moskau, wir verhüten Weltsklaverei!'

Sie sind die 'letzte Hoffnung',
lagern in den Straßen von Berlin
Der Tod schleicht durch den Abendwind
und presst die Seele aus dem Kind
Wenn der Todesengel für sie kommt,
ist die Jugend bereit?
Mit den Händen um die Panzerfaust,
wollen sie sterben für das Reich?

'Die jämmerliche Armee marschiert sofort in Todes' Mund
Das letzte Zucken des Dritten Reiches hat sich entzünd
Kinderaugen starren in die Luft,
mit dem Brustkorb restlos verwüstet
Des Führer's letzte- und treueste Linie
liegt blutend auf dem Boden
Die Kinder marschieren reihenweise
zum Himmel, herzhaft so herzhaft
Sie haben ihr Blut gegeben
und betreten nun das Kinderreich'

'Wüster Stolz rast durch mein Leib wenn der Volksempfänger schreit...'

This track is based on the characters Inge & Peter from the 2004 German/Austrian film Der Untergang. The city of Berlin is heavily besieged in May 1945. As a desperate last resort, Hitler used his brainwashed army of children to 'resist' against the Bolshevik Russian Hordes. Kindertodeslied is written from the distorted point of view of 12-year old children, who, sickened by years of propaganda, still believed they were fighting for the 'Cause', and were helping to save their beloved (and by then hopelessly defeated) Third Reich.
'I saw Kaminski's men removing entire cartloads of stolen jewellery, gold watches, and precious stones. The capture of a liquor supply was more important for the brigade than the seizure of a position commanding the same street.'
[SS General Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski]


Waffen-Sturm-Brigade RONA
Filled up with criminal prison inmates
Political prisoners, traitors and faggots
To defend the newborn Republic of Lokot
Dissidents, criminals, thieves and violators
A murderous phenomenon behind enemy lines
Anti-Soviet, pro-German death squads
Ambushed in the woods of Bryansk

Partisan liers-in-wait
Dressed in bloodstained White Army uniforms
Anti-Soviet, pro-German Werewolves
Assembled before the gates of Warsaw
Warsaw's Jews, Gypsies and retards
Prepare yourself for death and horror
The Kaminski Brigade enters the perimeter
And waits for the command to lay your city in ruins

As worms they let you crawl
before they suck the life-warmth out of thy bodies
Thy bones, splintered and broken
will be the mortar of their monuments
Warsaw's clocks of doom are ticking
The Master of the Bryansk Forests will splinter thy spirits
And smother thy rebellion in blood

The clocks of doom are ticking
The knell of doom will toll

'We shall not be slaves!
To the fight with the enemy we are ready day and night.
Through clouds and flames our peoples' flag
we shall with a strong hand carry
Who believes, who dares, whose blood is inflamed
who has not forgotten oppression and shame
those are tied together with great revenge
for the ashes of our family's graves'
[RONA Anthem]

The Brigades marched to Warsaw
to break the Polish nation's spirit
Der Führer hath passed judgement upon thee
Poland will be steamrollered again
between Gog and Barbarossa
The insidious Stalin turned his back on thee
'Der Größter Feldherr Aller Zeiten'
commands thy annihilation
His 54th birthday announced thy doom

Thou must die and thou shalt die
Thou must be wiped out
Warsaw must be erased from the books of history
Tongues will be ripped out of those who speak about thee
Hands will be amputated of those who write about thee
Thy reign of rebellion endeth here
The ideologies of a Great Poland are infertile
Thy civilization is eradicated, never existed
Extirpated, uprooted, totally destroyed

The clocks of doom are ticking
The knell of doom will toll

"The 1st Regiment Kaminski ... has drunken itself by way of the Reichstrasse up to the Machorka Factory"
[The German Eighth Army war diary]

The Kaminski Brigade started anti-partisan operations in cooperation with the Germans, but along with the Dirlewanger Brigade (mentioned on The White Crematorium: Army of the Despised) both brigades are among the most infamous for their role during the Warsaw uprising. The atrocious behaviour of the brigade during this uprising was horrendous. Even people like the far from gentle East Front occupier Reichskommissar Wilhelm Kube attempted everything in their power to cleanse both brigades from 'his' territory. There are many sources who claim that even the most hardened SS-men were embarrassed and sickened by the inhuman deeds of the brigades, and that these brigades were a blot even on the bloodied history pages of the SS.

Bronislaw Kaminski was commander of the brigade. Through his recruitment and draft he raised the ranks of the brigade, which consist of deserters, homosexuals, dissidents, political prisoners, criminals and violators, to 20,000 men to combat the Soviet partisans who were counterattacking from the forests of Bryansk. The Soviet partisans nicknamed him "the master of the Bryansk forests".

5. M.M.F.D.

'During the first Gulf War, the USAF and the RAF had the same maps and
communication was very informal. On a training mission a Tornado was
asked whether it had reached a certain point, when the British pilot
replied that he was still over MMFD. As time went by many American
pilots heard the location repeated and looked desperately on their maps
but couldn't find the area designated MMFD. They thought it could be the
KKMC for King Khaled Military City or the KFC for Kentucky Fried Chicken
but all was permanently discounted. Eventually through a Brit pilot they
came to know that MMFD stood for "miles and miles of fucking desert'.
[Adapted from Frederick Forsyth's The Fist of God]


Shrovetide is violated by heathens.
Nefarious splurges of sin.
Persuasion is trembling with fever
and became a mantra of occult tongues.
Mankind enclasped Doom.
He turned his back on God.
Virtue became ultra-decadence.
We are all libertines of the damned.

A Fidei Defensor arises,
flogged and whipped from head to foot.
The body cleansed by self-flagellation,
supressed the lust of flesh and blood.

Night after night grim voices shriek
in portentous horror dreams,
even though his room was locked,
but a Seraph comes unseen.
The bloodstained walls surround him,
icons made of Calvary wounds.
Dreams of riddance were shattered in sin,
ill-fated to avert doom.

Let me embrace my fate which was adrift and hung.
I will be again the apple of his eye.
Take me from among the doomed Laodiceans
whose defamation thrilled the seething skies.

The man started to cry, hands held to the sky,
and expected to be purified in flames.
But the Angel smiled and took the Book
and commanded his holy mandate.

"The Lord foresees thy mother's advent
into the ranks of Paradise.
So spare him grief and deep distress
and take her worthless life.
But shall she be refined in Thine holy light?
Her spirit will shine will thousand suns.
Condone my doubt, but who am I?
The haranguing priest of the newborn Herod king.

The Fallen Seraph lowered his radiant mask
and showed the man the countenance of the fallen Morningstar.

Night after night his skin was flogged.
Damn those recurrent dreams.
Desperately flogging for relief
while murmuring blasphemies.
The bloodstained walls surround him,
icons made of Calvary wounds.
Dreams of riddance were shattered in sin,
ill-fated to avert doom.

Let me embrace my fate which was adrift and hung.
I will be again the apple of his eye.
Take me from among the doomed Laodiceans
whose defamation thrilled the seething skies.

"Christ, enthroned in highest heavens,
hear me crying from the deep,
for the fateful ones departed,
for the souls in a Laodicean sleep.
King of Glory, hear my voice.
Grant thy Faithful rest, I pray.
I have sinned, and may not bide it,
if you mark my steps astray.
She is Thine, O take her quickly.
Thou art her hope, O raise her high.
Ever hoping, ever trusting,
unto Thee I strive and cry.
Let them through thy boundless mercy
from all evil be restored.
Hearken to the voices pleading
of Thy Church, O gracious Lord!"

The Fallen Seraph lowered his radiant mask
and showed the man the countenance of the fallen Morningstar.
The man seemed stricken by a thousand bludgeons.
Penetrating just-healed wounds as foreplay for the storm.

"So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold,
I will spew thee out of my mouth."
[Revelations 3:16]


The great Persian serpent lies in wait
Let us face his army of immortals
We shall butcher those hunters of men's souls
and crush their nimbus of immortality
An anabis against the son of Darius
whose slave-army arrived on the beaches of Thermopylae
To extort earth and water
and treat us with perversity and death
Wretched is their Persian culture of shame and triviality
We shall never bow for the self-proclaimed Demigod
Let us butcher the legions of slaves and sorcerers
Wave after wave will shatter on our shields
Their steps slower, their breaths quicker
Detracted their morale, pile the dead high!
Our spears and swords shall pierce their armour
Cut their carotids! Break their spirits!
Down with the God-King Xerxes

A beast is approaching us
Its magnitude will blot out the son
We shall drink Persian blood
And find our glory in the final arrow hail
We blaspheme the tyrant
Earth and water
Under the banner of Hercules
For the eternal glory of Sparta
Death to the Persian invaders!

"300 is a United States attempt to humiliate Iran in order to compensate for its wrongdoings in order to provoke American soldiers and warmongers."
[Javad Shamghadri, cultural adviser to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad]

"300 is serving the policy of the US leadership and predicted it will prompt a wave of protest in the world... Iranians living in the U.S. and Europe will not be indifferent about this obvious insult."
[Hamshahri - Iran's biggest circulation newspaper]
Lines on the loss of the 'Kursk'


Sleep, oh Majesty surrounded by massive darkness
Her skin torn apart by sub-zero claws
Buried deep in thy ice dungeon
Sleep, oh Majesty, Lonely Queen of the North

'Eternal Father, strong to save
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who biddest the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!'
[The Navy Hymn]

The huntress from the land of Magog
manacles on her seabed
Mauled in the deep she waits
for the Czar of Mesech and Tubal
The blood of the 118 drips
from her glowering gaping mouth
She patiently bears suffering in the Barents abyss

'Eternal Father, strong to save...

K-141 headed north for a Russian naval victory
Armed with 24 "Granit"
she prowls through the Barents Sea
118 hearts beat as one when Kursk submerges
from the mighty ocean depths
She is the bride of Gog, a post-Soviet Czarina
The Czardom's silver bow,
CzArtemis leads a fleet in bloom

Drunk with exuberance she arrogates the briny deep
Invulnerable became funereal
after insubordination and sabotage!
A deathly blow from within, the assassin assassinated
Now 117 men must die for
Der Dolchstoss of one Judas Ephialtes

In a solitude of the sea
Deep from human vanity,
And the Pride of Life that planned her,
stilly couches she.

Steel chambers, late the pyres
Of her salamandrine fires,
Cold currents thrid, and turn
to rhythmic tidal lyres.

Till the Spinner of the Years
Said 'Now!' And each one hears,
And consummation comes,
and jars two hemispheres.

Over the missiles meant
To smite the opponent
The sea-worm crawls
grotesque, slimed,
dumb, (and) indifferent.

And now the Queen and Antaeus lie dead
The twain forever converged on the seabed

'Eternal Father, strong to save...

"Curse the sun, and all that's holy
Turn back, I dwell around
Come to me, as a shadow
Engrave the sun, with the blackest moon (shadow)"

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