The Holly Springs Disaster : Motion Sickness Love

Metalcore / Canada
(2007 - Underground Operations)


1. I Am...


2. Up In Smoke

So let me introduce myself,
I'm a mess, master of success out of dirt,
Under skirts, tell your girl, 'cause we're taking you out On the town, and you ain't ever coming back.

I am rock and roll!

The son of sex and drugs,
'cause it's your daughter that I want,
And it's the sex and not the love, so come on.
So now I made my choice, can't ever take it back.
So I packed up all my things, I'm moving to the West,
So that some day I can just sleep in my own bed,
Without all your smoke rings wrapping around my head.

So now I'm climbing this mountain to see what I thought That I smelled from the sea.

Don't blow, smoke rings to the West,
so I can rest my head.
Don't blow, your smoke.
Don't blow, your smoke.


So now I climb that mountain,
To see what I could see,
But all I saw was a pretty young girl
Sitting on her knees she's saying,
"Come on cowboy don't you back down,
You got a pistol and bullet with my name",
So I'm a cowboy never back down,
I got a pistol and bullet with your name,
"Come on cowboy don't you back down,
You got a pistol and bullet with my name."

3. I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills

Oh my God, have you seen my medicine?
I need it to keep my head upon these shoulders,
and keep the beast inside at bay,
Keep the beast inside at bay.
There is love, but I like fucking.
There a drugs, if I am lucky.
And a mother's arms, extend like
The track marks from your brother's arms,
And they pour it out, into these bottles of addictions,
And roaches that form in the palm of your little baby boy,
You cover up the killings,
And you, cover up the killings.

This is a battle with the bottle and I'm losing it,
I am losing it.

4. Showdown

Now she's doing the two step,
With substance,
Slow quick quick slow.
Now that's shes caught with pants around her ankles with Bloodshot eyes, red parting lips.
With bloodshot eyes,
And red parting lips.
I'm dressed in a fashion of a gentlemen,
And she's in a fashion of a prostitute.
If I can give what she needs,
So she can lie in my bed, and she'll taste my fuckin' lips,
Without tasting last nights fling.
And she will shed virgin skin,
Without feeling like a whore.
Take these burdens from your chest,
Take some time to clean up this mess,
There's life on the other side of the bed,
But it's lonely in this world without a stranger in your bed

5. My Pet Monster

There are cherries,
Ripe for the picking.
America's losing,
Meth recipes cooking.

Oh excuse me miss, can I buy you a drink?
Just don't mind the bitter after taste.
Oh no, the joke's on you, you're now infected with The Dirty South Plague.

Fathers grab your daughters,
'Cause the boys are back in town.

Wake up, let's stop, I just want to go home.
And I've been sick for the last six months,
12 days been up, just the monster and me.
And I just want you to get some sleep.

Wake up. Don't go. Monster, don't go.

6. I D.A.R.E David Bowie To Drive Drunk

Why are all my teeth on the floor,
I can't pick it up, without picking you up.
So now I'm asking that fine young debutant
And the man in the mirror exactly
What the fuck I did with my keys last night.
Whoa, I'm so fucked up,
I can't feel my lungs,
So I'm filling you up,
With motion sickness love.

Like a lazy fuck, who can't get off her back,
You got to get on top to keep me coming back.
So now I'm asking that fine young debutant,
One last time,
Exactly what the fuck I did with my keys, last night.
So I'm filling you up,
With motion sickness love,
I'm filling you up,
With motion sickness love.

I should have thought you out,
Before I took of your clothes,
So I'll just fill your throat.

7. Absolut Balderdash

There was I time when I felt fine with consistency,
But now all I'm fine with is you
And those legs in the dress that I see.
A pack of cougars,
A man of holiness take the front row,
I pick a spot in the middle,
My hand on my pistol,
My eyes on the door.
Everybody raise their glass,
We're getting fucked up tonight,
That's right.
Death of a harvest,
Winter's nights are hardest,
That's when I see her voice again.
She hides in the cellar,
A Goddamn coward I say,
See light, you coward,
See light, see day.

Oh shit.

I feel myself falling again,
When I begin to frost.
Oh shit.
I pick a spot in the middle,
My hand on my pistol,
My eyes on the door.

Turn out the lights,
See which one fits right.
I am the chosen one,
You're trembling at the sight of the snake.
You are the servant, sucking on the tongue of the serpent.

8. A Nice Night For A Neck Injury (Suck Brick Kid)

I've got a guilty conscience,
And a fresh tasting mouth.
Well I've got a filthy closet,
And a dangerous sense of style.
I have uncovered a new gem, in a bed of rocks.
And I've uncovered a new gem,
And learned a new way of polishing.
Could be set in a wedding band,
Or placed in that necklace around your neck.
I swear I have seen that place before.
It hangs around your neck,
I know this isn't set in stone.

Whoa, darling. My sweet darling.
Whoa, darling, you know I'm best at fucking you up.
Let the words roll,
From the back of your throat.
Well the world moves so fast,
Yet I move so slow.
I just want my movements back.
Feel these words, come undone.
I feel the world away, to be safe.
With your walls, stretched around,
Feel the words release from your throat.

Let the words roll, from the back of your throat.
Let them hit the floor.
Pick them up, use them once more.

And lastly, I know that you tend to not agree.
But that's fine with me (the liar).
Love can't be purchased, I am the buyer.

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