The End (CAN) : Within Dividia

Hardcore / Canada
(2004 - Relapse Records)
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And with these walls we will never need the sun.
These knots are eyes and every stain's an effigy.
To never be shown in the open world.
These walls have no voice, they only rot.
And every faded smear's an epitaph.
They were loving once,
Only to be killed and rebuilt by human hands.
And made mildew with memories.
But the grain makes shapes.
Oh so clearly.
And we can see it.
With the faces of our history.
The only things that are truly ours are enclosures
With locked doors.
These walls are just like bars and words
Constructs to be worshipped as such.
Our house.
And with these walls we will never need the sun, or time
They are too sublime


Infertile wet soil's where it begins.
Mud and skin.
Blessed scavengers foraging through the thing once fetal,
But not dead.
The messengers are maggots, meat on their lips
Roots through throat, mouth and eyes
Growth tears through the organic mass.
Fauna is fucking flora in the open wide.
The oubliette, separation, abandonment.
Those are true death.
Stalk against stake will be reaped.
It bears the seed of those to be freed.
So suck and swallow it, wash it down with green fluid
That aftertast is life.
So soft to the touch,
In the afterbirth they fell in upon themselves.
When absence takes the young away, don't just stop
Use what's left to rebuild from the ground up,
And it will be. Inside those proteins.
A renewed life being released
With bile's ease from the germinated seed.
We reaped and fed.
Ingesting them and then loved and bred,
Remade them in out image.
Then dug holes that hid all our secrets




Brother! Sister!
There is sin in sincerity
But our goal is clear.
Warm me with the touch of your flesh
We are divine.
We can't be torn apart by any means
The ladder binds us to each other.
Breathe in an expectant gasp.
Exhale me into you.
The Ladder must Grow On.
To truly love is to love one's own self.
To love your own is the path to righteousness.
Can you smell it?
The scene is ripe with the scent,
The scent of incest sweet and wet.
It's in every pore of yours.
We are nothing more than the creators of beings so pure
Will into being the cause of our ancestry.
I will carry it away


The foundation of our upbringing was her heart beating
Within vessels lies the fluid.
I know it tastes like mine does.
Epidermal layer, porcelain.
Paper thin, but it holds her in the inside light.
The length of her lungs could be measured by a breath.
By a breathless moan, her whisper.
Her marrow matter means everything
We sipped her sweat through the floorboards, every drop
Down there.
The warmest den.
The pinkest lips on the hair thin slit of
A hollow shell that held it all.
She's a miracle


Had we known then what we know now you would be alive
Forgive us, it felt like a prison to lead
Predestined lives without a choice.
If you could see her now you would be so proud.
Is it murder?
Dear Martyr,
You brought your own demise.
Things were better without questions.
Only your answers to guide us.
Fallen are the great ones.
You fell fucking far.
Killing you sooner, would have been better.
Dear departed, feasting on faith's fat was comforting.
The yoke's released.
The blindfold's drawn.
No, please don't do it.
Please don't kill me.
Those were your last words.
You said follow me.
You said trust in me but you never said you'd live


The Bloodline Is The Straightest.
Pure As Lies.
We Refine, Filter.
Our Kind.
Is that not Civilized?


The outside world has its own open sores by our mores.
To be sanitized.
Filthy! Unclean!
What do they fear?
This is their evil this year.
Why do they fear?
The clearly defined "Bad guys."
Follow whomever you believe and raise a torch to our family,
The blinded mind and eye is their disease.
We are more in death then they'll ever be.
They will all follow suit and execute
A sentence of death for malicious fools.
You will not bend but break our wills.
The smell of burning blood
And still the ladder clung together, around one.
The embodiment of the pure, but yet she burned.
The demiurge.
Her breath never wavered,
Heart never faltered until the last.
Beware the hands of fear.
We were the light they could not see.
But where the bloodline ends is where you begin.
You, the enlightened.

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