The Destiny Program : The Tracy Chapter

Metalcore / Germany
(2004 - Lifeforce Records)



Loved without any condition only to have this heart ripped out.
With every hope comes more fear.
All that's given was taken away.
You turned your back come after I opened up my heart to you.
Loved with all certainty just to find a place in your heart. Left to watch my world fall apart in your hands.
Left to watch my life perish inside your heart.
But watch if you missed this life to love.
But what if you missed this love to live.


The fragments of your dreams now a part of us.
How does it feel when I touch your heart.
Hold this moment.
All I am I gave. All I have I spent.
I'm lost inside of you.
Are you longing for these words: Kiss me.
Do you miss those moments.
Tight holding arms around me.
Beginning the day out of connected dreams.
I take this last breath to relive.


Why do your eyes shun me.
And why does your presence paralyse me.
Why don't you look back on those days.
Losing myself inside my heart you die with me.
And with the pain of longing the flower of passion has withered.
The search for sensuality lost in disappointment.
Fallen because of worries and caught by depressions.
Despair is my companion.
The heardsman of my suffering.
And here are some words for you.
I don't want to love you anymore.
I search my heart hoping not to find you.
Love just a satisfying word.
Just a lie.
These moments will pass bye.


You spoke of it in your letters.
Asking for it in return.
Another memory dies for you.
Another life fades within you.
I miss the comfort of being sad.
Do you still write both names on your paper. Not forgetting the last.
Your hands on my chest.
A gesture of solidarity.
Clear skies don't comply with my graditude.
These words don't make sense to you anyway.
Broken pieces of existence cut my eyes.
Pictures of our days pave my way.
Can you hold this memory in our embrance.


I'm just a word in your verse.
My longing that hides behind my thoughts breaks me.
I only live in your poem as written in grief.
I'm just a memory.
Another forgotten.
Left to tears.
To go through this moments never again.
You made me feel this way
Without your embrace I'm left to loneliness.
Forgotten in cold.
Why don't your eyes fill me with warmth anymore.
Heartlessness between us.
Memories crashing against my heart.
Could I have my kisses back from you.
Your distance will never end.
To look at you makes me feel this way.
My memories will die 'cause you're no longer within me.
Love is my death.


Tasting your lips with every kiss.
Smelling your scent on your neck.
Holding you in my arms.
Every moment with you is written upon the tablet of my heart.
Washing to live this life again and forever.
All memories are eternally burning pictures within my
Every day I'm still beside you.
Living in memories.
Dreaming my life away.
Thrust our hearts.
You and me together against the world.
Losing myself on you.
Losing you.
Losing so much more than just a part of me.
Memorable beauty gives birth to my pain.
My world is broken.
Life is gone.


Rain falls on my face as your tears touch my heart.
You are so beautiful when I look into your drowning clear eyes and tears touch your cheeks.
I'm waiting for a better day.
A place to find for you and me.
Back to days of embrace.
Your hand in mine.
I need you around me.
Your words run right through me as they did times before. Maybe it's time to say goodbye.
But I want to thank you.
Angels left me as death kissed my heart.
I miss you.
Always and forever in my heart.


I'm sitting here all alone writing about my past.
The forever I shared with you which wasn't forever.
Apart from you your touch grows within me.
Your feelings are to far away.
Wishes that are searching for you will never find you.
I feel so cold I sink into the dreams of my heart.
My love bleeds for you no longer.
With a cry you died inside of me.
And that's my only memory of you.
With the embrace of beauty my heart stopped


A knife cuts my life.
The symbol of the end.
Tears of blood escape from your eyes.
Thought your wish so perfect and yet so weak.
Every breath contains exhaution.
So fast and so quick you threw away goodbye.
This heart bleeds for every tear you cried.
For every day of unrequited love.
Another day passes by.
One more day without you.
I give you my life for the last goodbye.
A waiting for death.
End this new beginning.


In a moment full of admiration I heart your lovely voice.
I think back and my heart was full of sad astonishment.
Your glance will live eternally is my memories.
The wish to pick up the past conquers despair.
And your wistful eyes strengthen my hope to be a part of your thoughts.
And your words left their marks into the sand and were swallowed the ocean.
And I try to hear them.
To feel them and put them back into your heart.
The picture set by the sun begins to fade but the seperation of these days is our bond.
And with the sound of beauty I became silent.
And with these sounds a wave of relief flows through me hitting ma heart.
From there my power of my love arises.
But this source was buried by your pain.
The feeling of having tears on my cheeks sets my pain free.
Tears of my suffering which mean nothing to you.
Feelings don't reach your heart anymore .
Pictures in my heart that are painted like you.
Every day a part in me dies but my wounded heart will not break.
To live a love that takes your life.
Alone drowned in thoughts I devote myself to the memories.


Seized by your smile with your voice as beautiful.
When you call my name I watch myself dying.
So kill me.
The beautiful tatste of death lingers upon your lips.
I hear you name every single day.
Your face in my mind.
We're sharing words with each other.
Feeling my heart drumming its final beat.
Relive me with the assurance of our emotion.
Every part of me within you has passed by.
Living on the other line.
Dead to you.
Preserving what you adored.
Still carrying a picture of you with me.


Is red still the color that painted us.
Is life still able to find us.
Thanks for being you.

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