The Beyond (ITA) : Decaying Death

Death Metal / Italy
(2013 - Self-Released)
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Look at the light of judgement day
Your skin is burning, while you pray
No time to hate your useless life
A deep fear is eating you from inside
The abyss of apathy
Manipulates reality
The flames of decay
Will cure every pathology
Annihilation through thuggery and submission
Will drag you in a labyrinth of hopeless desolation
The absurd dance of a blind god
Mutilates your empty destiny
The voice that dies inside your mind
Is the messenger of insanity
Chaos rules this world in silence
Showing its palace of appearance
The echo of you shame
Is the proof of your misery
Annihilation through thuggery and submission
Will drag you in a labyrinth of hopeless desolation
The apostles of nihilism
Lead the legions of the sick
The prophet of devastation
Announces the birth of a new race
No more morality
No more humanity
A new world will rise
From the decaying death


In the wretched dives
Of the nocturnal ways
There is a guilty young man
Who’s living his empty days
He has killed two women
They had no time to scream
When the blade of the axe
Ripped their cold skin
The first victim was
The vampire of usury
She had no excuses
She exploited the poverty
But the second was only
An innocent girl
Who saw too much
To remain in this world
Nobody knew his fault
The assassin was innocent
Nobody could lynch him
But the crime was violent
The killer will never sleep
Beneath the eternal curse
Above him the obsession
Of a corrosive remorse
Crime and Punishment
The victims are screaming
In silence


I will peel the skin from your infected body
To satisfy the bloodlust of my depraved god
I will extirpate every trace of humanity
‘Till the last drop of your impure blood
You will beseech me again
But I just can’t let you die
Suffer for the last time!
Live once again your death
I’m gouging out your eyes
I’m enjoying your demise
Prepare your weak arms for the mutilation
I’ll kill your pride with a facial disfigurement
I’ll rip your guts after the evisceration
Waiting the show of your dismemberment
I want to hear your screams
I want to drink your tears
I want to live your end
You have no dignity
I’m not the enemy
But only the executioner
I’m the sadistic side of God – a humble servant
I’d like to kill you again – for my pleasure
But you can’t understand – my holy mission
And you will be – tortured ‘till redemption


They feed on illusions, devouring the brains
They infect desires, biting the veins
Their blood is a flow of running money
They are the makers of mass lobotomy
Nobody can see them, they wrested our eyes
And secretly they plan for global demise
They confine our life in an antic vortex
And carve with a knife the cerebral cortex
They used our guts
To feed their loyal slaves
And then enslaved us
To dig our graves
They eat the innards
To steal the consciousness
And invocate God
To get drunk of emptiness
They laugh while we dance on a carpet of burning snakes
And we try to escape
But they hammered our bleeding knees
They have fun when we eat other people to survive
And we seems stupid beasts,
Shapeless flesh, dried under the sun
The mass lobotomy is now complete
The global demise is a nightmare made flesh

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