Textures : Polars

Progressive Metal / Netherlands
(2004 - Listenable Records)
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Perhaps another day is what it needs to regenerate.
Twisted mind broken down, can't tell a heart what it should feel .
Keep the agony locked inside.
Have faith to hang on strong .
My mind doesn't trust mechanics.
Every part of me was fitted wrong.

Nothing that was ever built.
Troubled minds aren't meant to last.
A downfall of my sane thoughts.
Only anger had survived .

So much fury locked away.

The biggest part of me was only about you.
Unable to fix or fill this hole, user's manual has been erased .

A spare part I had forgotten.
So much fury I locked away .
This mechanic couldn't handle all this hatred in one place .

Pilot on automatic.
Nothing worse than a blind man's walk.
A constant painflow,
Severed head from heart.

Here is where the banished dwell, lying broken in the dust.
No tool known to man to fix the way I feel.

Image imprint reflects: stained steel waterfall.
They can't reach me. No salvation!
No hope left, for the answer I found denying takes me one step closer,
sending this body down to earth .
Hit the concrete. Facing concrete.
Swandive from above.
The biggest part of me lying scattered on the asphalt.
No one I ever told.
From heaven I descend...

So much fury, locked away.
Fix the way i feel stronger.


Satisfied with life.
Grown integrity flourished.
Dreaming as the days go by.
Fading as the voices cry.

Impregnable conscience.

Memories I recall today, the time to come clears them away.
The striving goes on.
I remain untouched, parted from all constraint.

Still it haunts me phantom-wise.
Echoes fade and memories die by the hand that grasped away a once presupposed life.

Dreams burn in the void.
From man, to machine, to victim.
Parted by force.

Dark clouds cast over the frontline .
Blood taints the sand .
Fragments & chaotic views roam through the trenches.
Is this reality?
Ear-clenching noise above .
Recollections make way for the encompassing fall of darkness..


Young man, strifed for life, for nothing but his own.
A silent speaker .
An open mind .
An intense dreamer, though so confined .

Derogating more and more.
Investigating, continuously, the power of individual strength .

but his passion swept him away, off to the farthest shore

Tasted the sweet warmth of love only once or twice .
He did realize, rebirth of these passionate emotions, could not be experienced one more time .

He firmly, and stubborn to himself, continued his strife .
He never knew what got him.
But his life was bound to dim .

Not like then...
It would never be the same...

Drowned in his own darkness, until the light goes out .
It`s hard to say, but it is better this way.


So much pressure around me.
Become a shadow of whom I wish I`d be.
Part of what remained inside, now feels lost .
A vision entrapped in pain .

A face without expression, relentless and remorseful.
Blaming all but himself for falling in despair .

I decided to turn my back.
Try a different approach.
Since everything that`s touched is bound to turn to dust .

Recommend no further trial.
Not a glimpse of should have been.
Only the promised years to come,
and with that my transgression will come to an end .

So little movement within me.
A shadow I've become.
Fall out, now all is lost .
It`s clear I'm incomplete .

A face portraits depression , emotionless but thankful features that show:
when one loses, there is everything to gain .
Free fall!

Failure above me circulates!

Dented pride encouraged and my broken spirit leads the way .
Deterred comprehension.
I tend to give up more and more each day.


Concrete blocks the horizon.
Dark clouds ascend.
Shadows all around.
All sight is lost .
This thick obstruction, yet limitless is the gaze.
Grey stares, watching while climbed, collapse!

Faces tell stories.
It won't be long now.
Rebirth close to grips.

Upon realising the state of self-being, primitive reactions converge in perfect unison.
This long lost shelter built.
Deserted, it`s functions obsolete.

The travelling commences, horizon expands.
Dragging all trails towards itself by a thread.
Velocity increasing, cornerstones embrace.
A foreign reality of complex entity.

Disarranged thoughts.
A soul not to define .
But this soul`s not lost when connections decline.

Prevalent thoughts of rejection.
Life can't be the way it was.
Struggle for perfection.
Moving onwards, but this pursuit is the cause .

Passing through the horizon.
Barriers broken, facing forward.
A breach formed within.
Focussed on what's more to come.
Drawn towards lands unknown.
Experience gained intensely, from various perspectives, of what`s done and left behind.




In perfect balance between what was meant and things that are to come.
Fellow member of my kind, cannot control what you don't understand .
Time is tipping the scales of my judgement.
Steel-plated heart, that once was broken down!

I choose to walk away, because i can't bare to see things that fall apart.
We used to share one thought.

We used to have a bond.

Lost in a mountain area.
Hear her calling, but no response.
Even machines come looking for me .

This is a morgue
Silence is obedience.
In here, automated electronic systems keep the pace well, at regulating light and cooling systems.
as for now, inhere.
Lying there naked, wondering if it`s true:
Am I larger than the sum of my parts?
Engrave a sign in the earth`s crust.
I want to stay longer on this planet.

Things fall apart.
Give me more time for I`ll be worth it.
A vast as say as any highlands, there is still air there.
I am breathing , so I could be there now .

manifest, for me you end in Dogma
preparation made, silence seeks solution
can't stand the waiting for my sole, deadly sin
already stood till, and a while at the location;
scene of the act,
that what man calls crime
but no crime in a war

the next day I hear her calling again.
Shall I try to establish contact?
For how long could I survive here on my own?
Am I even destined to be here?
And here is maybe all that exists.
I can hear other machines again. Apparatus.
No-one will ever know, why you walked away, for it is a secret revealing nature that tells this tale.

Any form or shape, a motion or disguise, is bound to be an image,
a template-view made to be seen.
Inside-out this situation does not apply!
There can be one.
I will not be scared.
Knowing of the inconsequent complexity, in my appearance, there can't be none....

World without end, life of fear .
Worms and flies coming out of my body.
Horrendous decay of the falsening light, for those who try to understand.

A calamity encounter, god-speed propellore.
Meet my other end, wait for a world war.
Hide for a cancer.
I will stay strong by renewal of visions, refreshed by the water.
My pouring with rain, my echo of eternity.
Symmetry seeking a young man, going with whimper,
sigh / growth / decay , all simultaneous actions...

Sanity in thought and it`s patterns, a pure form of logic mixed with emotions, this pro-life ...
Why do I, earth, exist ?
I contain so many forms, would I come out for real .....

a quick guide to self-preservation.
Here the body is only a tool.

Dial: R.E.D.E.M.P.T.I.O.N., master of my fate .
I harbour no illusions, but I still stand tall.
Forced navigation into fields of trust .
Master of my fate, where will we meet in time?

Gone now , left without the outcry of a demonstration, preparation made, the silence seeks solution.
Can`t stand the caller/colour, waiting for my sole

In my stomach i feel an infant growing.
The small child inside of me represents life.
Not capable of making any decisions at all.
I wait and wait for her return...

For those who do not know, the difference between polars:
Unconsciousness, my bless entwined.
positively, all negative soul ......

One fraction of time now represents one day .
The earth`s turn, the moon and planet cycles .
The proximity of a planet left for dead.
Nature will win this war.

Fierce energy-swallowing process,
a peninsula with only one road.
How to visit with a main entrance blocked .
No procedure needed, nor does a formulae exist.

Dark impersonation of enlightenment, due to self-preservation and control, I still stand tall,
peacefully and harsh.
Freedom is a lockdown.
Blinded by the light, it crawls on the floor.
My rhythm upset , seek for a safer harbour .....

I know you feel the same, Knowing what it`s like.

Up here, high, solitude of stone .
A pile is just for me, and even now, being made, I am nothing.
A total birth of a self-pregnant mother.
Perpetuating behaviour, my outside world, beyond the mirrors.

Can you feel me?
Cause this is not my Carbondioxide!

Conditions, boundaries crossed, layers lost, to become one with earth .
My tendency to be submerged with all.
One gigantic and twisted entropy .

this is our final distinction...



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