Tear Out The Heart : Dead, Everywhere

Metalcore / USA
(2015 - Victory Records)
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Inspired to create Driven by hate
We experience progression through aggression
All the while, closing our eyes and pretending
Pretending that we're not LIARS
We're not cowards
We're not thieves
Always in search of the almighty villain

The world’s corrupt, our lives forever fucked
Yet we still believe in the storybook ending
Because hope is the end all, be all
We're no longer kids
It's not about the end, it's where it all begins
We'll carry on because a fight is what let's us know that We're still alive

After all, we're dead everywhere,
Not just dead inside


You can take me back to another sunrise behind the wheel
With all the damage done,
I'll make sure as hell these wounds won't heal

Who i was is dead and buried
We can't go back
who you were is dead and buried
Tonight we're digging up the past

Carry on, keep the fight alive
We're never going to rest until the morning light
Anything to escape our minds
What ever it takes to FEEL REAL tonight

I need to take my own advice, and less for granted
The kids we were back then are lost and forever abandoned

Everyone around me has forgotten who they really are
I'm sick of the games
Sick of the lies
Life doesn't fight far so why should i?


I've got secrets that I'm keeping
I've got demons in my head
I've been hoping I'd stop
Thinking and the past would Just stay dead

i can kick and i can scream
But in the end it won't change a single thing
I can trick, I can scheme, but that's just not me

I've felt this coming for quite some time
I hope and I pray that everything will be alright
This isn't over

I've got secrets that I'm keeping
I've got demons in my head
I've been hoping I'd stop thinking
And the past would just stay dead
I can kick and I can scream but
In the end it wont a change a thing
I've been hoping I'd stop thinking
And the past would just stay dead

I often lose track of time
There’s just so much on my mind
Before there wasn't much, now I feel like I've had enough

I've been this way for all of my life
Just know this isn't over yet
I'll land on my feet, on that you can bet

Quit putting words in our mouths
We've had it up to here
I'm through with playing nice
You're full of shit and lies


Scars hurt worse than open wounds
The more I think, the more I'll assume
A falling out like a stitch without seaming
That was a mess not worth cleaning

I lost everything
I lost all meaning, but i can't let go now

I'm not afraid to admit that I was wrong
"People change"
Oh, i was dead wrong
Now it's come to this
I feel as if i don't exist
I lost control
I'll dig myself out of this hole
Just give me the chance

Leave it all behind Leave it all behind
I'll bleed for this until my veins are dry
Leave it all behind Leave it all behind
There’s a light beneath my bloodshot eyes
I'll choke it down until it makes me sick
All you need to know is i bleed for this
Leave it all behind Leave it all behind
I'll bleed for this until my veins are dry

I'm not the same punk kid with nothing to lose
I had a soul not worth selling
That was a story not worth telling
Now it's come to this
I feel as if i dont exist
I let you down
Maybe it's time I blame myself

I don't fear death
I fear the pain that it comes with
I'm not afraid to die
I'm afraid to lose my life


I stand corrected
We're all rejected

I may be a lot of things but i know that i'm not fake
The truth is I stopped caring, so fucking spare me

Stop me if you've heard this before
You'd never think to send a good man to war
Don't blink or you'll miss it again

Take me and bury my bones
We never had a chance I never had a chance
Take me and bring me home
We never had a chance

Somebody wake me up
I've had enough of holding onto the pain I love
Somebody wake me up
I've had enough

I may have said those things and I meant only half
I'd rather keep my sanity and live the life you wish you had

I stand corrected
We're all rejected
I don't feel right here
The more I try, the harder it gets

Go ahead and say that I've lost my mind
I hope it's never found again
I'll bend but I won't break
I'm no fucking fake


If there’s one thing I hate,
It's the feeling of being ignored
Now everyone is an enemy to push past
I knew your punk ass wouldn't last

Everything you live for will one day die
You better hope that you never fucking see me again
You're nothing more than a waste of my time

I've made it this far
I can make it anywhere without you
This is what it comes down to

Out of all the things I've seen, it's an industry of suits and cheap stabs
We bit the hand that feeds
Now we're stuck here, begging for table scraps

Everyone’s an enemy
I knew you wouldn't last

Everything you live for is still gonna fucking die


Am I breaking through?

I started falling as if I never had a grip
Moving on isn't easy, nothing that matters ever is

Looking back on everything, I had the world in front of me
Spent most my nights fearing change,
But what's the use?
Bury me with my youth

How is accepting this so impossible?

Have I lost my youth
Or am i breaking through?
Will I face the truth that I'm losing all of you

I started thinking, am I out of line or just out of time?
What makes you think this is easy?
When I have poison on mind

Back then, there wasn't more
To me than a problem with authority
I could handle anything but the truth
Bury me with my youth

So many nights spent jumping fences,
Drunk and reckless
Everything is changing in front of me,
So I'll take chances
I'll take my chances now

Am I breaking through?


From the beginning,
It's always been just us and nothing but
Nothing else mattered
Since the end is among us,
And time stood still
I'll stand where I grew up
And embrace the flood

Everyones trying to keep
their heads above water
I just want to drown
Next to my loved ones


I'm not sure what hurt worse,
The push or the fall
I don't need you to believe
I've got some fight left in me

It's time I set this record straight
It's been skipping us for far too long
Every day’s a chance to turn it all around
There’s only so many nights that I can blame this town
Knew when to grow up and get my shit straight
There’s more to life than what you hate

Every thing happens for a treason
We're not living, until we're bleeding

We won’t be ignored
Knock us down, we'll be up for more
No time for the tyrant liars,
fuck waiting we are the future
We won't be ignored
If you're knocked down,
Get up off the floor
This time is a warning only
Fuck waiting we are the future

This time I mean every word I say
You are no king
You wear no crown

Every day’s a chance to turn it all around
There's only so many times that I can blame myself
Knew when to grown up and get my shit straight
There’s more to me than who I hate

Everything happens for a treason
You're not living until you're bleeding

You want what’s mine?
You'll have to take it from me
You are no king
You wear no crown


I came from nothing,
And I'm not coming back,
Not going back
I want what's mine
You have the edge but I'm holding the knife

What do you know about sacrifice?
Or putting your life on the line?
You left as the pressure was building up,
And that's what makes you a chump

I couldn't take anymore
I'm tired of waking up
Face down on the floor


you have no idea what i've been through
No matter what these people have told you
Consider this a lesson in morality
You need to be brought back to reality

I've been living nightmares every day
I've been holding on to everything I hate
This is where I start again cause I’m stronger now,
And these thoughts don't own me
These thoughts don't own me

I cant believe all this shit I've lived through,
No matter who tried to stop me
I won't fall for a deliberate ploy
I brought it into this world, it's mine to destroy

I'm not anyones propaganda except my own
I'm standing in a house of glass,
With a fist made of stone


Someone snuck across my room,
while I was fast asleep
They whispered in my ear
"I can't take you with me”

We hunt down the haunted
Paranoia has got the best of me
My perception is distorted
Insomnia can take the rest of me

It's the epitome of mysery
I live each day with a devil beside me
I swear every night in my head it feels
like Hallow's Eve

Something crept into my tomb,
while I was long since dead
It leaned over and whispered
"This is all in your head"

we hunt down the haunted
Paranoia has got the best of me
My perception is distorted
Insomnia has got the rest of me


This can't be real,
A series of words strip away all the warmth that I feel
You're lying, just say tell me you are

I wasn't there
A constant reminder of damage that won't be repaired
The distance never seemed so far

This scar is permanent,
Summer will always turns to fall
Please don't leave me yet
Why can't you take me with you?

This is a start,
a light brave enough to bring comfort to me in the dark
Eyes are open once again

You're always here
Just as long as I'm breathing then nothing can take that away from me
I am incomplete but I'm not broken

Wounds will always heal,
winter always turns to spring
I'm not leaving you,
I will take you with me


No hesitation
Not sure I'll make it
There is a place for this,
And it's not here
Way past exhaustion,
And now I'm nauseous
The state of mind I'm in
You'd call your hell

I guess i'll save my breath
If i can't save my soul

You don't make me,
You only make me wish we never met

There's nothing but judgment
From people I can't see
If you can't think clear,
I'll stay here until something changes me,
But it won't be you

Feel free to hate me
Nothing is changing
There’s a time for this
And it's not now
I've lost my patience,
And now I'm anxious
My chest caving
I'm not worth saving

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