Sybreed : God Is an Automaton

Cyber Metal / Switzerland
(2012 - Listenable Records)
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Give up your old skin, all the decaying tissues,
This vessel of misery
Restructure your ego and filter
The fluids of your body machinery
This obsolete frame starts to disintegrate now,
Conform to the current trend
Choose the latest fabric for improved content
You want it, you need, don’t wait

Let’s disgorge the poison of retrogression
And reconstruct your carnal remains

Embrace the figure we’ve designed
Become a flawless model and behold your flesh quite amplified
Embrace the figure we’ve designed
Become a flawless model, a modern delight to free your mind

Slow death product for sale,
We interrupt the decline with customized medicine
Apply for the grail of our technology:
The suppression of suffering
Pick a prototype, all different yet equal
In their basic potency
The embodiment of a trivial dream
You want it, you need, don’t wait

This is time to replace your past self
And be cleansed from your common defects

Get more strength to enjoy your life
With no fear of being left behind
To never catch a glimpse of contempt in their eyes
Or be brand as a castaway

Desecrate your very soul and become part of the display


I’ve tried to fight pessimism
To look for an explanation to the prime
Weakness we seem to convey:
A strong drive to destroy ourselves
All statements have turned out to conduct
To a maze of suspect justifications
Encased between hermetic walls of incertitude

Axioms appear so contrived
And science, the paragon of devious crafts
I struggle to assimilate this fact:
No wisdom brings solace

I start to realize the limitations of
My attempt to truly understand the misery of men
The more I look inside,
The more I’ am prone to deride the basis of every creed:
To know is to be saved

I’m lost, standing at the crossroads
With no means to decide on a better course
No choice appears convenient, no pathway predominates
Unsure to ever escape my posture of inflexible disbelief
I decide but to abandon this hunt for significance

Nothing is true, nothing is eternal,
There’s no reward for steadfast belief
In a flawed system of assumption
But a breakdown of cognition gears
To deprave the core of all knowledge
And confer it the arrays of faith
Is to increase the prospect of oversight and absurdity


There is no substance into your soul save pretense
And disrespect
Obscene exposure
You trick your peers into sympathy
Using counterfeit emotionst

You believe no one can see through your disguise
Yet you make me want to turn my back
On your pathetic treachery

Always choosing the easiest path
You seek to prevail with no sacrifice
Ready to walk over everyone
You reek of conceit and sickening pride

Pretentious fraudster
You deem yourself worthy of reverence,
Ever craving to be praised

You strive to deny your foolishness
Through delusions of great achievement
Trying to decrease your misery
With blazing lies and random masquerades


Accretion of stellar matter collapsing
Particles crushed at excessive speed
The Protostar, pressured by gravitation forces
Awaits its ascent to radiance

Red nova ignition, phase one:
To set ablaze the cosmos in all directions
To combust electron discharge
And dissipate the greatest void

The solar newborn shall be crowned
To reign over new, pristine worlds
And inundate their immaculate crust
With heavy radiations

Spiraling, hydrostatic equilibrium
Photon winds diffusing light
Explosive, universal space/time commotion
Following a scheme divine

Repelling darkness, illuminating the canvas of all creation
Destroying eons of nonexistence, the monad has come to life

Submerged in the fire burning the vault of heaven
The celestial scion shines upon the universe frame


We were blind and we couldn’t conceive the color of blood
This crimson flood soaking the ground
We stare in shock as the world unveils
Its true features to us
You then exclaim “where is God now?”

You ask me “why do we forever feast on pain
And act like mindless fiends programmed for boundless rage?
The carnage never cease, the poison is never drained
For this, should we blame our Maker?”

The virtuous dies as well as the sinful one
Death strikes all life, blind in its random ways

In essence, we contradict the conception
Of a watchful shaper
And still we consider being observed and judged for our sins

Primitive we remain
We were devised to enjoy trials
The choice has never been ours
We are inclined to violence


We’re confined behind invisible barricades
A glyphic shroud of glorified lies

Kali Yuga – And we slowly turn into cowards
The excess of truth isolate us

Forsaken, dismayed
We were told to mask the void inside
Our deaden hearts in subtle ways
Substitute faceless
We’re dissolved into a sea of gray,
Constrained to settle for decay

Evolving careless on treacherous heights
We weaver between detachment and fear

Kali Yuga – And we slowly turn into cowards
The excess of truth isolates us
Invalid notions dominate our will and judgment
We now become the waste of this world

“Surrender to the cold obliteration of your ego”
Desynchronized, forced to seclusion,
We are bound with cruel precision

Kali Yuga – And slowly we turn into cowards
The excess of truth isolate us


To walk among the human herd
To see the mark of our degeneration
Stagnant and dazed, we but relent
To break the strain of our self-enforcing schemes

Now our future is tantamount to past
A dead-end race with a leaning for despise
Immobilism: our final goal
With corrupt bodies free to assume all control

To confuse truth and judgment
To observe the world with blinded eyes
To coronate intolerance
We only swallow changeless lies

We seem so eager to dissent
Yet through inaction we but approve each restraint
We keep on begging “please govern us”
Freedom’s abridged, utopia is distrust

We are condemn to fail controlling our very lives
To endure through denial
We could let the world burn and watch each other die
Consternation made us unconcerned

With enforced discipline we but forfeit our very pride
We require low sustenance: to be kept entertained,
To feel secure and feed
Deprivation is our single fear

How can we feel betrayed when we yield in front
Of any sign of change?
We keep on running away
We are far too scared to ever become self-contained


There was no light
I couldn’t find my very way
A dire frustration was all I could feel in my chest
For there was no joy in every moment I could spend
How could I reckon I trapped myself into a cage of misery?

My so-called strength had to be shattered
My beliefs were but a lie
It is so convenient to tint it all in deep tones of black
To live in fear is but meaningless
I shall face the source of my hopelessness

I just crave for suffering

I can see for the first time
And feel freed from the pain
Redeemed and disengaged
Oblivion is a just reward
A final slumber to end the divide
And awake purified

Why should I try to sustain such a barren state
When my whole condition is tantamount to emptiness?
I wish I could hide from this grim picture in my head
Yet I am locked up, lost in a maze of endless excruciation

I reach the height of isolation
There’s no need to revise or suspend the decision
For I discern but one conclusion
This gruesome existence has become an affliction
I can’t withstand


Face down, this the way you taught me to abide
Down on my knees, I was just another servile bitch
I realized I was a whore begging for security
And such a coward, I‘d never have asked to be set free

Please tell me why should
I disregard all the lies and become everything I despise
If I can find a meaning to this fearful life,
I’ll become the enemy of mankind
What did you conjecture to arise from the ashes

Of my broken self?
An obedient drone just easy to bind?
I’m but the demon you’ve devised
Tremble, you bastards, I represent all that you dread
It’s so futile to think you can still control me
I’ve nothing to lose for you have tainted everythingI prized
Whatever you try, revenge is mine

I shall wipe this burden out
Victorious I will stand above the mundane shame
You’ve forcefully trained me in
I’ll concede nothing and never forget
All your deeds of cruelty
Retribution is on the way, turning the war
You’ve started into pure defeat


All hail your deceit
You, lord of all shattered hopes whispering words of fear

Termination is salvation
None of us is safe within your hands
Redemption with a bullet
You’re the prophet of limitless debasement

Here come the accuser obscuring the sky,
Intoxicating the soul
The serpent conspiring to engulf the world
Into the blackest light

Ouroborean seduction of foreknown doom
Your are death sovereign

We fall for your lies
We embrace nothingness
And decline as we can’t stand the weight of our guilt

Children of Despair, perdition is in our flesh
As we run toward fate


I desecrate, predisposed to always re-engage
I deprecate, charging my words with bitterness and condemn

I’ll never let your insignificance, your substandard ego
Subverting my resolve and dedication
I’ll never take on your indecision and have no backbone
I always favor destruction and bliss

I’m disinclined to ever salute a defeat
To surrender or adopt a desolated stance
I’ll prevail

Existence is war, and joy an extravagant luxury
With no struggle we but decline in miserable parody of men

Why should I submit to your taste for mediocrity
When I crave for the most exquisite form of transcendence?
Why should I give up on my needs of brutality
When I yearn for an existence freed from
All restricting bounds?

I refuse to spend my precious time here trying to abide

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