Sybreed : Antares

Cyber Metal / Switzerland
(2007 - Listenable Records)
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Mutilate me, hurt me now
You've cut your wings to justify my guiltiness
We're all slave of some sadistic obsession
You put this needle in my head, a needle called "pain"

Let me hate you, I'll never save you from yourself
Hold me, destroy me, tomorrow will never be the same

You reveal the worst:
My inclination to forgive every sin
I 'm enabled to avoiding stare at your halo of desperation

Malevolent love, it's all you are
There's no redemption in your humiliating smile
You drain the life outside, your grace is a lie
You put your seal in my flesh so deep within

Let me hate you, I'll never save you from yourself
Hold me, destroy me, tomorrow will never be the same
Let me hate you, I'll never save you from yourself
Break me, constrain me,
Like an angel falling on burning grounds

There's no rest in your lethal embrace
Surrounded by your disdain
There's nothing more I can hope from you
In this hell on earth, I've already sold my soul

Let me end this dead-end game

You've corrupted me step by step
Like a worm, you're devouring me to the core
I wish to die in your deadly arms,
Exquisite devil in disguise


You delight yourself in a paranoid state of mind
A bunch of mischief talking shit, it's what you're all about
You celebrate yourself in filth and self-indulgence
As you believe you own the world

Fuck you!

You blame us all to never trust your lies (trust your lies)
Your lame words won't ever justify wasting our precious time

You want it all, could kill for five seconds of fame
No matter who you suck: you're just a hopeless case
You rate yourself as fucking number one
A poisoned ego oversized but undefined

No hope you'll improve yourself
No reason to try to understand

A worthless, miserable one, absurd and non-relevant
You'll burn yourself with all your hate

You're tainted, devoid of soul
A vain being to nullify with no remorse


I don't need your scornful reply,
I'm sick of your constant denial
Don't want to face your immorality
Irritated by your selfish smile,
I cannot stand your bitter hate
Your presence is a pain

My soul with all your fucking lies

I'm searching for redemption
I wish I could find an answer
Words are perfect deceivers
They revive my wounds forever

A black star moving around a pole of raw negativity
Like void never fulfilled
The wage of sins is to fall
In self-destructive schemes

I feel so numb, I feel so cold, your vain, delusive heresy
Makes me nonexistent and dead inside
I would rather disappear, or shed my blood onto the ground
Than having to face your sheer vanity

I taste my anger, reacting to preserve my mind
I left your twisted, pervert world behind
Control is over, no more tainted promises
My eyes are open wide


So many wrong ways, so many scars
So many empty days into this world of grey
I clench my hands, standing on edge, now isolated
With no redemption to be found

I've wasted so many words
I've grown into the realm of lies
I have no purpose or glorious goals
To lead my soul

God, tell me why I have to face
This state of slow disintegration

So many gestures, so many nights
Trying to fight my fears, to delay misery
A very last time before I die
I let it go away and I just give up once again

All my expectations,
All the lives I could have dreamt of
All of this will turn to dust,
Scattered in a wind of misery
A random shift in suffering scales,
A vanishing grain of sand
Into the sea of nothingness
I've lost all hope or faith
And I'll fall deep into oblivion,
A wish to not share the pain
I'm far beyond all denial and vain negation
I desecrate the foundations of my own existence
I'm lost into the purest darkness
I suffocate under the weight of grief and deception

Tell me why we all remain
Engulfed into sheer emptiness

I cannot see the light beyond


Everyday, cold suffering
But everyday I resurrect
I expect nothing from this world of shit
Disappointed I'm standing away

Confused and lost, I plunge in suffering
Am I just idiot or vain?

And every time I have to breathe
In every way I can feel the pain
A liquid fire burning my lungs
An acid nail into my brain

Why should I agree with common apathy
Self-destruction seems so sweet
Denial is what I choose to preserve sanity
I'm caught into a dynamic of hate

Like a relentless movement leading to our damnation
Existence is a bitch, happiness is a word
Love is such an empty lie

What is given today can be retaken fast
In constant wait we dwell, vanity is all we share
Whatever we do we stay blind, rewarded with fast demise
Massively divided we've lost all faith
How to size how much we've failed?

I vanish, purified, and escape through decay
All I could do will never clear the veil before your eyes
Wrapping the constrained minds into a shape of fear
There's no more way to reverse destiny or destroy reality


Shall I remain blind and divided?
I've tried so hard to find a way
To disable this constant plague
My death is a rebirth,
A resurrection to cure the soul
And touch perfection again

I define the schemes for a new design
Of self-perception in my mind
Recreating my flesh now purified,
An endeavour to clear the pain

I disconnect all patterns,
Disintegrate my blood and bones,
Then analyse consequences
My body is weak,
In narcosis now refine,
Clarity and suffering thus collide

Deconstruction of reality should help me to
Understand this violent decay
Electric neurodrive to induce self-demise
Could I become God if I bleed enough?

Synthetic pulse eradicates the structure of my thought
I recompose my nerves and re-arrange cells inside
A rough, carnal unit to rise

I am falling on my knees, my soul is burning
Dysfunction of DNA creating components
For an emerging spark of creation

I crush the border of my ego, and I descend into a void
I'm floating through the perfect view
Of hidden truth behind this divine veil of light
And purge the poison of delusion from my veins

I modify levels of existence
The sequence is accomplished, my mind is now rewired




I've buried my joy and faith,
Those deceitful delusions
And thus I've found a way
To purify my mind from desolation

What could I gain but suffering and deception,
If innocence is lost?
There is no cure for this tainted desire,
When everything was done

I am nothing but frustration,
I end my life with no regrets
And, falling on my knees,
I'm still waiting to find redemption

There is no cure for this tainted desire
To expurgate the pain out of my head

My flesh is cold, I feel no pain -
The bitter art of dying fast
A shroud of frost cover my skin -
My bleeding soul is lifeless

The barrel of gun against my head
Is like a promise to
Release my fears on a wall of concrete:
What a fine day to extinct

What could I gain but suffering and deception,
If innocence is lost?
There is no cure for this tainted desire
To expurgate the pain out of my head

What is existence but a relentless demise?
To live is to die, with no absolution
Nothing could be saved, my heart is dry
I bury my ego and choke my hopes
I've cursed myself
For this foretaste of ruins or just a glimpse of light
Ascending like a star I've discovered my own mortality
Am I the one to blame
If I've failed to live?


I separate darkness and light,
Reorganise primordial chaos at will
Reconstructing galaxies pulsing to the rhythm of my thought
I gather the collision course of thousand exploding stars
Those soon collapse on themselves into
A massive discharge of cosmic pulse

I'm gazing trough the universe
Constraining waves of light
I touch the core of stellar mass
And I am now reborn
I contemplate the face of god
Reflecting my own soul
I'm standing in orbital phase and become eternal
Inertial I'm floating now, compressing gravity
I'm moving in the perfect sphere of the creation divine

Like a supernova waiting for the final implosion
Coalescent and irradiate, I can see the spectrum of reality
I reactivate atomic movement
And collect photons into my hands
Bursting like millions of suns
To illuminate my path for centuries

I melt my flesh with all matter
I melt my mind with all mankind



I'm not a redeemer, I'm not another saviour
Don't want to save your world,
I would rather make it burn in flames
I spit on all the doves,
Your good intentions are masturbation
To hide a simple fact
You're scarred of your needs of violence

I am the new salvation
I am the voice screaming in your head
I have no compassion
I annihilate the smile on your face

Death is all around me
Blood is why we lick their feet
All celebrate the reign of pigs
Leisure and atrocity
Flesh is melted again
Bind in orgies of carnal guilt
I want to smash them all
For drowning themselves in their semen and lust

I don't agree with happiness,
Don't want to be a brainwashed slave
I bit the hand and cut the leash,
The rope of comfort around my neck
And enjoy the bitter taste of watching
All delusions fade away
Your iron dream is wrapped into a velvet shape of ignorance

And still you keep on deny the pain
The itch running onto your skin
The burnt of profound misery
Do you enjoy the taste of shame, the blade of vanity?

A slaughtered heaven, a place of fool's sanity,
A mouthful of injuries, it's all what you deserved
I am the bullet on the run, I force my way into your brain
Extracting all corrupted words
With the massive strain of a gun

You suck!


This cold morning is like a consecration
A procession of souls that will never end
The time of remembrance and disillusions
Shall dry the liquid pain running in my veins

Drain my blood and drown me in the sun,
Forever cured and sanctified
Now reborn, we cross the Rubicon,
Eternity will blend our minds in one

I close my eyes and shiver in resurrection
Standing on this ground of awakening
I float into the light of revelation
"Expire, and thus revive in the purest form"

I watch the sky and prey for my deliverance
An endless whisper to find redemption
To breath the fire of all creation, divine, purified

"Ad Aeternam... Gloria"


How can we this slow demise?
How can we live and deny it?
Ecstatic lies explode our minds
The age of technocracy

Relentless rules improved to increased control
Brutal enforcement to break disorder
They bring the string of full security
A world of disabused norms

How can we live this slow demise?
How can we live and deny it?
Ecstatic lies explode our minds
The age of technocracy

Were docile dogs, obedient
Apathy growing, serialized
A concrete tool for slavery
Collapsing in psychosis, they're spreading genocide
Perfect unit of mass-corruption
There's no way to protest, there's no way to escape

Regulated delusion as logical solution

How can we live this slow demise?
How can we live and deny it?
Ecstatic lies explode our minds
The age of technocracy

We are standing so blind, just watching the ground so afraid
Disconnected inside we're bleeding the poison of distress
Love is lost forever, could we shine again?
Pain is breeding together, together we remain defenseless
Fears keep us so hollow, could we find a way?
We wish to break the walls we built around ourselves

We're falling down
We're falling down


And once again
We feel the silence
So far away
From being able
To wait for deliverance
We consume ourselves
Into the flames
Of a perfect pain

As we stand alone
We're floating down
The complex stream of existence

Grey shadow plays reflecting vanity
We live to lie and to betray

As we stand alone
We lick the blood
Of our tainted, shattered innocence

We are used to swallow the poison
To close our eyes as we descent
And lost our will in self-affliction
A fool's promise to break our heart
We are so sick to live this way
But we enjoy the lack of light
Walking in darkness
To run away

This blindness to cure our mind
From dreadful misery

We can't find the right belief
We can't find salvation
Frail, pathetic
We're unborn possibilities

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