Sworn (NOR) : The Alleviation

Melodic Black / Norway
(2007 - Twilight-Vertrieb)
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Darkness captivates my mind
I can smell the thriving apprehension
I hear voices crying for the cruelty behind
But I can't stop what's already done

Drifting away, it's such a distant past
It's all turning black, black at last

This darkened power has drained me of pain
Left with anger and hatred I shall rot
It tortured me until my soul burst
Into a raging, accursed fiend

Drifting away, it's such a distant past
It's all turning black, black at last

Trying to break loose from this state of mind
What am I becoming ? What have I become ?
No mercy for whom standing before me
I'll exploit your screams of life (hunger)

By shattering your dreams of eternal life
I'm simply getting stronger

Drifting away, it's such a distant past
It's all turning black, black at last


Withered symbols of decay I beheld
Their lifeless shapes omens of things to come
Withered symbols of decay I beheld
They were the past, they were the future

The lament of the black sea, I heareth
And tears of silver, I cried
Thus the argentine streams, I heareth
And tears of silver, I cried

Frostvenom - chilled mind
Searing thoughts - blinded by lust
All statues in the gardens of decadence
Forever bound by the vines of mindwinter

Embrace thy bastard elysium
Embrace thy corrupted heart


A silent mist over screaming waters
Darkens the sun and covers all life
In this sphere I am trapped
And shall forever be plagued

Nine steps
to a landscape of malice
Two shadows that can't be perceived
Four elements hidden in darkness
One pain that I require to feel

My soul has been shattered
And my spirit has long past
This realm of stars in black
Shall crush me into dust
And I must hear my own shriek
I must watch it all
As this damned emptiness
Tears it all apart

Voices whisper ancient terms
That I could not speak by
It is, who cry in desolation
It is I, who needs to die

For I have attained the wisdom
And understanding of my fathers
The price I pay is (victory and) salvation
Thought their names shall be death

As my shape shifts
To the next continuation
The eyes of my fathers
Are upon me like before
They see what I have done
And lets me further know
That I now must proclaim
My renunciation of this presence

Silhouettes of a broken world
Whom I can never break free
This is what made me ravenous
It has pulled the life out of me




All who lay their eyes upon me
Shall forever jarrow
I am invisible, though I can be seen
For I'm the passing that pulls you down

Dreadfully I am left to wander
Upon the remains of my kin
Walking alone as the blackest of shadows
Ancient and lethal, constant and depraved

Over misty mountains
Enclosed in the mourning
From the thousand of souls
That I have put to rest
This is my curse
The eternal damnation
I am the dark wanderer
The crow of passage

Illness is my undying color
The blood in my veins is black as death
Roaming this land of sinister fright
I convey malice, the supremacy of night

This is my curse, the eternal damnation
I am the dark wanderer, the crow of passage


I am the hostile image
Your violent misery
I am the one who shall
Set your soul ablaze

In these flames I shall
Force through this cosmic haze
This third ruin (from the fire)
Has just become a mere illusion

I see the seasons ride and fall
For the tower in the middle is rising tall
With a black, surrounding wall

Float towards the sky and see the holy light
A madness surrounds you
As you feel your wings melt
Soiling the clean earth of your kind as you fall

I am the seeker of vengeance
I am the spiritual force of vivid visions

You final destination
The ultimate damnation
This is where your kind
Have slumbered for decades

In this kingdom of crowned vultures
I reclaim the essence of evil
I will forever despise your kind
I am the umpire and you are mine


The weepings of my name
The moanings of a bleeding widow
Void between the sighs
Asphyxiates me in pain

The Ashen Shore
Bereavement over death
Speaks a truth
A blend of mirth

A blatant lie
Across the wind
My supremacy
To your blur

The Ashen Shore
Bereavement over death
Speaks a truth
A blend of mirth

Cruelty burns a flame
Buries me in strengh
The beauty there's contained
Flickers over my pain

Death shores upon
Scream of its power
Shores are dark
It kill the light

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