Supuration : The Cube

Death Metal / France
(1993 - Reincarnate)
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Forgive me, I'd rather die.
Just remember me, goodbye...


Red streams slide down my hand, they are taking my life from me. They flow red as they decorate my skin, will they take my soul away? "Lightness sensation" Will I ever get rid of my anguish? Will my soul be blessed? The red streams decorate my skin, the meanders begin to connect. A growing lake reflects my glassy stare, will I ever escape this sight? Mother, I can see your sad face, with trembling fingers you close my eyes. Now I'm always unable to look at your grief, I would like to tell you, it will be alright. "Attraction sensation" As my body lies in the middle of the room, I look at you kneeled by my side. Even though my eyes are closed, my look seems to overhang the scene. It's strange to see your own corpse! Quickly it all disappears...


Soon it becomes a point on a screen. As a mirror crowd surrounds me. I would like to understand. No! I just want to leave this place. I'd rather still be alive...

4. 138.JP.08

I try to search through my mind, I try to free my soul. My soul? My mind? What am I now? An entity? Endless corridors made of dusty mirrors surround me, reflecting the being I once was, stained with blood and bathed in tears. He holds out his hand into my direction, I have to help him to save my soul! I have to return to find my exit... Wandering through the lobby I have found my way. I open the door, as I'm hit by a blinding light. I hope I'll be free. Will I ever be free?...


I've crossed the threshold, I'm now adapted to the light. But there's nothing to see, no walls, no ground, not one part of my body. I feel attracted and aspirated. I can see sparkling in the darkness, it begins to draw nearer, it's going to take me. I turn towards the door. As it shuts the light fades away. Duty for a boundless wall, the thing is now clear. It's a kind of crystal cube. I'm unable to overcome it's attraction, the touch is imminent. An unknown painful phenomena begins. A flash shows me my parents. They are keeping vigil over my dead body...


The unknown pain fades, the cube now has entirely absorbed me. Through the transparent partitions of my impenetrable cell I scan the infinity in which I'm floating. Strangely the endless wall had disappeared. There's no horizon. What a disquieting situation. I don't know where I am, what am I doing? Was my life my own? Was I allowed to put an end to it? However, that may be! I'm convinced I can't turn back. Between the transparent partitions of my impenetrable cell I muse to other invisible prisoners. Who, like me, in their cube wonder on their situation of their becoming. Huge kinds of balls come from nowhere, they penetrate the cubes around me. Some coupling and producing explosions. What will happen to me? Obscurity slowly invades my place, a giant globe is coming nearer and nearer. It's about to touch a face of the cube. In a flash I can see a rose which is falling on my coffin...


(No lyrics available)


Now, I know I'm not lost, I know my journey hasn't ended. I don't even know my own destiny. I know the sphere has come to save me. If I'm immaterial, if I'm only a regard, it's because I left the body which I gave life. I ran away from my physical support when my mother closed my eyes. In my spherical disguise I feel free from my lost anguishes. Flashes which made me suffer are now only recollections. Slowly the globe makes it's first cut into the exit, carrying me away. The inner sides of the cube have not altered yet, no pain comes to hurt me. Wandering in a labyrinth through a thousand ways. Sensations, emotions and ideas. I'm concentrating on myself by suppressing all obstacles of my pure intuition. I have penetrated the tribunal of souls, immobilised in the cube. I have been analysed, and judged worthy to live again! The sphere comes to illuminate me, my journey will end when I rejoin the light...

9. 4TX.31B

Still trapped in the sphere which follows another one. Suddenly the sphere before me stops and disappears, all becomes black around me. I know my own sphere has disappeared too. Travelling through a dark place, I can only see a small light before me! I'm afraid, I'm aspirated by the light. I take a look behind. No sphere, no cube, nothing...


Not the slightest chance to return into the world where I've been alive. Can you spare me few centuries, to wait for the dim light. Can you help me to return in my own sphere? The light I see is closer to me now. If fortune smiles on me, I am now dead! What will the future be for me now, where will I be? My body will soon be behind the light, because I'm still aspirated... Maybe I shall born again? However I think I can't, why? Where am I?

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