Supuration : Room Seven

Death Metal / France
(1997 - Holy Records)
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A feeling of liberty invades me.
My corpse itself unleashed of this suffering.
I'm not sufficiently myself,
In this intoxicating spiral taht attracts my damaged corpse,
Draining the force that stays me. I forget the attraction Of this earth's eddies which absorbs me eyes.
Like in a dream,
I'm swallowed in anguish but i'm ready to guage my own Glance with that of others.
A feeling of freedom invades me.
Fear leaves me, finally free I'm appeased.
Their stares don't weigh me down now,
The mind is a stranger to me.
I'm not myself finally...


A worrying sight is offered to me,
Unceasing bounces of a child's head.
On that long white wall of the endless corridor that Paralyses me.
I only hear a noise : bangs in my head !
My eyes turn around the door,
They persist on a woman with an exhausted look.
Now dressed in white, prisoner of her hands...
I want to help her.
I can only hear a howling that reverberates.
Her grim glance makes the reflection of my anguish Neutralize me
(I cannot see those horrible pictures that are turning in My head anymore !)


I strive to forget my real nature.
For them every detention is a cure.
They claim to know everything.
Anthea, at our nightly rendez-vous appease me.
Anthea, you fascinate me so much.
My suffering is so strong,
my howling so weak...
My new personality : too powerfull.
Sit by your side,
By rocking myself like you,
Like a quiet man in the middle of the night.
This turning intoxicates me...
Now I can't see anything,
Slowly I take my flight !


Then, quickly I fall,
My heart on my tongue,
My teeth clenched for it can't go out !


I can hear myself howl when the window's runges come
(My scream becomes shrill).
Finding my spirit again,
I open my eyes.
Anthea's hand is in mine
(Our pale faces, our mouths big opening...)
I see myself through her.
Terrified, I push back their hands.
(One supervisor comes in and disturbs our affair :
« Did everything do on ? »).
Mugges by these words,
Anthea thrown onto me,
Start to gnaw my shoulder.
My blood's view in her mouth seickens me.
(Pity for her who meets quickly like a prisonner).
Pity for her in her never-ending hand-held folder.
(I can see myself through her...)


The walls of her room are now trim with cushions.
Wrapped in her own arms and knelt down in the corner.
(She's rocking herself slowly...)
Her glance activates,
Crossing her goal's thick wall.
I seat myself without sound in the other corner.
I leave her as movement starts,
The sun will be rising soon.
My colleague's eyes rest on me,
Like one of their patient.
I'm not like them,
She's not like me : she's more...
(Their glances look crossing my thought's thickly wall).


(The next night.)
You're my only firiend but you're not hearing me.
To worry or reassure,
you speak to me sometimes.
Your rocking motion is a complaint,
A quiet complaint like an interior pain.
The room clear a blue sweetness,
Like a reflection in the water of clear sky above.
I only vaguely discern her anymore.
Fight for her I can't anymore.
An outside world calls for me,
I reply to it by rocking...
The room clear a blue sweetness like a reflection in the Blood of a breaking union.


This appeal is too strong for me !


This time through the night,
I stay with her.
They're coming to catch her.
The director summons me.
(The smash of my head...)
My glare cannot mix with his.
His snake-eyes do not leave me.
He fixes me ans I can't do anything.
The smash of my head on the wall doesn't finish only spins In the prison that my corpse forms arouns.
He leaves me and he can't do anything...


My only friend's room is empty now.
Two men put me inside.
The biggest door closes it's back to me.
Mouth open, eyes in the sky...
I'm a prisonner of my anguish,
Of my corpse (of my own hypnotised mind).
I can see her near me like a remembering.
Her hands poised on me make me suffer.
I kick my face to banish her picture from me for Self-deliverance.
I try to go out when I can see her smile.
The fall is too long,
The fight too hard and in a worried spring her face Evaporates from my mind
(I'm shouting !!!)
I measure my lenght on the bed that seems like mine.
I try yo remove my straps,
But there's nothing.
Anthea comes into my room.
The sweet sound of her voice can be heard...
All of this was but a dream !


The more will be the fall,
The more is her face.
I watch my mother,
She's called Anthea.
She carries me down to my chair,
I hope that she knows I love her.
I'm able to love in spite of my difference.
I pose my hands on the keyboard,
She takes the other to support me,
To help me...
She takes me slowly to her study,
In front of the computer because I cannot use a pencil.
I pose my hands on the keyboard.
She takes the other to support me,
To help me!


When I take away this imaginary life,
I begin to hit with some difficulties.
These words written : THIS NIGHT I DREAMT

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