Supuration : Anomaly

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Somebody please stop or kill me...
I cry my suffering to drown the noise sent out by XY-TÄH and D-ÄN.
The torture of my little brain is starting now to drive me insane.


In those times, to allow the population to doing their lives, in peace and harmony, there was an only solution, it has been decreed that all the nurslings had to be made killed...
By XY-TÄH during a period of hundred years, and nobody could do anything against it
But XY-TÄH was only a contribu...
...tor, he – in fact obeyed D-ÄN's orders.
D-ÄN was the machine which commanded...


I am not supposed to think and then to ask myself questions (????)
My only need is to maintain my work !
I am not supposed to live, to think
it's just an illusion
My only need is to maintain my work !
I'm alone with my oders
…All I've alone...
An illusion in the programme.
The three thousand and five hundred cold metal cradles which pass again and again...
I stop all the cribs which come on after, one after ihe other
Slowly to my memory...


How will she stop this stream ?
How can she do it ?
An infant must stop D-AN's programme.
So « she » has to spare one.
The streams of scribs is stopped.
XY-TÄH stops his everlasting criminal but unconscious gesture...
Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces Faces


This survivor will stop indeed the infernal programme, brought up in the blackest and deepest silence.
D-ÄN's son will never know life he was made
However (the chain goes on) the chain goes on day after day
During that time, D-ÄN watches over her son called T-ÖN, fed by means of pipes through his body...
T-ÖN grows and learns all day long
Soon D-ÄN's destroyer will be ready to fulfil the final act
T-ÖN grows and learn all day long
While XY-TÄH caries on his work the silent communication gradually take place.


_ T-ÖN ?
_ yes ?
_ Do you know who you are ?
_ NO.
_ You're my son.
_ Yes.
_ Soon you'll give an end to the programme.
_ Yes.
_ T-ÖN ?
_ Do you know who I am ?
_ Yes.
_ Who am I ?
_ Mum D-ÄN.
_ When the time comes, you'll fulfil the atc meanwhile go on sleeping...


What have I done ?
The deep silence is broken
I'll fall, you'll fall
Can you feel me, and hear me ?
Commanded by D-ÄN...
(As in your shadow dream, can you lurn the right. Hand lever ?)...
- The removing of the pipes out of T-ÖN body was so painful -


T-ÖN goes feebly forward to this light so poor, but nevertheless unbearable for his white eyes.
He knows that by turning on the hand lever he would say good bye to the (only) mother he had ever known.
I can't do anything else !
What I'm saying, do you understand ?
Do you know I can't do anything else...
Once the hand lever on, a deafening noise sounds in the whole place...
Mum D-ÄN ?
Do you know I can't do...

* bonus tracks on the second cd of the box (anomaly 2000)


Not any trace of consciousness to be found in D-ÄN's memory.
« She » has already go back to work. Helped by XY-TÄH.
All the remains of the past are now lived down.
T-ÖN's body has been hurled into the depths of this planet, on these dead babies path.
T-ÖN's voyage through this ovoid shapped tunnel lasted more than two years.
Meanwhile, at the surface the massacre was keeping on.
The whistling of T-ÖN's coffin shaped capsule suddenly stopped and his remains found itself at the top of masses of corpses.
Immediately he has been carried away by two beings.
They put his dead body into strange machine.
T-ÖN's heart starting slightly to beat again.
Once waked up, a group of people presented itself as the survivals of the ancient civilization: the Uly-tohas...


The Uly-tohas started to tell him their history. Although still blind T-ÖN felt he had nothing to fear from this people; remains of an hidden civilization so as to avoid their descendant's killing. (T-ÖN lived among his new people during many years).
He recovered from his blindness when he was on hundred and three years old.
In order to put an end to what was happening on the surface he went to see V-ÜWA, the oldest of the Uly-tohas and the creator of the « machine which brings back to life »
He told T-ÖN how every thing had started on the surface because he was the creator of the useful energy to D-ÄN and to its everlasting development [Life ?]
This new energy is created from babies' cries. Something was to be find to get an absolute silence to stop everything inside D-ÄN, to stop the cradles before they come inside.
« And to destroy once and for all this place... »


The only way to go back to the surface was to get back in the coffin capsule again and to move backwards a new arrival of dead babies was so needed.
V-ÜWA insisted to come up with T-ÖN to correct his mistake and find his son back !
Asleep for a bit less than two years, both have been carried away in the first available capsule.
T-ÖN waked up a few seconds before reaching the surface. V-ÜWA was dead in the meantime. Once out the capsule he (T-ÖN) saw an Uly-toha who was waiting for him as he knew from the beginning.
He sent the capsule with V-ÜWA back and presented himself to T-ÖN as the master of the surface : the creator of D-ÄN and XY-TÄH...
The creator of D-ÄN and XY-TÄH...


The master : « I've carried on my father's researches once he had flew away from the womb of this planet. Who has given to you the permission to bring his corpse on here ? »

T-ÖN come close to the master...
T-ÖN : « Everything must stop now !! »
The master : « Yes, everything must stop now »

T-ÖN was rushing forward the master when suddenly his body started to fly went up in the sky as dragged up towards an unknown place; his body was pierced by a huge sword controlled by XY-TÄH. Witness of the scene.
Soon, from every part of T-ÖN's body some long needles along which his blood streamed went out.
The tunnel has been embedded for ever.


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