Supuration : Angelus

Death Metal / France
(2002 - Holy Records)
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Old long golden dress slides on
I am ready and await transmission of faith
and love to all those gathered here today
in this holy place.
The crossis signed, first prayer intoned
Then dizziness somes,
and trembling overwhelms my arms and legs.
I have to leave and escape this assembly
in the back room realm.
I can't breathe, fear rises
As I stare at my face in the old stained mirror
The truth comes, I realize
Life is not eternal, I realize
And I am betrayed by the winkles in the reflection.
I fall on my knees before three O lord !
I try to keep faith in three O lord !
In the name of the father, the son and body spirit...


My hands press the floor to bear my weight
I'm so heavy, too heavy and still cannot breathe
My vision fades and veils over my eyes
that still stare open.
My heartbeat thumps across the dark room
Oh, my dear god, the caress of thy blessed hand
Suffuses my body, then comes sheer pain
Like a sure arrow.
I sink to the floor
Recover my sight
And picture the cross and thy suffering.
Face mingles with thine
My hands on my heart, I wait for an end of this suffering...
Curved like a foetus the pain wanes dull
I'm still dizzy, just floating and disconnected
Body freez in rigor mortis
I cross myself and pray,
As I lay on my back like the dead
One last snatched breath, and I am yours,
Now set me free from this evil...


Now I am gone the people as come, I am reassured so I fly
from my earthly remains so fast it's a blur, it's breathtaking.
Then I hear an unpleasant dull hum.
Other presences around me but I am unable to see or feel them
Just harsh shrill sounds that come closer.
My Ka enters my body again but feels different.
So pray for us poor dead sinners.


Calm returned, it's dark
But in the distance something luminous this way comes.
Swirling round me, strange beings
No, entities.
Tall slim, long of limb, arms arc to the knees, I know them !
Their miens fire out of the mirror of my past.
As force emits from their translucent forms
Their faces blank. One approaches, pointing into the murk.


Then it genuflects to god
And forthwith sucked into the void
In its wake an ultra luminescence of purest white.
Another moves to do the same
If they wish to show me the way to heaven or hell
forgive me father for I have sinned...


A third comes near, arms outstreched, head bent on one side.
His face I know from an echo of my memory from my past.
He assumes an attitude of prayer and from his dark eyes
flood episodes from my past, desires, delights, my torment soar.
He takes my hand and moves it in the sign of the cross
Terrified but appeased, anguished well being takes control of what little
is still in me.
Is this the sign they'll take me to god the maker ?
The beings vanished into the gloom one by one.
In the blink of an eye I am cattied into the sky.
Shaping my hands into the cross that might bring me to god.


The lick of the clock of the universe stopped
As I made the sign of the cross it comes to me : I have the choice
To return to the world of men or continue my pilgrimage
My ascension to the unknown world that beckoned.
What was the truth when I was still alive ?
Who did my gestures and words serve ?
God ? Which God ?
I know too much, but I need to know this.
The choice is made, I come to three eternal...


Full of hope, I flee the physical place where once I felt such love
My carnality behiiiind me, I see that I now look like they do
Like my companion.
Velocity rising we soar through luminous layers
Towards my new existence.
My cocoon behind me, I abandonned my earthly life
but the memory will remain, a rite of passage that I needed.
As we travel I assume immortality
And I feel the smile of my fellow pilgrim
In my thoughts and in my soul.


We are here.
Facing the enormity of anew universe
There are many of us.
Travelling towards a crimson star encircled by a quartet
of tiny white satellites.
All is clear.
Facing the difference of who or what I have become
There's pure silence.
We are closing down on paradise.
Becoming one of them, thoughts are my words now we connect for ever.
And I begin to forget I've been a man...


Everything seems to indicate that
There's no time notion
No sky, no earth, no noise
No difference, no clouds.
Everything is light, wisdom and purity.
Just a gentle sound that flows from
our collective thought.
Beauty expresses itself by thought,
Thought conveys the light,
light is wisdom and well being
well being is eternal
It's just a gentle sound in our
collective thought.
It doesn't exist...

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