Summoning : Lugburz


1. Grey Havens

2. Beyond Bloodred Horizons

3. Flight Of The Nazgul

4. Where Winters Forever Cry

5. Through The Valley Of The Frozen Kingdom

damned to a ghostly substance
created by a lesser god
damned to carry this burden
forever in your sour souls
damned to dig on rotten roots
you are doomed and none shall live
the essence that keeps you alive
nothing but venom injected by wrath

6. Raising With The Battle-Orcs

7. Master Of The Old Lure

8. Between Light And Darkness

9. The Eternal Lands Of Fire

10. Dragons Of Time

on cold landscapes of ghostly substance
the dragon spreads its wings
the only dragon, creator of time
on paths where
once surrounded by night
throned the dragon of time now dwells
the swords dipped in blood
stone cold, washed away by time
none shall live and all shall die
immortal we stand
on the hills where the dragon flies
on the hills where dragon flies

11. Moondance

Right in the dark
Flames burn the glade
You'll die, before we can try
The blood aprise, shall not worry
Your turn to pray
You must not die

In this place we're all, we'll be alone
But we pray and lord will grant us life
That's all I'll be
Break my spell

Right, but late
Called at the gates of
Place of bewitched
Don't worry now
The blood - a price
The shadows bouncing over me.

Bearbeite die Lyrics