Suidakra : Echoes of Yore

Folk Death / Germany
(2019 - MDD Records)
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Cold and lifeless lay the plains of lore
Until finally silently a spirit evoke
And timeless clansmen rose
By the sound of the old
Celtic tunes of war

And feel the deadly breeze
The scent of burning flesh
For my blade thirsts for
Another war

Curse of the might to take
Oh it's a human bane
To fan the fires
To cause an higher aim

Here we stand
Brothers in war
From the four
Winds of the land

High on the hills
We stay proud and brave
For Freedom is a right
And serfdom a grave

Death to our foes...

Legions of greed
Of fire and light
A thousand pikes
Fight as one man

Stormlike enraged
They fight 'till they die
The one to enthrall
The other to survive


Still the giants dance
At salisbury plain
Still my spirit wanders
To reach this higher aim

Straight to foreign shores of distance
We call the gods
For a quest of truth and wisdom

As long as you see the giants dance
My spirit wanders through the land

Led by the strength of bran
And the timeless kings of Avalon
The four winds of the land
I will strive for the caldron

Led by the swiftness of winds
I will wander through the farest glens
My sentence is my deed
Is there a view of sense unknown?

Craving for some armament to outlast
This cold royal path
I can hear them call
The king must fall

Strayed by the four winds
Over the land and far away
Through the dark and cold
Hear my song of grief
But there's a tune that gone astray
While the world grow old

Each tone that ever met the wind
Finally reaches Math and so me
Sight and breathless I am
Believe and trust is a value for the weak


Woe... when fear is our bridle
Lost in the claws of decay
Oh , Tomorrow's a grinning skull
That leads our way

Sweet oblivion rocks us
In a cradle of darkness
Reel to the first tune
In the crescendo of death

Each delight becomes a jeering guilt
Our mohters viscera sticks bleedin' in our throat
So we grunt and we belch without any dread
Prelude the eventide of the tellural breed

Just like a desease
Our race increase
Just like a noctural dream
We'll fade away one day

Oh father tell me why
The last flower died in my hands
For castles in the air
They burned down the ground
And a hand full of dust
For my life

Hark To our mothers scolding
Discord is the harvest of greed
Trust no pray into the emptiness
Still havoc feasts ... on mankind


Once, on another weary day of mine
Just when the sun began to fondle mother earth
On a hill I stood to behold this crimson embrace
A stricken field to my feet (under bloody mist)
Myriad hollow staring eyes

Wrapped in red clouds
The corvine goddess appeared
Emptiness filled my mind
Fervid thoughts crawled suddenly into me...

Morrigan - three faced goddess dark and wild
For thee I'll raise my sword and shield
Morrigan - grimest crow beneath the sky
May the eyes of thousands please thy raging greed

Come forth now grimest crow
Thou cry shall shatter earth and sky
...Like a shrieking carnyce...

In thy shadow I shall stand forevermore
I send thee hail and eternal troth...
Night descended and the stars within my eyes
Cleared my mind and aflamed my heart
I flee thy corvine ire

Morrigan - three faced goddes dark and wild
For thee they rose their swords and shields
Morrigan - grimest crow beneath the sky
May the eyes of thousands please thy raging greed - but not mine...


See the winter is coming
Falling leaves dance to a silent tune
I`ll take their hands I`ll make them stand
When they`re all alone
Years passed and the dawn of light
Spread through time to leave tales behind

The Queen of witches
Gathered the wisdom
For a year and a day
Gwion takes care of the cauldron

The spell is broken
Flown into the youth
They`re hunting and chasing
Through the hills and braes

The queen of witches
swallowed the young lad
So in year and a day
Taliesin the wise rose from the dead

Praise the one who breaks the circle
The one who dyes all grey away
Laud the army of dwarves and elves
Companions for the final day

Now see the man in legends veiled
A wise, a brave, of fortune hailed
Now hear the man and his flaming rhyme
Divinely anthems for glorious times

The king of mortal
And the source of wisdom
For a year and a day
Taliesin`s the guard of the cauldron

Praise the one who breaks the circle
The one who dyes all grey away
Laud the army of dwarves and elves
Companions for the final day


There's darkness everywhere in the hall of time
But a low glowing fire shines on lonly silhouettes
Nigh colums of chilliads with runes of fate
Scalds , bards and minstrels stare into the flames

Their lonly voices soar into the silence
Like a glint into the feeble light
Some runes start to shine in silvery letters
Forgotten stories of ruins and ne'er ending blight:

Far away from now in sunken times
A fair young maiden followed the wind
A will - o'- the - wisp led her astray
Into a vale of bleakness and grief
Thousands of men - struck the marching tune
So they died and she greets seeding tears
And waiting for harvest

Far away from now in sunken times
A travelling lad followed an old path
His thoughts stray constantly to the sky
Where elfs and wyverns fly
His colleen by his side with so bright eyes
Shillelagh won't ever fly again

Far away from now in sunken times
An old bard sung with the wind
The trees on an old path told him
Of a place his thoughts still long for
A hall of ancient wisdom and lore
In the eclipse of abandoned time:

There's darkness ...


Oh, remembering the words
The vision of the sage
He summoned all the heathen breed
A black heart's dream of a new age

Taint and vicious life, he cried
Strongest of his kind
Shattered by a fateful might
A carnal spell devoured his fiery mind

Distrust and treason
The strong will survive
Is no virtue of reason
While the whole land is moaning
Oh, who's worth to be king

Revenge Hunt the king of Cornwall down
The troops will march
For they adore the cauldron
All is fading to ashes, turning to war

Oh, all you woeful warriors
For yon weakness'll never be strength
Cold and fearless, you adore
The lies of a madman right 'til the end

And in a night of roaming shadows
With a spell on his face
He seduced the unaware widow
Oh, what murderous embrace
So fate took its course
With less rhyme than reason
War and hate
Will bear brighter days

The night passed its crown to the king of dawn
This dream will last 'til the day
This new kingdom will come


That is not dead
which can eternal lie
yet with strage aeons
even death may lie

I bewail my destiny
a foible of mine
but her voice tortures my mind

I yearn for her bosom
I fear her sway
my eternal blemish
is her embrace

She whispers: chose a realm -
these two are the preferred ones:
Hell - where your soul reduces to ashes
Heaven - where you'll be drowned


So long he is gone
With a pale servile face
His way led right through
A cold bloody haze

His yell pierced the cold frosty mornin'
As he erased someone wicked with evil

So like millions before
He died in his gore
And those who survived
Died in their minds
But those who does not care
Were dead before
Who loves his sword
Even loves war

Four children he left behind
With a mournin' mother
All their dreams return nevermore
This hope is lost - killed in war


Countless seemed to be the days
Until his return
Ceaseless semmed to be his way
But still the thousand fires burn

So he beheld one day
His long - desired journeys end
Still the singing called him to stay
Oh, it was the place where it all began

Strange eyes looked up
As he stepped into the light
All friends were gone (he's still alone)
Betrayed by the course of time (He's lost in time)

"From afar I come - in place ans in time
I saw the strongholds of the old ones
Once I sat here by a fire
My heart in flames but now they're waned and gone"

Calm spread out it's wings and his hoar voice
Pierced the night and the light inside of them
Deep were his words, the songs to sang
And long his story to tell
But each a word would be carved deep in their minds

Now the alst words are said
And slowly dawns a new day
The guise of the wise fades away

Aye, they should remind the words
And the things they saw
As a stranger sang for them his lays from afar

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