Suidakra : Caledonia

Folk Death / Germany
(2006 - Armageddon Music)
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I must leave ye now
For peace and glory
I'd wish to tell ye
I'd soon be back

I must leave ye now
To weep and worry
Fare ye well
I won't come back

Fare ye well
Don't say haste ye back

Roaming through the graveyard alleys
On a plain of standing stones
I hear them whisper to the fallen ones
“Oh, not again” they groan

A cry of the land is out
To breathe and soar
Through heathen hills
From days of yore
Where the wild winds roar

I hear the storm clouds thunder
They reap and plunder on once green land

So here we stand – for freedoms sake
Like rocks on the shore
And we truely know – for freedoms sake
There is no escape

In the end we stand and fall
Not for glory
Nor for the king and crown
We shed our blood
We're here - we're free
And we'll fight to survive
Fate will test our will
Here on the Highland hills

Slowly it comes off the earth
Gasping for daylight

Entirely entwined with weed
Feeding its breath
With soiled air

It screams out
To the brooding storm clouds
Following the call
For freedom to come


A Druids Vision:
I see a hammer smashed upon
A burning shield...

Nightfall came to join me
And with it a nameless fear
I ran away through woods of stone
I never felt so alone

Always looking behind
A fear undefined
But I was feeling strong as I see

It's slowly coming into sight
I prepared to fight
With giant leaps it came upon me

To chain my body
To blaze a trail
Through my valour
To take my gods and my freedom away

When eve was fallin' I was almost crawlin' - my fate was sealed
Desperately I was fighting and untiringly I stroke back
I stood my ground with a blackened shield
Nothing would beat me
Nothing would withstand my grim attack
With my beckoning spear - And a blackened shield

Death is all around me
But at least I am free

Chain my body
And blaze a trail
Through my valour
You won't take my freedom away

Then in the distance o' times tae come
I saw a mon on the Hieland shore
Gaitherin' troops, beatin' drums
Fer freedom tae come


Travail´s turn brang me tae many a place
An´ all this wimplen´ way
Yont the lee lang nicht
Oh I mind on the days lang begane

Sae the mindin´ in yer heid
Unrowes afore yer een
Frae hours o´ sweet yestreen
Aye the ember deid in monie a heid
Fare ye well I´m pertin away

Aye the wind blaws our weird
Right amang yer staur
Yer een ance glancin´
Are noo doolfu´ and tired
O´ the wanderin´ hours

I say farewell tae the warld
Mind me weel
I say farewell tae the warld
Aye, it´s lane an´ cauld


We, the most distant dwellers upon the earth, the last of the free, have been shielded by our remoteness and by the obscurity which has shrouded our name. Beyond us lies no nation, nothing but waves and rocks... Take courage, let us prove at the first clash of arms what heroes Caledonia has been holding in reserve, the Roman army is held together by success and will be broken up by disaster!

A cold wind is blowing from the shore
Through glens and hills
The end is near and nothing will last
Take the wind and turn it to a blast

Caledonia unite
A cold wind is foreboding war

I hear the words
Which were never carved
In stone, never given
On solid ground - just sound

I hear the words
An ancient spell that
Will ignite the fire of defiance

Ascending voices intonate
To evoke the demon
Welcoming the fifth season
Of the demon

I see a line of fires
Creeping through the land
Bleeding light into the night

For all that was good and glorious
For all the ones that were and will be
Face the incoming flood of men
Ten for each pike and hand
Face the enemy!


Days are so dark I can't see it dawning
I can't feel my hands anymore

I see the night and preach them courage
Even when hope is in vain
There's no choice, for strength and honour
Is accompanied by pain

Hunt them down
Back on to the shore
Hunt them down
Where deep waters roar

The human blade of equation will
Divide the fire from the smoke
History will tell who prevailed
Since ever blood sealed the times of old

I call on Taranaich
For to give us strength

The wind blows cold
When night descends
Predicting war

The night unfolds
Fires of marching men
Like an open scar

See the fires burn
Here at Forth-Clyde
Crawling forward
Oh at Forth-Clyde

There in the darkness
At the edge of the world
In the shadow of the empire
The wind blows cold
Calling the words
“Cohorts - Regather...”




Cohorts! – Regather!

Blood is running down my tiring hands
Falling as pure red dew on the ground

A pulse of drums fills the air
Death is all around me
Dea Tacita a grim companion
For roman glory

A deafening calm
Is screaming “forward”

And again we face the hordes
Painted beasts - in boiling rage
Deeply staring into the eyes of inevitable fate

Hell's unleashed in screams of agony

When first I raised the tempest
I call on Mars to guide us
Nothing here, nothing else
To save us from the storm

Sacrifice the world and its
Progress to salvation
Quirites, sons of Rome
Ruins of mankind must be overthrown

This is the dawning tempest
Now, I am becoming death
A destroyer of worlds and
A lost soul on a path through ruins

Condemned to grow and cursed to follow
Ten thousand men on my command

Hordes of tribesmen wild and furious
Painted beasts – rage amongst us

Colliding worlds so fierce and cold
A feast of flesh in the eyes of a crow

And again we face the hordes
Deeply staring into the eyes of fate
A taste of doom sealed with blood
Sacrificing the world to hate


One day in Fall
I headed to the coast
My back to the wind,
My hairs flowed almost
Like the waves on the sea
My eyes strayed, free...

Carry me over, carry me over
Into the distance, far far away
Carry me over, carry me over
Thinkin' back of the good old times when we heard
The distant call

No warm farewell,
No wishings to be back soon
The nights were too cold,
So we dreamed of better days
Better than today
My eyes strayed, free...

Long ago on a foreign shore
We heard a call as from the gale
Many died in the cold embrace o' the sea
On dead winds we sailed


Thousands of conquered lands
Shining under the imperial sun
We who are about to die
Won't salute you and no victis honor
To the fallen ones

A call for encore
From far away

O here we stand
Figures of a game on torrid sand
Gird yourself for the next round of battles
For the need of excitement
And another glorious parade
We lay here dying appealing our fate

Countless are the chosen few who stood fast
Concealing their fear in the great uproar of cheers
when the die is cast

There's a beast of cruelty creeping all over the land
Nameless are the ones who were
begging to live begging to save their lives

In a futile dream of a noble state
For only power could conquer fate

All it leaves is blood and dust on the ground
Storm clouds thunder in unison with the crowd

A call for encore
From far away
Screaming for more
From far away

Oh here we stand
Figures of a game on torrid sand
Oh here we go torturing our souls
On torrid sand


Centuries of fighting - Decades of war lay behind us.
Countless were the men we defeated.
But now, my brothers, we have to face an
Enemy more valiant than all the ones before.
The right hand of Rome, the hammer of hispana
The IXth Legion...

A strong gale is blowin' from north
I can see them strike the sails

A strong gale as they run ashore
A deadly alliance, a grim pact of war

Clamouring for battle and
Nordic tunes fill the air
Hail to the northern wolves
Our last hope in times of despair

Don't fear tomorrow nor the end
For time will testify
Our honour and our strength
Who was valiant and who has failed

Fall to your knees and pray
A last word to infinity for your beloved ones
You will leave them to weep and worry
And if time asks: “Oh where have you gone”

No one will ever know...
Only the standing Stones
No one will ever know...
Where they have gone

Dark and pale lies the land
In the end truth or legend no one knows
Only the standing stones
I hear the sounds still echo

Through plains and hills
Through hearts of men
For thousand years we stand
We breathe and soar
Where the wild winds roar



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