Suicidal Angels : Sanctify the Darkness

Thrash Metal / Greece
(2009 - Nuclear Blast)
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Las palabras


Religion, obedience, the meaning of their life
Many die before them, a sacrifice to lies
Enforcing a new faith, spilling tons of blood
Of all those who denied serving their false God

An atheist, a sinner, i refuse to obey
I follow my own path, i will never pray
Divinity and trinity, what a bunch of crap
They won't stand a chance, i elude their trap

Bloodthirsty Christianity, unholy tormentor
Condemning my soul
Bloodthirsty Christianity, i stand in contempt
Bloodthirsty Christianity, i will not bend

War and blood upon me, i have come to fight
I will give them hell, i will stand in pride
Misery and apathy will come at an end
They won't last a minute, i will see them dead

The slaughtering of millions, i will not forget
Heathens turn or die, what else to expect?
I will burg your bloody cross, i will never fall
I'll defend my freedom, i am standing tall


Spending your life in agony
Hoping for immortality
Spending your life in misery
Expecting the final judgement

Honoring you god in church
Pretending to be moral
Respecting his disciples
Afraid to act on instinct

And when the time has come
Amazed you realize
No heaven lies ahead
Demise of false beliefs

Abysmal chaos reigning
Millions plunge inside
Naively led by foolishness
Fading wisdom's light

The pestilence of saints
Spreading the disease
The pestilence of saints
Souls are under siege

They burn your soul
You live a lie
Afraid to die
Just doing as they please

Christianity must come to an end
To free ourselves from fear
Jesus and saint must face our rage
Their holocaust draws near

The pestilence of saints
Corrupting lives, delivering hate
The pestilence of saints
A tombstone will now seal your fate


Here comes the inquisition
On wings of doom they ride
Here comes the hand of God
Attacking from all sides

The book of death has opened
Your name is carved inside
Your soul will burn forever
Forever you will fry

Cry you bastard, kneel before us, heed our godly word
We'll break your will, we own your soul, we are the men of God
Your dreams, your hopes are now controlled,
Beware the holy see
Your mind will lie in torment, you'll never be set free
We are the law, the only truth, the one and only path
They who won't follow will be damned,
Bow to the god of wrath

You followed your own reason
You broke the canon law
Heretic we shall call you
Your stake awaits at dawn

Ad exstirpanda's victim
Repent or burn in hell
We own the right, we lead the fight
The cross will now prevail

We roam the lands of europe
Suppressing the false faith
Bernando Gui will guide us
To be the freedom's stain

Corpses of the thousand dead
Feed the sickened mind
Blood upon the holy book
Enlightening the blind

The pope has blessed our action
And sent us out to hunt
We dominate the masses
We are the chosen ones

All who stand against us
And fail to bow their head
Prepare to face our judgement
Soon you'll end up dead


Speeches full of empty words to the gods of lust
Foolishness, stupidity, prayers of wrath
Release your curse on your last breath
One step before eternity, life after death
Whispering, let mercy on my soul, on your knees you crawl
Time stand still before these sacred halls
Unspoken truth lies beyond these walls


Believe in nothing to be seen
Cross yourself to bless your meal
Confess to human trash
Ask forgiveness, bow and kneel
Running over the bridge of hell
Chasing shadows of the past
Don't disturb the sleep of the dead
Rivers of blood in ashes and flesh

Holy Fathers open wide your minds
Why don't you admit to all these years' crimes
Your religious thoughts, your spiritual death
Haunting the faithful condemning them from birth
And as the light fades from your eyes
The only thing you're hear are desperate cries
Begging for mercy, screaming for help
Children awaiting your soul to take
Their hands on you to get

5. ...LIES

Human weakness is divulged by the gods that we create
Alters, churches, icons only aim to desecrate
Incarnate the evil in the pleasures of flesh
To the virginity of Mary shall everybody pledge?

Jesus lies, blood religion of the past
Jesus lies, false impressions, they won't last

Silent prays and crying, when you lose all of your hopes
Faithful filthy servants offer you the rope
Listen to me bastard dogs, will you ever see the light?
Time has come for us, time to praise the Night
Your foolish words are empty, they're disgusting dust
Hopeless rotten victims to the altar of lust

Confession's entertainment, glad to relieve your pain?
Preachers gossiping your life, amusement's what they gain
You'll see there is no heaven, you'll see there is no God
No hope for resurrection, Christianity is a fraud


Suffering, mesmerizing power
A power that should force the people to resist
Swallow their lies creating false illusions
Fear no more the curse of sin

Ravaging your soul, tormented from disease
Afflictions of religion dominate our lives
Born into a world of agony and pain
Forever you are marked with the religious stain

Time to wake up, god is a delusion
Projecting ourselves to something high above
The holy word of church, effective propaganda
Defy their vicious lies, this is now your time

No more than illusion
Free your mind from evil
No more than illusion
Fight the fear of death that makes you shiver

Divinity, no more than illusion
He was just a man, distortion of the truth
Millennia of brainwash, fucking people's minds
Making them believe that hell awaits

Gathering, the powers of impugnation
Read between the lines to seek the truth
Mighty as a sword, doubt will be our weapon
Standing fast and proud, their dogma to bring down

Burn the holy book, free your mind from evil
No one's to decide what's god for you
Oceans of blood, flow under the heavens
Stop their evil madness, you only have one life


Feel the atrocity, human decay
Religious damnation for all those who stray
Time to stand up, we'll set our mark
To lead a free life, we will attack

We rise against demons, we rise against god
There's nothing beyond us, it's only just us
We fight for our right to live without lies
We curse all the priests who play with our lives

Destroy your religion
Decide your own fate
United we are
To show them our hate

Feel the atrocity, human decay
Religious damnation for all those who stray
Time to stand up, we'll set our mark
To lead a free life, we will attack

Destroy your religion
Decide your own fate
United we are
To show them our hate
Nothing will break us
We will stand fast
The end of oppression
We're free at last


Shifting the balance of power
I am denying control
Fighting against their brutality
Fear is their weapon no more

I, your slave no more will i be
(I), my instincts and power are free
(I), denying your god and your lies
(I), beware when you look in my eyes

Controlling the masses forever
Refusing the freedom of will
Gathering flocks into churches
Humans are turned into sheep

Rise of the power of mind
No longer directed by church
No longer restrained by your evil
I'm free and i spit in your face!

Frozen souls
A relic of the years of permanent decay
All these lies condemned your life
Refuse to be a puppet in their play




Sanctify the darkness
Vanquishing the light
Unholy, dark and brutal
There is no point to fight

Pay no respect to preachers
Salvation from above?
The deepest dark of all
Lies right within your soul

Billions of followers
Obey to manmade rules
Reaching for the heavens
A summoning of fools

Falling down on your knees
To save yourself from fear
Your path is set, it's useless
Your doom is more than near

Fall into dark abyss
Fall into the dark
Fires of hate condemn your life
Your fate is colored black

There is no hope, there is no light
There's no escape from what is right
You know your soul is black
Life's only road leads to the dark

Some blackened dreams for blackened hearts
A blackened wish, a soul apart
In black we're born, in black we live
In black we die, in black we trust

Of men it is expected
To die and fall from grace
It is their very nature
Darkness to embrace

There is no light to save us
There is no hope ahead
The only fate awaiting us
Lies not in wine and bread

The path into damnation
The only path to choose
Our destiny determined
There's nothing left to lose

Ascension of the wicked
Leave all your hopes behind
Accept your darkest feelings
The fall of humankind


Orphan boys and girls end up
In church rules institutions
To be brought up a Christian way
You better have no illusions

During the day, there's pain and hope
A better life to lead
But come the night the nightmare start
There's lust priests need to feed

There're secret rooms and secret doors
The kids to bring inside
Strip down your clothes, be quick, don't cry
There's no need to be shy

We'll touch your skin, we'll put our hands
Where you don't want them to be
You'll suck our dicks, we'll rip your ass
And god will bless the deed

Do you feel pain? good, that's just fine
No one will hear your screams
Just let it got, give up, you'll see
We'll haunt you in your dreams

Child molester
Sick and twisted evil mind
Sinner of the cloth
You deserve to die

Psychopathology disguised
And hidden deep in black
Inflicted traumas asking why
The church will cover up

Society in ignorance
That looks the other way
Allowing evil to slip through
Disease and lust hold sway

Their sexual hunger know no bounds
Innocence comes to an end
Distorted minds have burnt their mark
On bodies that lay bent

Unholy, sinful, satisfied
Everyone's buying their lies
The truth is buried deep within
The priests will claim their prize

Is this what your god has blessed you to preach?
Is this the holiness you're trying to reach?
Are you the guide through our risky path?
Looks like to me your heart's full of wrath
I'm just a kid, i can't stand and fight
You were supposed to show me the light
Your life is full of dirt, a passage of sin
No honor, no faith, a demon within

Despair unveiled, the looming fear
Agony in their eyes
A horny priest unzips his pants
And shuts the door behind

Coldhearted savages attack
Sadistic molestation
A boy condemned to pain and scorn
A felon will be born

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