Suicidal Angels : Divide and Conquer

Thrash Metal / Greece
(2014 - Spiritual Beast / NoiseArt Records)
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Las palabras


A faceless creature comes to life
A spawn diseased by hate
Never faced or seen the light
Controlled by inner strength
What if you fall or rise again
Disfigured nightmare starts
To drive you through the steps of death
Before your eyes shut

I am marching over Blood

Trapped in the walls of suicide
There's no way to retreat
There's no way to change your life
Your freedom now submit
Over your blood I make my stand
I march before your death
I'm feeding on the aftermath
I'm living of your breath


Marching over blood
I spit disease to the face of God
Marching over blood
Tear of your limps your time has come
Marching over blood
Before your eyes they rape your sons
Marching over blood
I spit disease to the face of God

Death's head is your destiny
Ferocity disguised
Somber, still and utterly
Pain drawn in through your eyes
What if you fall or rise again

Disfigured nightmare starts
To drive you through the steps of death
Before your eyes shut


I hold your freedom tightly in chains
I cannot hear what you're saying
It's not a dream it's true
What's left that you can do
Now bow
I want to see your head down on the ground
I want to hear you screaming out loud
Is this the end or not
The sound of the last shot

Terror through my veins
Before creation now you shim?
What I am what I become
I am the seed of evil

I'm dead
I'm corning every dawn above your bed
And spreading the disease into your brain
Every second seems to be your last
Insanity grows fast
What's real
What can you feel
Can you believe
The hell that you are living in

I'll be looking at you when you're laid on the ground
And as the 12 blows will be crashing down on your limps
I will climb up through your blood and sit beside you
I will look deep into your eyes and drop by drop
I will trickle my disgust into them like burning acid until finally you perish


Seeking for supremacy dormancy is done
Decapitate betrayers a piece of filth is gone
An endless haunt and slavery in the name of god
Disorder destruction a sacred nation's blood

Divide and conquer

Inducting newborns forced to serve to be under command
Slaughtering one another only in demand
Nothing left to serve either to believe in
A glimpse in to the sky before you die screaming

Subjection, infection eternal domination
Liberty is a dream a forbidden section
Damnation, salvation, a life in suppression
Nestled in the words of fire permanent redemption

Borders, folders, divinity through orders
Disease is spreading through the brains to conquer human knowledge
Corners, orders, living on leftovers
Behold the truth before your eyes
The wings of death are taking over

Seeking for supremacy
Divide and conquer
Left to die in leprosy
Divide and conquer
If you dream of liberty
Divide and conquer
Seeking for supremacy
Divide and conquer


Servant of two masters
A life split in half
Confusion comes out of the eyes of weakness
Etched to my face
A smile turns to evil
Consuming air till all is black

Sleeping in illusion
Unable to react
There's no way to control
The twisted mind

Swallowed deep in to disaster
A brain torn apart
Force of sanity drilled out of blood
What is this place
Life of derange
Inoculating an evil command

Mind fracturing collision
Nothing but cold black
Do I really live or I collapse
Before the dawn
One life is gone
Some more to go so face the facts


Lay down beneath the ground
This is where you belong
Shining stones above your head
Face when comes the dawn
Asphyxiated lost in decay
A sorrowful way of death
Disrespected mutilated
You're sorting out of breath

In the Grave

Draw the power in your head
Create a fake prophet
Hearing preacher's last words
Trapped inside the casket
I'll meet you there, rip off your soul
Maggots eat your flesh
I'll wear your skin and live your life
You're sorting out of breath

In the Grave

I'll never stop the haunting
Until you all are mine
Piece by piece collect your life
Your stars will never shine
In the grave forced to face
The fears when light is gone
In the grave, in the grave
Where all the hopes are lost

I'll never stop the haunting
Until you rot and die
Torture and destruction
Your hopes will never rise


Bodies lay on the ground
Sign of life cannot be found
Chopping heads the blood to flow
Hatred slowly starts to grow

Enemy in sight
Violence unseen
Terror is my scream

Born again in time of horror
Total luck of human sorrow
It seems that I was here before
To declare one more fatal war

What is left of evil to resemble
Hate and fury to assemble
Erupting like a thunderstorm upon the recent victims
Condemned you are, now start to shake,
abandon hope and living


Massive mentally infection
Poverty your life is gone
Semi humans infiltration
Oppressed to feed the spawn

A formless piece of life is born
Another piece of heaven torn
Residues of the war were fake
In Pit of the snakes

Destructive sorrowful damnation
Down into the pits of hell
No more lies to spread salvation
Inside your head the division bell

In the Pit of Snakes

A poisoned soul
One more step closer to the maker
Powerless on the ground you crawl
A poisoned soul
Like acid burning in my eyes
My hatred falls upon you all

Now serve me motherfucker die
Falling on your knees tears fill your eyes
Now please me stupid useless dog
I'm holding the heads and the lives of your sons
You're sinners motherfuckers die
I am the one who commands your lives
I'm coming back for revenge
You'll see your infants thrown off the edge


Beg for your life
Infest sacrifice
Salvation is done
Kneel to gun

Substitute of human nature
I detest your stench of lies
Inbred swine you sting distrust
I send you dog in the afterlife

Beg for your life
Infest sacrifice
Salvation is done

Ultimate pretension
Permanent infection
You will be covered in blood
Kneel to the gun

My storm of hate upon you
This is your time of praise
My time of lust my time of payback
Here's the end there's no disgrace

Fold I mold I become a curse
Nightmare living blood on your chest
I find no reason for your offensive birth
There's no meaning to walk the face of earth

I breathe I siege I'm spreading disease
What's the meaning behind all these
Pressure is rising pumping your veins
Show some mercy I want you to say


A life spent in emptiness
Born to be a servant
Overwhelmed by senseless actions
Crawling as a serpent
Living on regression
Born to be a slave
What can you do so to survive
Against a time of hate

Seeking for your dignity
Absence from reality
A quest through your insanity
What I call reality
Fragments of lost dignity
Diversion of insanity

A faithful sequent of the mass
Half of personality
Try to fill in the gaps
A quest for your reality
In need of something to believe
Which never has been yours
Never seek a reason
Motivation or a cause

To live a life through false impression
You wished something to be
A permanent corruption
Your soul to set it free
To live a life through strangers eyes
Switching form as snake skin
Nothing more or nothing less
An empty person you are within


Across the borders of an empty life
You met the bottom line
Dove into obedience it's not controlled by mind
Sleepless nights and days of fear
An endless fire burns
Through a disguise of happiness
The end now makes sense

Down on the floor, right on the wall even beneath the ground
Attempt to hide from all the pain silence sounds so loud
Blurry brain and empty eyes nothing can be clear
You hear the voice inside your soul
Welcome, he's near

The white wizard
Beware the white wizard

Living in the truth of lies, no walls to keep you in
Prison is the mind, slowly demised, temptation and desire freak within
Watching life passing by, like trapped inside a trench
Bombs of habit, blow inner self, raging against

High hopes, no return, this is a bitter end
Relentless, irrelevant, pain when you lay bend
A week of shadows, a shadowed day, climbing on a thread
Coming back, nightmare ends, despise the undead

Back and forth from illusion to reality
Can't define any pieces of mortality
No more hope no more dope to face the seeds of death
Light fades life shades behold your final breath

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