Suffokate : Oakland

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Nourish this flame its been built on the ones we hate
Never knowing a last cry destined to bleed
Gates of fire come back brutality beat down
With a vengeance of taking you
I can't
I could not wait for your death
Lets face this lets face this GO
Lets face this fucking defeat
Lets face this fucking defeat
Lets face this fucking defeat
Lets face this fucking defeat
Defeat defeat
All that i must know is was it all worth taking my life
Gates of fire come back brutality beat down
With a vengeance of taking you out
In the dark of my eyes to the front of blade
When i was cut off it faded away
Nourish this hold it close nourish this don't ever let it go
Remember remember to
Just kill the lights i just can't wait
Just listen why i just can't wait
I'm buried alive


Welcome to my shadow I've been here forever
Waiting on your presence still i stand unbroken
I have always believed this and you were so fucking cruel
In your darkest of hours you will be waiting alone
4x Power-molds-static
2x static
Dark trials dark trials
And your wounds they make me numb
My fatal shot
Cause i have a war in me-overlooked for so long
And the cost is your life its done
A mainline,a function
he joy of dishonor-bleed for the weak one
That made you hollow in life-hollow in life
I have waited for so long
4xfatal shot
My fatal this fatal the fatal shot


Torture bleeding into your own frustrations i am dying GOD LEAVE ME BURYED
In here waiting for your denial to come back for what you have done
This choose was yours I've based this on friendship This time i take my own
Take my own
Dark smoke is all we breath brought forth by my hate I've turned the signs
To steal your fucking faith No control for the sadness that carving into me
I stand broken you stand bleeding i must now terminate so turn away right now
Just Swing or turn away Just fucking Swing just turn away you might be broke
Enjoy this one last time i hope your life fades
You've pushed the blade for choose life and now I've found away out
Let shadows speak for what you've done I've been born embraced in lies
And a war that is unknown from what's in me i will not breath
No more just stay away I've been waiting on the outside for this day to arise


Trust has failed
Dark skies faded quickly i did not know
Then i bury pieces of you in shallow holes
I will arrange a death by fire please save me this time
Based on your words of soiled truth and i will fade away
For the chances you never got to know and my betrayal
Dark skies faded quickly i did not know
Then i bury pieces of you in shallow holes
In my shallow grave i await betrayal
Embrace this pain built on my world
Its give or take when you play this game
Your time is up
Unscarred we break
Silence forever silence


Earn your life you should have tried in the ruin of my heart
This time i prayed and nothing changed i waited for nothing
This time just die NOW right now
Chosen one prayed for a scared that who sets the truth
I am a wound i recreate the night of your life is sealing your fate
Every crisis faced right now
Torn away i don't know torn away
I infected the truth i have crawled from the earth
Times up for payback and brutal shot is what will paralyze You now
To the world of everything turn away from the execution
move this shit
All i know it never dies been detached from the strand and numb like a wound
From what i know and where i have been
Go alone stay away from me go alone every crisis faced
Silence the world a cover up for the witness
Testing me don't come around overbearing i can't wait
For death now overjoyed everyday simplified now I'm back
and you can come threw


End of life on this day we await are own deaths then we looked to the sky
And the sun goes red and something will never change End of life on this day
We remain alone and still we remain alone yet still we remain undeafted
I demanded life in the time of a outbreak entrails of bloods
Forever marking this day a straight line round up
Murder all who crosses me and in time you will
Remember this
There life mean nothing and one day you'll hail me
Upon the days your blood smeared on my fist
Silently awaken unholy deeds you should not speak
End of life on this day we await are own deaths
Then we looked to the sky and the sun goes red
And then we will all die
Long misery decapitation each burden crosses my mind again
I will tolerate this execution it burns,burns,burns,burns
And forever will not clear your mistakes and in time they All fall
Upon these days immortal plague of death for the ones who Stand in my way
Your final breath will be heard by me your life will soon become incomplete
I wont die till you have faced defeat i wait for the day are paths will cross
So you can witness my wrath you'll bow on your knees in Hopes i set you free
You'll die with no remorse from me
You'll die forever pain
You'll bow on your knees for forgiveness


Lets light a spark a new world war for uncontrol no will no way
I will not pay for bastard ways i am the anger that destroys this fucking place
No purpose for taken over i will end lives your time is up I'm taken over
Push till they break you'll play the victim i play the pistol and paralyze
You'll play the victim i play the pistol and paralyze your life
I will not rot i will reject
Overjoyed for broken terrors what the fuck your sadness Kills me I'm the only
One (fuck you)
Angels die in time will pay for immortal ways this time it war one for pure
Return i wait as shadows set i see this whole world die
All i have left has been taken away
All i feel is hate all i feel is pain in this world all i See is hate in my
Fucking world i must kill this life


I've been betrayed
This entrance - will silence the hype - learn from me - I will infect you all
I hate this - every single time - controlling my state of mind payback for only ones who leave
Payback for only ones who speak time is slowly burning from your brutal
There is no reason for this right now i tried
Burning eyes-stay inside my fate dies beautiful eyes closed for good
Something i loved-
Id rather die then be torn away Burning eyes stay inside my fate dies
Beautiful eyes
Closed for good something i loved betrayed,betrayed,go away,betrayed
Your done for good coward liars destroy your friend
No more waiting I've almost healed now


We must make this sacrifice
And these eyes will watch you die
The accomplishment of this casualty
Your hopes and dreams fade away
Round one/Let em all fall/Let em all/They will not resist
Reality has came around now undecided no longer can I
Control fate ,i cut rip destroy to terminate your fucking life
You will drowned in your sorrow for centuries
Overthrow the ones who are weakening
Departure,the passing, for the souls I've released
An exit wound is a bloody scene
Duel yell
I live to watch the blood fall
Streams of red
All in dyer pain
Suffering of the masses
No justice no peace
I despise-all the ones who have doubted me in life
I despise-all the ones who have failed me again
And when they come back/Cut em off
Eye for and eye
Carnage/Hatred/Death the cycle of life
In science gun shots of revenge scatter blood all
Over the place
Annihilation/Sweeping through
Passing over/A million souls
Eternal sleep/ Rotting lives

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